Top 10 Reasons Why Peppa Pig Sucks

Peppa Pig is a Terrible Nick jr show! And I will show you why! I don't care if you hate my list and me for not liking Peppa pig I find this show Horrible!

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1 The theme song

The theme song is so boring that they us the same one each episode

I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 theme song has been renewed. - AldoFitrian

It is very stupid and boring

We know your family. Don't rub it in. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

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2 The animation

Yep the animation is so bad it makes a mock buster movie animation look like a masterpiece.

I don't like the animation it looks like a 5 year olds art I can dew better

It looks like it came from Microsoft Paint. - TopTenHaters

I thought teens were smart, they appearently don't know why animation is simple in kids shows, google it up next time haters! - darthvadern

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3 George

George Pig is the Top 10 most annoying characters in the entire Nick Jr series. Why, HE CRIES OVER EVERYTHING. Well he is like 2 years old and that what babies do. I want to make Peppa Pig's family turn into ham so we can have this for dinner - bugger

Always saying "Dinosaur! " and cries every five seconds or a minute

I Seriously Hope I Can Shoot This Babyish Prick

He can only say: Dinosaur, Grr, No, Yuck.

And he cries every 5 seconds! And his cry is always: "WAUHHH! EUGHAAA WHINE WHINE WHINE" - Lunala

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4 Everyone in this show is fat

This made me laugh my head off - RockStarr

Come on, I hate all of them are fat. I hope there's any slimmer person in Peppa Pig. - AldoFitrian

Give'em a scrawny animal who can kill' em all!

NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL, that's NOT A REASON. - Garoto_Oceano

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5 Too many muddy puddles

Peppa putted football with muddy puddles. Peppa is a very stupid piggy. Now, it is a negative show.


6 The endings are always the same

Yep. They start laughing, then they all fall over. - Lunala

7 The parents are weak

I like to get anything I want but I understand if my parents can't give it besides we're still saving. PEPPA IS A NOSY BRAT SHE NEEDS TO GO BOSS HERSELF TO DEATH INSTEAD

Whatever peppa want she gets that is why she is a brat.

The parents aren't even disciplining their children and they're just spoiling the hell outta them. And they always say that Peppa is great at everything like painting, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. Well TOO BAD PEPPA BRAT! I can do better than U

"Careful Daddy Pig! You don't wanna get hurt! "-
(Turns off T.V., Destorys it with TNT, sings "I Don't Care", Cancels T.V. Subscription to Nickelodeon, watches Eddsworld)

8 This show is unlikeable

Yep, really unlikeable, seriously, Yin Yang Yo is better!

I kinda like Yin Yang Yo.

Grossy pig, I really, really hate that damn piggies. So, Nick, you must stop that Grossy Peppa. Uncle Grandpa is disgusting but not like this.

9 Peppa tells George to be a big boy when he's like 2 years old

And she is 4 and says that she is a big girl - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

10 The episodes

The stupidest episodes of stupidity are all about MUDDY PUDDLES, and other stupidity things! THIS SHOW SUCKS!

I agree the episodes suck. It's like watching people doing their boring stuff like go to school or go to work it's like nothing special. The plots are repetitive also.

Peppa is disgusting real world pig. - AldoFitrian

What? Each episodes has at least one or two good messages, the hate is clearly bandwagoning. - darthvadern

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11 The animal noises

I just cried in anger with these animal noises! THEY KILL ME!

All they do is SNORE! This show makes me face palm! - bugger

Intro: I'm Peppa Pig! Oink! Tjis is my brother George…

George: (tiny oink noise)

Peppa: this is mummy pig…

Mum: Oink! Oink!

Peppa: and this is Daddy Pig!

Daddy: (oh my god I don't wanna portray him anymore I just puked on the iPad after he made the noise…)

12 George is a cry baby
13 It's low budget
14 Petra pony

You got late for no reason! Can I please kill my self now?!?!

I think it's Pedro, not Petra - MinecraftHater

The MLP Characters Would Not Like This

15 Never gets in trouble

LIKE COME ON, IF SHE ROBBED A BANK HER PARENTS WOULD BE LIKE "Don't do it again" end this show's existence someone please hack the show and delete it! PLEASE

16 Peppa Says Daddy's Big Tummy


17 She's a bad example for kids

This is obviously false, this is probably along with Bob The Builder one of the best shows for little kids! A bunch of messages and morals is in each episode! - darthvadern

Yes indeed. She is so mean to her younger brother (who is stupid at time, but still).

18 Peppa is bossy.

Seriously! Imagine having to hear an animated British pig being bossy to almost everyone.

She says Susie Sheep is bossy, but that would wrong. Peppa always talking that madness

She is very rude to her little brother - Aidanisawesome

*ahem* Do you have any siblings, visitors? Siblings boss each other around! - darthvadern

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19 Everyone has an incredibly babyish attitude

Well what would you expect from a kids show? It's not like Peppa Pig would watch Daddy Pig playing Call Of Duty! - darthvadern

20 The narrator is completely useless and he talks to viewers like they're complete morons!

Tom Kenny is better as a narrator from The Powerpuff Girls!

He states the most obvious

"oh dear! George is crying because he's a stupid brat! " - Lunala

There's a marrator so that kids will understand what they are doing so shut up haters! - darthvadern

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1. The animation
2. Too many muddy puddles
3. The endings are always the same
1. Everyone in this show is fat
2. The theme song
3. George



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