Reasons Why PETA is an Idiotic Idea

PETA (aka People Eating Tasty Animals) treats nature bas

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1 They kill every animal taken in to their services

They also steal pets and kill them. - Vancedapurpleguy


That’s just cruel. - Camaro6

That is cruel and discusting! I HATE ANIMAL CRUELTY! 😠

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2 They hate humans

I used to think it was a charity, thanks internet.

LOL! They are humen themself

3 They think humans are the worst and most useless things ever existed

They're talking about themselves!

4 They ban Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Pac-man

I can understand pokémon even though I totally disagree, but Mario? Sonic!? PAC-MAN! How are any of those abuse to animals at all? Also, I heard they wanted Mario banned because of the tanooki suit, but you don't even kill an animal to get it! You just touch a LEAF!

* cough, cough * Pokémon * cough * Black and Blue * cough, cough * - IceFoxPlayz

I can get Sonic and Mario because they both have animals, but why Pac-man? - TwilightKitsune

This is the worst!

5 They hate vegans and vegetarians

I just hate vegans because they are hypocrites

They actually give vegans and vegetarians a bad name - ElSherlock

Hypocrites... - Camaro6

They don't hate them, but they make them look bad!

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6 They use autism as an insult


PETA has gone way too far. - IceFoxPlayz

They're stupid. Autism isn't funny

7 They thing animal life is most important hting ever existed
8 They ban Gummy Bears
9 They wanted to arrest a man who saved his dog from a kangaroo by punching it

That's like arresting someone for hitting a cougar for attacking you. - PandaMan

He was saving his pet. (Unlike PETA) Sometimes you HAVE to hurt animals in order to defend yourself. - BorisRule

The kangaroo didn't even die. It just got hurt a little. The dog could've DIED. - Vancedapurpleguy

He was saving his dog! - MrZebra24

Hey ihatetrump how about we put you in a cage with a kangaroo? I bet that he wouldn't hug you - ElSherlock

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10 They don't even save animals

At least 90% of the “donations” go to themselves. - Not_A_Weeaboo

PETA is greedy for money. They should be wiped off from the entire universe. - IceFoxPlayz

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11 Their stupid, pro-vegan protests and such are not gonna stop people and animals from eating meat
12 They are big liars


13 They want everyone to go vegan or die

See all of PETA's horrible attack ads. Also, 99% of vegans on Instagram and Deviantart support Peta and have the same ideas as them so stay away but some like LittleRollingBean are good so don't avoid all vegans. I couldn't go vegan though.

14 They tried to defend their games
15 They support the killing of pit bulls

I added this.

I think I like pit bulls a bit too much._. - IceFoxPlayz

16 They make good games look bad
17 They are brutal

Of course animal should not be abused, they have feelings too, but hating people who eat animal meat just because they eat animal meat is going too far. Also, if you have to kill an animal, just do it in humane way, no need to be sadisitc about it. - BorisRule

18 They are sexist racist misanthropes

How does villainizing the entire human race help animals, anyway!

19 They steal pets and kill them.
20 They post disturbing videos
21 They criticize Bo Peep's new design in Toy Story 4
22 They hate heterotrophs

We all know that PETA doesn't want you eating animals (even though lions require somewhere from 20 to 50 pounds of meat a day), but I swear I once saw an article saying that eating plants is harmful because it limits the food supply of herbivores. �"Prototype 3

23 They wanted to make Ben and Jerry’s put breastmilk instead of cow's milk in their ice cream
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