Response To: Reasons Why People Should Stop Whining Over Comparison Lists

DCfnaf To the administrators of TTT: I do NOT intend to sound harsh by criticizing another person's list. This is NOT meant to attack the user who made this list and it is a SIMPLE CRITIQUE of said list.

Why am I making another one of these posts? The last one I made caused an argument between tons of users. Oh...because it's one of my most popular blog post series...well, then I HAVE to do it. STATPADDING FTW!!!!

List Title: Reasons Why People Should Stop Whining Over Comparison Lists
Author: LarrytheFairy
Description: I've had enough. This is directed at many users, but it's not to hurt them, even if it may seem harsh at parts. This could also apply to other lists. (<-- What??) Travis let me know that he was going to make a list about this. I said I was worried that the reasons would be bad, but he said to wait for the list to come out and then I can judge it. I said to go for it if the reasons were good.

The reasons were not good.

This list just has really bad reasoning, large assumptions in its descriptions, and doesn't seem to understand why people respond to comparison lists. Plus, a lot of people are bandwagoning with this list so I really need to respond to it. It's like Game Theory has polluted TTT!!! No...NOOOOOO!!!!

Number 1

Entry: Everything in existence has strengths and weaknesses over something else, thus they have the right to be compared

Description: The problem is, people always act like the comparison list is stating that one thing is better than the other. No, it's simply stating some things A does better than B.

Response: First I want to address the underlined sentence of this description. It claims that the comparison lists are not stating that one is better than the other, but rather that one has some strengths over the other. This is a large assumption on so many levels. One list that clearly wasn't doing this was ChatNoirFan18's "Top Ten Reasons Why PMMM is Better Than Danny Phantom" because she let us know in her description that she never watched PMMM and we all knew she was an intense Danny Phantom hater back then. Another list that wasn't doing this was VGF5's "Top Ten Reasons The Lego Batman Movie is Better Than Zootopia" because VGF5 was obsessed with liking TLBM and hating Zootopia back then.

Now I'm going to mention a comment I wrote about this entry: "That makes no sense. So you have the right to compare Juice and Music Speakers just because one has strengths and weaknesses over the other thing? Doesn't mean the list doesn't have poor reasoning, bias, and two things that have nothing in common being compared to one another."

The author of the list, who is currently suspended, responded as a visitor with: "Debunking Dcfnaf's point time. I was talking about comparison's like Adolf Hitler > Justin Bieber. He really isn't but there are strengths that he has over Bieber. And the juice and speakers idea sounds hilarious."

Um...Dude? This...erm...doesn't help you in any way. As a matter of fact, it makes your point even MORE whimsy and loose. If you're only referring to CERTAIN comparison lists and not ALL of them, then why shouldn't somebody complain about "Top Ten Reasons The Lego Batman Movie is Better Than Zootopia"?? That list isn't stating strengths of TLBM, it's just trying to bash Zootopia. Same with that CNF18 list about PMMM and Danny Phantom. Why can't we criticize THOSE lists when they're clearly bad lists?

Luckily, that comparison does sound absolutely hilarious.

Number 2

Entry: They base their response around their own opinion and their opinion only

Description: I couldn't think of a better way to word this, but here's what I mean. In the list "Reasons rap is better than metal," people were getting all offended at the guitar solos are stupid item. The thing is, as much as I like guitar solos, I have to agree with that reason. If someone hates guitar solos then it would be a reason as to why they like rap more than metal

Response: Oh boy...another jump to a conclusion. I'm starting to wonder if that's gonna be a recurring problem on this list...hmmm...anyways, so this makes no sense. The example you gave is pretty good evidence to prove your point, but I'm going to once again bring up those CNF18 and VGF5 lists. ModernSpongeBobSucks responded to CNF18's list. We all know that he is really passionate about anime, and yet he criticized a list that compared an anime to a cartoon. I criticized VGF5's list, despite the fact that I actually DO think Lego Batman is a better movie than Zootopia. It's the list's REASONING that was poor and it gave me the impression that it was only made to bash Zootopia. "Zootopia is Overrated" doesn't prove that The Lego Batman Movie is better.

Number 3

Entry: Some of the lists are made for laughs, not for people to take seriously

Description: Such as Adventure Time > Ebola, as well as the counter list. And they are made for laughs, but they actually have legit reasoning. Adventure Time is obviously better than Ebola. But take a look at the counterpart, while it's obviously not better than adventure time, the author still gives valid stengths that Ebola has over AT. (by the way I'm aware how hypocritcal it seems for me to taking the list seriously when I said you shouldn't, but I'm talking about those people who are offended by it, not the people who actually realize the legit reasoning).

Response: You gain points for pointing out your hypocrisy so I don't have to do it for you. However, you lose points for failing to elaborate on the underlined sentence. I decided to check out the list before responding to it and I can tell you that "Adventure Time fails as a weapon for biological warfare" is not a reason as to why Ebola is better than Adventure Time. A cartoon is not a weapon for warfare at all. I'm not taking the list seriously, as it's clearly meant to be a joke, but I am debunking the claim that the list has legit reasoning.

