Top 10 Reasons Why Peppa Pig Sucks

Peppa Pig is a Terrible Nick jr show! And I will show you why! I don't care if you hate my list and me for not liking Peppa pig I find this show Horrible!

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1 The theme song

They are just a pig

I wish that North Korea will lunch Nuke bombs on their house

boo - Horse

And how is this one bad? Rather this than a bunch of singing - darthvadern

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2 The animation

A 5 year old can draw better

Was Peppa Pig drew by a 2 year old? My 6 year old brother can draw better.

Yeah because that's what pigs and horses look like - Horse

The Animation Looks Really Cheesy, I'll Make A Top 10 Worst Peppa Pig Episodes List Right Now - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

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3 George

George looks like a nooblet and what about an episode when George dies and youtubers come to the funeral and laugh and through garbage on the grave instead of flowers

He is Peppa's Caillou.

YES, he's really a little annoying bastard.

George cries every 5 seconds or a minute

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4 Everyone in this show is fat

Yeah and the entire cast fat shames poor Daddy Pig - Hellohi

I thought it was about pigs.
Except for being drawn in a childish way.

The boys torso= Fat circle
The girls torso= Curved Trapezoid

Thanks I hate peppa pig so ya sonic the hedgehog
And Mario is better

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5 Too many muddy puddles


Is this the only She does everyday Jump in muddy puddles
If so Tell your reason I’m the comment
If not Tell your reason why not in the comments

I hope there's a crocodile that could eat them

Peppa putted football with muddy puddles. Peppa is a very stupid piggy. Now, it is a negative show.

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6 The endings are always the same

This Should Be Number 1 - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Can’t they have like a SAD ending? - swagraccoon

Yep. They start laughing, then they all fall over. - Lunala

7 Peppa tells George to be a big boy when he's like 2 years old

And this will show how "Hypocritical" she is.

And she is 4 and says that she is a big girl - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

As much as I don't mind George I think Peppa crosses the line too much and she’s never disaplined for it.

8 The parents are weak

I like to get anything I want but I understand if my parents can't give it besides we're still saving. PEPPA IS A NOSY BRAT SHE NEEDS TO GO BOSS HERSELF TO DEATH INSTEAD

Peppa is a BRAT! Thumbs Up it you think so - Mii24

Whatever peppa want she gets that is why she is a brat.

The parents aren't even disciplining their children and they're just spoiling the hell outta them. And they always say that Peppa is great at everything like painting, drawing, singing, dancing, etc. Well TOO BAD PEPPA BRAT! I can do better than U

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9 George is a cry baby

You kinda already said that. - Horse

Gorge is a crybaby because he’s never patient and all he likes to do is cry what a ashole

10 This show is unlikeable

Kids forget about this type of shows. Watch Blues Clues, Peppa Pig and Ni Hao KaiLan instead. - Hellohi

Yep, really unlikeable, seriously, Yin Yang Yo is better!

I kinda like Yin Yang Yo.

Grossy pig, I really, really hate that damn piggies. So, Nick, you must stop that Grossy Peppa. Uncle Grandpa is disgusting but not like this.

The Newcomers

? Edmond Elephant's Birthday

Ugh every toddler cried too much in that episode

? There are very few boys

Excluding toddlers, danny, pedro, freddy and gerald are the only boys to appear in the show

The Contenders

11 It's low budget

Yeh but daddy pig is a beast come on fam but peppas a dizzy blud

12 The episodes

I agree the episodes suck. It's like watching people doing their boring stuff like go to school or go to work it's like nothing special. The plots are repetitive also.

The stupidest episodes of stupidity are all about MUDDY PUDDLES, and other stupidity things! THIS SHOW SUCKS!

What? Each episodes has at least one or two good messages, the hate is clearly bandwagoning. - darthvadern

Peppa is disgusting real world pig. - AldoFitrian

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13 Peppa says daddy's big tummy

Do not teach young children fat shaming.

Oh my gosh, I am a big person myself (and a girl), and I KID YOU NOT, my 3 year old sister has told me (and my dad) "Your tummyis big, AY-KAH, is their a baby in their? *LAUGHS EVILLY*



14 The animal noises

I just cried in anger with these animal noises! THEY KILL ME!

All they do is SNORE! This show makes me face palm! - bugger

Intro: I'm Peppa Pig! Oink! Tjis is my brother George…

George: (tiny oink noise)

Peppa: this is mummy pig…

Mum: Oink! Oink!

Peppa: and this is Daddy Pig!

Daddy: (oh my god I don't wanna portray him anymore I just puked on the iPad after he made the noise…)

15 Never gets in trouble

LIKE COME ON, IF SHE ROBBED A BANK HER PARENTS WOULD BE LIKE "Don't do it again" end this show's existence someone please hack the show and delete it! PLEASE

16 Everyone has an incredibly babyish attitude

Darthavern shut up peppa pig lover I wonder how old are you hmm 2? I guess so! all of your love is making me puke they act like jerks! I wonder how you act!

