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1 They spread lies and false propaganda

What Now they are feeding cats and DOGS vegetables!

I heard about that! Animals like Cats are CARNIVORES! They need to eat meat to survive! - ThugLifeSwag1995

PETA needs to shut up and shut down

2 They only care about animal abuse cases that are guaranteed to get them publicity
3 Think an animal's life matters more than a human's life

Who would you rather see live? *gestures to a (cute) human baby, and then to a sewer rat*

PETA supporter chooses to save a sewer rat than a baby from getting tortured.

Both human's life and animal's life matter - RoseCandyMusic

Now between a endangered animals life and my elleven year old brothers... you can see which one I would value more, at least a endangered animal does not annoy me everyday. - Lucretia

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4 They try to scare kids into supporting their cause
5 They mocked Steve Irwin's death

They made fun of a guy who's specialty was getting close and personal with wildlife? - naFrovivuS

6 Their terrible rip-off games

Middle Finger to PETA!

People Eating Tasty Animals: The Laughing Joking Numbnuts of animal rights since 1980

7 They protest video games like 'Mario' and 'Pokemon'

Doing this makes PETA look retarted. I got a 12 year old sister who's got about at least 10 reasons why PETA is wrong. She should be on a debate team. All that aside, I'm a Nintendo fan, and when I found out about these guys, I thought, "wow. These guys are looking' just as bad a one million moms! "

Screw PETA for this! - MichaelAftonUTTP

I hate peta for this

Boo! Hiss! I hate you PETA for attacking my boi Mario!

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8 They make hunters mad

Good! They need to learn

9 They euthanized hundreds of healthy pets in their animal shelter

Psychopaths Euthanizing Terrific Animals: Killing animals WITHOUT kindness since 1980

This should be number one.

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid bullies killing animals since 1980! - ThugLifeSwag1995

10 They want to ban hunting

My dad has like ten guns and he hardly shoots anything, but still I don't care if he kills an annoying overpopulated (and I must add tasty if made into jerky) deer, or an annoying squirrel. There is enough of them anyways. - Lucretia

Which should be banned! Killing animals for fun?

Its not for fun its to provide meat and keep animals in control - firewolf5

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11 They think humans are less important than animals

5 and 3 should be combined. I have no issue with animal rights. PETA is just extreme and makes real activists look bad.

Ohmygosh, HOW ARE ANIMALS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HUMANS!? I think most animals are equal to us, if not, less. - BLAZEDAFOX

Humans and animals are equality important

Humans are wayy more important than ANIMALS!
(See my comment on #1)

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12 They use sex appeal to try to get their voice across

Yes, because your annoying pro-vegan stuff needs hot models to get it across. F no.

13 They think milk causes autism

It's their own stupidity that causes autism - TwilightKitsune

This is stupider than saying vaccines cause autism. What's next, sniffing paint causes autism? - naFrovivuS

They just made that up and why do they say autism is bad

That's just plain stupid! What's next, eating meat causes autism?! - ThugLifeSwag1995

They're so desperate that they'll ignore actual science and say that so people will force their children to stop eating their favorite foods. - Blueberrycheerios

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14 They created Pokémon Black/Blue

Screw this gay game

This game needs to be banned, and PETA needs to be shut down! - ThugLifeSwag1995

Let's sing The PETA Song! (tune: The Pokémon Song)
People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid trolls for animals since 1980
We don't care if our accusations make less than zero sense
We don't care if our image of Pokemon is as fictional as the evening news
We just can't stand anything that teaches people to abuse animals!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all... YEAH!

Bashing McDonald's Wednesday to Tuesday even if it's a slow news day
Hating SeaWorld July to June, we freak out when animals die too soon
Our goal is total animal liberation, whether our world's animals like it or not
We don't care if our president is the dumbest animal abuser of all!
POKEMON! What a cruel farce of a game, cruelty to animals is insane
They beat each other black and blue
POKEMON! Gotta free 'em all from PETA!

15 They dressed up as the KKK to protest a dog show

Showcasing dogs = killing different races...apparently - naFrovivuS

16 They created a game called Mario Kills Tanooki

This crazy nonsensical excuse for a Mario game is Tanooki Kills Mario, not the other way around.

Purple for putrid gameplay... Check!

Blue for bad musical abominations... Check!

Green for graphical farts and garlic... Check!

Yellow for piss-poor lack of loyalty to source material... Giant economy-sized check thanks to Propaganda Embraced by Total Airheads!

Orange for orange... Check!

Red for high-stress anger-inducing masochism... Giant economy-sized check!

Really, this was just unnecessary. He doesn't skin a raccoon to get the Tanooki Suit, he gets it from a LEAF. What, are you saying leaves need equal rights too? - Garythesnail

Tanooki is based on a Japanese folklore about creatures that use leaves to shapeshift. Just like Mario turns to stone to avoid enemies touching him.

Whenever Ingrid Poopkirk goes onto a stage, we should all boo at her! - ThugLifeSwag1995

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17 They kill almost every animal taken in to their services

Proof that they are hypocritically hypocritical hypocrites. - Skullkid755

Yeah that's rude, it keeps me from supporting them, like when they stole that dog to kill her,

The people that they mock feed the animals till they are old enough, they just kill them yet mock other people for doing what they do. - Lucretia

18 They compared the meat industry to the Holocaust

Oh my...these people are flipping stupid. You know, I found a website once that was mocking PETA. It's called People Eating Tasty Animals.

OH MY GOD! This is just plain wrong! Comparing the Meat Industry (Which is normal) to the HOLOCAUST! What kind of a organization is this! - ThugLifeSwag1995

We're not killing them because we think they're evil, we're just honorably sacrificing them for our survival. It's called a balanced diet. - naFrovivuS

Well then bell with them if thou wanna know more about this bored panda has a awesome article on this

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19 They hate SeaWorld

SeaWorld is known to take in injured animals and release them back into the wild. PETA just needs to screw off. - railfan99

20 They are sexist
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1. They only care about animal abuse cases that are guaranteed to get them publicity
2. They spread lies and false propaganda
3. They try to scare kids into supporting their cause
1. They euthanized hundreds of healthy pets in their animal shelter
2. They think humans are less important than animals
3. They are sexist



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