Number 4

Entry: Disagreeing is fine, but making a list of "People/Characters who should date [insert user here] (and adding unpopular/hated characters on the list) just because you disagree with their subjective (and likely unpopular) reasoning is very immature

Description: Speaks for itself in my opinion.

Response: Wha - WHAT???????

What are you trying to say? How in the name of Ruben's sandwiches are date lists in any way, shape, or form relevant to the subject matter? Just for the record, I don't disagree with this. I DO think those date lists are stupid. But mentioning them in a list about why we shouldn't complain about COMPARISONS makes absolutely little sense. People do not make dating lists as responses to comparison lists, the two things are irrelevant completely.

Number 5

Entry: There are better things to do with your time than to write a triggered post which won't change the list creator's personal tastes

Description: And make them look bad in the process.


First of all, if you guys think I'm actually triggered by this list, you have it all wrong. Get your facts straight. I simply saying that this list is a really awful list and that it's reasoning is flawed. I'm also not trying to make the user look bad by making this post. I'm criticizing the actual list and not the user. You are essentially stating that criticizing a list is the equivalent to bullying a user, which makes as much sense as the FNaF Storyline (oh crap...I just brought up cancer...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGH!!!!)

Number 6

Entry: There essentially is no such thing as bad reasoning, unless it is factually incorrect

Description: No matter how unpopular something is, there really is no bad reasoning to like something. Remember, whether or not reasoning for an opinion is good is an opinion itself.

Response: No bad reasoning to like something...okay. However, hating something can have bad reasoning. So you're saying that "it's overrated" and "the fanbase sucks" are reasons to hate Frozen when the fans and popularity don't affect the film's quality?

Number 7

Entry: Many of the comparisons lists are made by trolls, which obviously aren't meant to be taken seriously.

Description: None

Response: Probably the only reason that's sound here. JUSTINBIEBERLOVER's list was clearly just a joke. Whether you found it funny or not.

Number 8

Entry: It is one of the biggest things currently plaguing TheTopTens

Description: The other is all the stereotypical metalheads. But man, I've seen so many response posts to comparison lists, stop getting rustled over cartoon opinions ffs.
Response: What's plaguing TTT??? The lists or the complaints??? If it's the lists, then you actually give a reason as to why we SHOULD complain about the lists. If it's the complaints then you're okay. As for the response posts, criticizing a list is not getting rustled. If that was true, I'd be triggered by this list, and I'm not. I am just debunking it.

I'm skipping Number 9 in favor of talking about it last. Let's go to Number 10.

Number 10

Entry: All of this fighting is childish and doesn't help the site

Description: None

Response: The only problem with this entry is that it's hypocritical because of the user who made it, but I'm not going to address that because that isn't a problem with the list. You get a pass for this entry.

And now...for the entry that I need to REALLY talk about and address:

Number 9

Entry: It causes ridiculous controversies like the "Great" Zootopia Controversy

Description: I think both sides of the controversy are at fault. The one who hated Zootopia made abysmal and nonsensical rants, but the users who tried to expose him should've just let him be. As a side note, how is this a controversy? It was everyone vs one person.

Response: Oh boy...I apologize if I sound angry, but...the "Great" Zootopia NOT A CONTROVER - Okay...hold on a second:

(Okay DC, you said that the list doesn't make you angry...just calm down's a teddy šŸ».)

*Pant* Okay. Sorry. What I was saying was...that argument was not a controversy. It was an argument. That title was really just a nickname of the argument coined by Cartoonfan202. Also, the reasons why the other users were at fault is just an assumption. I am NOT saying this because I basically triggered this argument, I am saying this because I did not try to "expose" any user whatsoever. I tried to show said user why their list was flawed. It was flawed on so many levels: The purpose behind the list was poor, the reasons were atrocious, and the user was biased. As for the other users, you may actually be correct, but I just want to tell you that I am not trying to expose anybody. This post is not meant to expose you, this post is not meant to call you bad, and this list is meant to show you where you went wrong.


This list is an awful list. It jumps to conclusions, makes up bold assumptions about events that have occurred, states that criticism is meant to expose users, accuses us of being rustled because we don't like the lists, and only refers to certain comparison lists rather than all of them. Remember, this post is not attacking the user, but rather the list said user made. It's a poor list and definitely deserved the criticism.

What's happening guys, this is DCfnaf! I hope you enjoyed this criticism post. If you liked this, be sure t stick around for more HQ reviews, responses, and rants. Peace out.