Well what would you expect from a kids show? It's not like Peppa Pig would watch Daddy Pig playing Call Of Duty! - darthvadern

17 Peppa is bossy.

Peppa is a retard. If she was real life, then I would immedietly kill her.

SHUT UP darthvadern! Jeez! Your comments on peppa pig are going to make me lose my mind! SHUT UP ALREADY! Jeez!

*ahem* Do you have any siblings, visitors? Siblings boss each other around! - darthvadern

Seriously! Imagine having to hear an animated British pig being bossy to almost everyone.

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18 The narrator is completely useless and he talks to viewers like they're complete morons!

Narrator: oh dear, peppa and her family got sizzled in a pan and then eaten.

Tom Kenny is better as a narrator from The Powerpuff Girls!

All this guy does is repeat everything again! Once is enough! And it’s not that complicated That I need to use the mental capacity above that of a coat hanger

The narrator is basically a retard - IceFoxPlayz

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19 She's a bad example for kids

This is obviously false, this is probably along with Bob The Builder one of the best shows for little kids! A bunch of messages and morals is in each episode! - darthvadern

Yes indeed. She is so mean to her younger brother (who is stupid at time, but still).

20 Everyone lives on hills or mountains

They can't help it they are from england which is very hilly

"Mom, I wanna visit Erica! How long will it take up to get there?

"Like... maybe 13 hours. They're up in Mount Everest." - Horse

And what's the problem with that? Please come up with real reasons if you are going to bash something! - darthvadern

And the car goes drives up the hill with ease, in real life it's not possible - Lunala

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21 Edmond Elephant

Babies never develop that fast!

How the fridge is this dude THAT smart.

Smart baby - Officialpen

22 They laugh so hard at things what are not very funny
23 It is very childish
24 No eyelashes

False - darthvadern

Mummy Pig has eyelashes though

25 Why is this so popular

SpongeBob is stupid. He is an inanimate sponge that came to life instead of sea sponge. Peppa is more like a pig jumping into mud.


26 It's overrated

Proof that overrated is overused! - darthvadern

Darthvadern Proof that you are bandwagoning again.

Like if you agree that in less than 1 year, Peppa will be sucking D instead of living it up.

27 Very immature and boring

Shut up Peppa haters. Everyone can have their own opinions, you just proved to me that your an eight year old who's trying to act cool and can't take a stupid opinion. Leave darthvadern alone! - RosalinaX

Darthvadern Oh that's funny coming from a guy who keeps on spamming comments on each reasons in this list. Nobody cares about your opinions you Peppa Pig lover.

Says the guy who made this immature list. - darthvadern

Every episode, I see Peppa Pig and her childish friends in her playgroup. MUDDY PUDDLES! THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY WHEN MY SISTER WATCHES THE PIG SHOW

28 They put it on the air everyday

I know

29 It's so boring
30 The world population is like 20
31 Clothes are either circles or triangles

They are NOT circles or triangles they are dresses and suits

Cartoon Network's Gumball, Powerpuffs, Puffy, along with Disney 's Star Wars and Yin Yang Yo and Nick's SpongeBob and Breadwinners are actually better!

That is being lazy!

They look like mutant Agario cells - Lunala

32 The music

Probably the only good reason on the list. - darthvadern

"And this music is ehh, just horrible! " -Professer Utopia (bad English)

33 She's everywhere

I Really Don't Mind The Minions Being Everywhere(Yeah Go Ahead And Shoot Me)

34 Peppa is a horrible role model
35 Petra Pony ripped off Arthur

Darthvadern more proof of spamming comments.

More proof of bandwagoning - darthvadern

Pedro! - Mii24

36 Not only did Nickelodeon make this, but Nickelodeon Jr., the worst TV channel made this!!
37 They keep on putting too many characters into the show
38 Bad example for kids

Jumping in muddy puddles is weird my sis is now being dumb and jumping in puddes

39 Horrible animation

shut up

40 Peppa knows nothing

For one " CHILL OUT? WHATS THAT? " I honestly wanted to shoot myself when I heard that.. ANYONE SHOULD KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS

41 Their arms are as thin as toothpicks

You could literally snap them IRL... - Horse

And this list is as thin as paper (barely any valid reasons) - darthvadern

And their fingers... (pukes)

42 Nick Jr Gave Peppa Her Own Channel
43 Lazy design
44 They don't make specials
45 It’s so annoying and gorge cries all the time
46 Annoying characters
47 All of the characters have two eyes and two nostrils on each side of their face

And THAT spawned in the creepy Peppa Pig front face meme. - ShinyEevee101

48 It's for babies
49 They walk sideways

It’s a preschool version of South Park

50 Daddy Pig Bows Down to Peppa Like a Pharaoh.
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1. The animation
2. Too many muddy puddles
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1. Everyone in this show is fat
2. The theme song
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