Top 10 Reasons Why PETA Sucks


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21 They cheered when Ringling Brothers was ending

Let's face it, Ringling's 146 years of lunacy is a long time!

22 They Made A scary commercial about chicken in a fashion show and human (including peta) cage

Middle finger to you peta

I personally hate that commercial

Ban PETA! - BacklegoplanesProductions

23 They lied about saving animals

Peta says they save animals. Really, they're killing at least 90% of their animals. On average, Peta kills 2000 and saves 8. That's 250 killed per 1 saved!

They killed 90% of shelter animals hypercrits - epictoonsfan1

24 They hired bombers to bomb research facilities
25 They want everyone to go vegan
26 They are against pet ownership

I can't wait until they watch A Dog's Purpose. - naFrovivuS

27 They support human testing

So you'll shove a baby to test out products? PETA, I agree that a mouse shouldn't be tested cruelly on, but I disagree that a HUMAN BABY should be put in that treatment instead.

Test it on human cells. - AddictedToSilentScream

28 They like Dairy Queen

But they hate Dairy. Because their stupidity of thinking milk causes Autism.

I like dairy queen - RoseCandyMusic

29 Attacking Warhammer 40K

They didn't really attack the game itself but instead attacked A Figure that had Fur.

30 They hate SeaWorld

SeaWorld is known to take in injured animals and release them back into the wild. PETA just needs to screw off. - railfan99

31 They're hypocrites
32 They make vegans look bad

They do! - BacklegoplanesProductions

33 They proposed that fish should be called "sea kittens"

Sea kittens? Are you kidding me right now? - RoseCandyMusic

34 They want pets to have a vegetarian diet

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For some pets like cats, dogs, some bird species and a few others, meat is essential and for their own good. They'll die without it. Congrats PETA. - TwilightKitsune

A dog is descended from a hunter, a wolf, and a cat is descended from things like tigers and lions, not a stinking rabbit or chipmunk or whatever. I mean, feed your rabbit a vegetarian diet but a dog? - AddictedToSilentScream

Screw PETA no wonder why I hate lisa simpson she is a supporter somthe will kill all reptiles ad belove animals all animals need meat in there diet if ou want a vegetarian pet get a hamster god - epictoonsfan1

35 They overreact

A mother broke her daughter's 3ds in half and flushed her pokemon game down the toilet.

That would be horrifying, I would hate if they did that to me. That mother seriously has issues and needs help right away. - AnimeDrawer

36 They don't support animal conservation

They protest against zoos that are trying to conserve nature. I mean really, you'd expect them to be on nature's side! They are secretly on the industrial, 100% screwed up side.

37 They attack Nintendo for no apparent reason.
38 They are hypocrites

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid hypocrites for animals since 1980

39 They made a gravestone saying KFC tortures birds
40 Protested at the macy's thanksgiving day parade when the seaworld float came.
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1. They only care about animal abuse cases that are guaranteed to get them publicity
2. They spread lies and false propaganda
3. They try to scare kids into supporting their cause
1. They euthanized hundreds of healthy pets in their animal shelter
2. They think humans are less important than animals
3. They are sexist



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