Great debunking. - visitor

Why don't we take the comparison lists, and push it somewhere else. - TristGamer


šŸ"„ - DCfnaf

Unfunny - LarrytheFairy

It was pretty funny 7 damn months ago. - TristGamer

Spot on. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Bruh, you people ain't gonna change a thing just by making lots of paragraphs about why the list is inaccurate. Get over it. - EpicJake

You do realize you're not going to change a thing by commenting about said paragraphs either, right? - DCfnaf

That wasn't even the point... - EpicJake

Seemed like the point to me. Please elaborate, kid. - DCfnaf

I'm just saying that it's pointless to complain about these lists now. Look, I don't really have much against you, but don't try to make yourself look good. - EpicJake

Welp, now Jake's becoming a rustler - Neonco31

First of all, I'm not attacking a Comparison List. Second of all, in the actual debunking, I wrote that the list didn't trigger me and I was simply showing the flaws. I wonder what Travis is thinking right now... - DCfnaf

Jake is not rustler material no offense - TwilightKitsune

Wow, dude, Puga's successor you are not my young friend.
Here's a tip - Stop bandwagoning on what's been done before and do something else. - Swellow

Even funnier when people make lists that complain about lists lmao - visitor

It's called statpadding - styLIShT

A new controversy has started up, now over comparison lists - TwilightKitsune

Wonderful, huh? - DCfnaf

I have a confession to make...I...I made a comparison list once...
Except it was a parody and it even says parody on the title.

I really don't care for such arguments around the overall topic, as I never really cared for comparison lists but I must say, you have your way with words. It's not that often I see a debate post/blog that actually convinces me in some way. Because quite frankly, I saw really nothing wrong with the list at first. - cjWriter1997

Pfft. I made one to joke around also. And I appreciate the compliment, as I am someone trying to be a critic in the future. - DCfnaf

And there is nothing wrong with the list - LarrytheFairy

Yep...More Callowness - Whining over comparison lists, If you don't like a list just close the tab, Ignore it..Simple, But some people just need something to complain about.
*Sigh*..Immaturity. - Ananya

If this is directed to me than *Facepalm* "If you don't like a list just close the tab, Ignore it..Simple"

Okay...everyone knows what I'm going to say so everyone please follow in as monotone as possible:

AHEM! "How can you not like something if you haven't seen it yet? " - Monotone line.

"But some people just need something to complain about." - Wha...What is this comment? What is this comment exactly?...okay. - DCfnaf

No DCfnaf, It's not directed towards you at all, In fact...I was speaking FOR the post..not AGAINST it.
I know you are right about the lists made without much sense an all, But I was just saying that some users are hell bent on criticizing it and heeding it way too much, And it wasn't for you at all, I wrote it after observing so much attention for " Comparison lists " that's all. - Ananya

And DCfnaf, I actually meant it for so much of attention given to this subject - To heed the point of pointless comparison lists or To ignore it ( = Not to whine over the lists)..For the both of them..As both of the aspects are given equal attention.
I agree that these lists actually pollute the site..and interest, Because..Yeah - these lists are pointless. - Ananya

That's why I said "If this is directed to me". I wasn't sure and I know you like my stuff so I was worried for a second. Anyways, I agree with you, I basically just write "We are comparing this and this. Okay." And just leave, or I just laugh because the list is funny. - DCfnaf

Comparison lists->arguments->controversy ->migraines. Seriously, most are just annoying and boring. Why is such a big deal made about them? - Elric-san

Exactly - DCfnaf

Why do people even care? - purpleyoshi98

Entertainment - TwilightKitsune

Worst post of all time. Fact - LarrytheFairy

There are worse. See any HvV Season X post. - Therandom

How the hell did this post get HQed. The reasoning is shaky and triggered, - LarrytheFairy

Lol, the child that's getting triggered over this post getting HQ is calling someone else triggered. You're funny. šŸ˜‚ - DCfnaf

Triggered and frustration at someone's stupidity are different - LarrytheFairy

Yup, that's why I was frustrated with your list. :P - DCfnaf

The list was amazing and accurate so there is nothing to be frustrated at except the fact that I exposed everyone who throws a tantrum at people who hate others who "can't support their cartoon opinions well enough." - LarrytheFairy

Stop being a cocky c**t. - LarrytheFairy

Don't tell me not to be myself! - DCfnaf

Being yourself isn't necessarily a good thing. Hitler being himself didn't go well, amIright - LarrytheFairy

But hitler was a wonderful man - styLIShT

I have to agree with bad reasoning interfering with my enjoyment of the list, such as "Top Ten Reasons Why Steven Universe is the Worst Show on CN." I really wanted to like it and I agreed to most of the items, but the bad reasons made me cringe and overall game the SU fans more leverage in certain arguments. One reason was even "There is a black female gem." It was near the bottom of the list, and the SU fans confirmed that the gems have no gender or race, but still. Bottom line, lists with bad reasoning affect everyone negatively. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

My cringeworthy phase = This post - DCfnaf

I agree - LarrytheFairy

@LarrytheFairy Remember this garbage? Iā€™m sure there was a lot of valuable criticism you could take a lot away from by reading this post. - DCfnaf

Didn't you make a comparison list? Not being rude just asking - visitor

This post is outdated and sucks so badly. Was way too serious and hypersensitive back then. - DCfnaf

Interesting - iliekpiez