Reasons Why PETA is an Idiotic Idea

PETA (aka People Eating Tasty Animals) treats nature bas

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1 They kill almost every animal taken into their services

They are nothing but hypocrites - DarkBoi-X

Psychopaths Euthanizing Terrific Animals: Getting away with murder since 1980

I think killing animals is just wrong and that they should go out of business for their false claims and lies. - Katildalover93

The GO in PETA stands for Good Organization. - RoseWeasley

2 They hate humans

Wait, there's more! They also hate:

- hunters
-meat eaters
-meat factories
-everyone on planet earth - Katildalover93

Imagine if ihatetrump finds this list. - Userguy44

They hate their selves if they say this. - MasterHand

I used to think it was a charity, thanks internet.

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3 They think humans are the worst and most useless things ever existed

That's not true. Sure, some people out there have no soul, like the murderers and serial killers, but in my opinion, without man, we wouldn't even be here right now commenting about how awful PETA is. In addition, any man made items, and most buildings would not even exist. There wouldn't really be any exchanges of ideas or culture, either. - Katildalover93

If it weren't for humans, animal rights wouldn't be a thing. - RoseWeasley

But Humans are animals too! Say that Diffrent Opinion Disney1994 Quote. - Rainbowkid38

They're talking about themselves!

4 They ban Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Pac-man

Why does PETA overreact over fictional things? This actually makes me angry!

Mario GETS A LEAF and he turns into a tanooki! PETA just screw off.
Sonic saves animals! Unlike you PETA.
And how the heck is Pac-Man bad. I don't even know what to write because of this. - MasterHand

I heard from a friend that PETA took Wooloo (a Pokemon that will make its debut in Pokemon Sword and Shield) and slapped a sign on it that said "I'm not your Woohoo sweater! " Like seriously

#1 Sheep's wool grows back after a while
#2 They NEED to be sheared so that the wool doesn't get to big/they don't get to hot in the summer and DIE
And the most important one
#3 You didn't even ask Nintendo if you could use Wooloo, did you?
No. Of course you didn't

Those games don't even have animal abuse in them lmao. - DarkBoi-X

Mario: So what,A leaf turns him to a raccoon? Big deal,Nothing wrong with that.
Pokemon: While they do fight against each other,They are also taken care of and there are many harmless way to hang out with them (Pokemon Refresh). Nothing wrong here.
Sonic: They protect them unlike PETA.The only reason you ban the franchise is because you are only jealous they do a better job at what you are supposed to do.
Pac-man: What does a yellow piece taken away from pizza eating ghosts have to do with animals. - DemonSpiritGhostKitten

5 They use autism as an insult

Hey! I'm autistic and I'll Smash them with Wiimotes if they mock me! - Rainbowkid38

WHAT?! - GehennaTheSecond


PETA has gone way too far. - IceFoxPlayz

6 They think an animal's life is the most important thing ever created

And yet they Euthanize Them.

Now say it with me: PETA's a Hypocrite!
Good! - Rainbowkid38

7 They hate vegans and vegetarians

They hate meat eaters WAY more than vegans. - Katildalover93

They actually give vegans and vegetarians a bad name - ElSherlock

Hypocrites... - Camaro6

They don't hate them, but they make them look bad!

8 They ban Gummy Bears

Well Gummies are made of pigs. - Rainbowkid38

This prooves how retarded they are. - Katildalover93

WHAT!?!?!? - MrZebra24

9 They don't even save animals

At least 90% of the “donations” go to themselves. - Not_A_Weeaboo

PETA is greedy for money. They should be wiped off from the entire universe. - IceFoxPlayz

10 They wanted to arrest a man who saved his 2 dogs from a kangaroo by punching it

He was saving his pet. (Unlike PETA) Sometimes you HAVE to hurt animals in order to defend yourself. - BorisRule

The kangaroo didn't even die. It just got a little bruise. The dog could've DIED. - Vancedapurpleguy

That's like arresting someone for hitting a cougar for attacking you. - PandaMan

He was saving his dog! - MrZebra24

Hey ihatetrump how about we put you in a cage with a kangaroo? I bet that he wouldn't hug you - ElSherlock

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? They compared Pokemon to dogfighting

Let's sing The PETA Song (tune: The Pokemon Song):
People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid trolls for animals since 1980
We don't care if our accusations make less than zero sense
We don't care if our image of Pokemon is as fictional as the evening news
We just can't stand anything that teaches people to abuse animals!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all... YEAH!

Bashing McDonald's Wednesday to Tuesday even if it's a slow news day
Hating SeaWorld July to June, we freak out when animals die too soon
Our goal is total animal liberation, whether our world's animals like it or not
We don't care if our president is the dumbest animal abuser of all!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all from PETA!

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11 They are big liars

And this is the worst animal rights organization I ever seen. And that is coming from yours truly, who is one of your haters, PETA. - Katildalover93


12 Their stupid, pro-vegan protests and such are not gonna stop people and animals from eating meat
13 They tried to defend their games

People Eating Tasty Animals: The Laughing Joking Numbnuts of animal rights since 1980

14 They support the killing of pit bulls

Hand me my shotgun. PETA can preach veganism, they can ruin good games, but NOBODY, & I mean NOBODY messes with pit bulls like this. - RoseWeasley

I added this.

I think I like pit bulls a bit too much._. - IceFoxPlayz

@RoseWeasley * hands you a shotgun * Knock yourself out, kid. Give the idiots what they deserve. - IceFoxPlayz

15 They make light of the Holocaust

Germany these days would take it very seriously - BorisRule

16 They give vegans a bad name, when most vegans are actually good, and animals are equal to humans
17 They are sexist and racist misanthropes

How does villainizing the entire human race help animals, anyway!

18 They want everyone to go vegan or die

See all of PETA's horrible attack ads. Also, 99% of vegans on Instagram and Deviantart support Peta and have the same ideas as them so stay away but some like LittleRollingBean are good so don't avoid all vegans. I couldn't go vegan though.

19 They steal pets and kill them.
20 They make good games look bad
21 They wanted to make Ben & Jerry's put breast milk instead of cow's milk in their ice cream

This iks very disgusting

22 They disrespected Steve Irwin on his birthday

These animal-crazy goofballs just can't stand the fact that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin did more for wildlife conservation than a whole company of Psychopathic Evil Thugs for Animals ever could!

Don't disrespect my guy The Crocodile Hunter! He did way more things than the stupid animal abusers known as PETA! - Katildalover93

They're probably jealous that he saved way more animals than they ever will. - RoseWeasley

23 They are brutal

Of course animal should not be abused, they have feelings too, but hating people who eat animal meat just because they eat animal meat is going too far. Also, if you have to kill an animal, just do it in humane way, no need to be sadisitc about it. - BorisRule

24 They post disturbing videos
25 They criticize Bo Peep's new design in Toy Story 4
26 They hate heterotrophs

We all know that PETA doesn't want you eating animals (even though lions require somewhere from 20 to 50 pounds of meat a day), but I swear I once saw an article saying that eating plants is harmful because it limits the food supply of herbivores. �"Prototype 3

27 They always play the victim when called out of their hypocrisy
28 They care about pigs more than people in Africa

Now imagine if Disney1994 Saw this... - Rainbowkid38

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1. They hate humans
2. They kill almost every animal taken into their services
3. They think humans are the worst and most useless things ever existed


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