Top Ten Reasons Why People Shouldn't Commit Suicide

Anyone considering suicide, remember, you're not alone. Confidential help is available.

In the U.S. you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for free by phone at 1-800-273-8255 or by online chat at There a counselor will listen to you, understand how your problems are affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Outside the U.S., please seek out the available resources in your country.

The Top Ten

1 It hurts your family

Why do you care, your dead? - WoSi

You may not care

but they will and if you care about them you wont kill yoursealf - GleamingShadow

Sometimes suicide can cause suicide.

You might mean a lot more to your friends and family members than youd expect - benstewart1805

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2 They will always be remembered as a tragedy

Being remembered as a tragedy is better than not being remembered at all

So, we would be dead, and why does it matter? At least that way we are remembered. - WoSi

3 It's a sin

I'd rather go to Hell than end up in a land of Crackpot Fundamental Christians.
You'd rather be with peaceful Christians.
Why would the Beast be against people who rejected the Lord his enemy.
If Heaven exists do you want to end up in a land full of Ned Flanders-like clones.

Can we just put religion aside for one moment? These are people's feelings we are talking about here, and it's actually quite offensive to apply religion in such an insensitive way to such a sensitive topic.


Just bring Christianity in there!
I'm christian. but lots of people are not. - GleamingShadow

It isn't a sin.

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4 It's hurtful to your friends

My friends wouldn't even notice

I literally only have two freinds, their lives would be better without me. - WoSi

WoSi, calm down
you have two friends, okay

they would still be sad, and if you give it some time, you can likely expand your circle of friends.
they would still be sad if you died, and what if you are there only friend? then things will never be the same for them.
DON'T DO IT - GleamingShadow

5 Somebody new may come along and change your life

yes - GleamingShadow

6 It may cause other people to commit suicide
7 You may be needed for a greater purpose

Like what? It’s not happening today? And if I kill myself someone happier will get that high honore. - WoSi

8 It's cowardly

No it's not - GleamingShadow

Sorry. I meant to say that this item is the reason why I hate egnomac. Not genomic. My tablet sometimes changes the words I type and it's annoying.

Jesus christ man have some sympathy for what others are feeling, just because u aren't feeling depressed doesn't mean that u can call it cowardly.

9 There's more to enjoy in life

So then why am I so depressed? - WoSi

10 Depression can be overcome

The Contenders

11 Your life might become better any day

Ya, MIGHT? - WoSi


12 You go to hell

You already said that, and keep religion out of it, reincarnateion is my jam. - WoSi

I wanna do that though


13 There are people who care about you in life

Where are they?

14 It's a permanent solution to temporary problems.
15 Everybody makes mistakes
16 There is a light at the end of the tunnel
17 Everybody deserves a second chance

So, your saying that I should die so that I can live again and finally be happy? - WoSi

18 Your problems won't disappear, someone else will have them!

By committing suicide, you are ensuring that someone else will also. Your problems won't disappear. The next of kin will have those problems, plus the costs of burying you. Suicide is for rich families like Donald Trump.

19 No one knows if we have a soul
20 No one knows if Heaven/Hell/Summerland (Pagan/Wicca) exists.
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