Top Ten Reasons Why People Shouldn't Be Scared of Spiders

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1 Depending on the spider, if it bites you, you should be fine

Spiders have never killed a person for food. They’re not trying to kill you with their bite, they just want enough time to run away.

I've had a brown recluse on my face. Do you think I stood there thinking "it's okay it's only a venomous spider the size of a half dollar on my face" Nope, I screamed (I was 7) and swatted at my face and killed it. No venomous spiders in my house. Or any for that matter. I like jumping spiders and garden spiders since they are less likely to bite. Respect peoples' phobias. - Katekat123

I live in Australia and I don't care about the spiders I've been bitten by one and I was fine there are some dangerous ones but doing your day to day stuff you won't find any dangerous spiders anywhere

In my country, there are NO spiders that would do any potential harm. Fearing them is purely irrational if you live in the UK, but more rational if you live somewhere like Australia. My cousins do, and they're not bothered by the spiders there at all. - PositronWildhawk

2 They are tiny

Are you sure there ALL tiny?

So is the most poisonous scorpion in the world, your point?

Meaning if you are scared and hate the spider. Step on it with with ya foot - RustyNail

3 Spider horror movies show them being killers
4 They are more afraid of you than you are of them

First up they are smaller than you so u can just step on them (please don't step on them its just an example)

Then why do they always crawl on ME!?

They just think your an object like a tree, rock and other items - RustyNail

Spiders, snakes, centipedes, and skme other animals people fear...actually fear people too! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

5 Just because tarantulas are hairy doesn't mean they are gross

I've held a tarantula, and it felt soft and furry like a kitten (a lot uglier though).

6 People say they are worse than sharks, crocs, tigers and other dangerous animals. What would you rather be bit by, a tiny spider with venom that will barely hurt you, or a shark

a spider

7 They only bite you if they sense they are in danger, like you freaking out if it crawls on you
8 The way they kill or get food (by biting with venom, or drinking the inside out, or catching in a web) is just how they get food, it's not evil, it's life

Sharks can eat my neck off, that's scary.

9 In the prehistoric age, before dinosaurs were around, they were almost 4 feet long.

Is it wrong that I really wanna see that 😸

10 It's an animal

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11 They look cool
12 They're part of this world

They are part of this world so we just have to deal with that.

I am afraid of spiders but I do not hate. They are quite interesting creatures if you take the time to learn about them. - DUTCHlioness

13 Jumping spiders are cute

Do not mind the name.

14 Spiders eat roaches and other pests
15 They’re a big part of the food chain.

Let’s face if we didn’t have to food chain would be messed up and they’re be a lot of pests and some animals really on eating small spiders. They’re really important to us!

16 Tarantulas are cool and cute!
17 They're older than us

Spiders have been around longer before the earth's first dinosaurs.

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