Top 10 Reasons Why Peter Griffin is a Terrible Father

Family Guy over time has gone downhill, when it did Peter become a sadistic abuser to his own family not exactly a good father IMO.

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1 He's sadistic

He literally kills and tortures people for the sake of his amusement...

He is awful, but Brian is worse. - DCfnaf

Peter Griffin is one of my most hated cartoon characters in my opinion. He abuses his own family, he shoots his daughter for saying “Hi” and he does more terrible things. - Swampert02

He’s an abusive, stupid, short-tempered selfish, reckless, clumsy and sadistic dad, who doesn’t care about his family or his friends and only does what he feels like doing. Come on Peter! Why can’t you be a Family Guy that makes everyone laugh and cry?

2 He's a psychopath

Eric Cartman too. I'm not trying to argue with the list by the way, just saying that I think Eric Cartman's a psychopath. - Skullkid755

He shows visible signs of a psychopath.

3 He abuses his own family

Meg gets whipped or shot, Brian is also a victim of his abuse, along with Chris and Lois.

4 He's selfish

The most selfish father ever made in cartoons.

Yeah I agree he whipped Megan trying to hit a cig and whipped stewie for saying Cool whip, and punched Stewie to stay on Meg’s good side after she got back from jails

5 He's reckless and is destroying his own family and town

Pretty soon he won't have either.

6 He tortures Meg

And the worst part is that Meg did nothing to deserve being tortured by him..

yeah - BoyGenius234

7 He's always drunk and makes up excuses

Self explantory.

8 He bribes people to get out of situations

I don't think I need to explain why for this... one.

9 He will destroy/ kill anything in his path

Doesn't matter who or what it is.

10 He uses his stupidity as an excuse to be a prick

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11 He doesn't care about his family

He might pretend that he does but it's obvious he doesn't. He even said that he wished this kids were never born!

12 He cheats on his wife
13 He's ignorant
14 He's stubborn
15 He never tries to resolve/ get rid of his alochol problem/ addiction
16 He gives horrible advice
17 He's too judgemental
18 He's hypocritical
19 He’s an Idiot
20 He takes no one's advice
21 He intentionally harms others
22 He’s hot-tempered
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