Top Ten Reasons Why Pewdiepie Doesn't Deserve Hate

Pewds is not my cup of coffee, but he is not a bad YouTuber.

The Top Ten

He Is Actually Funny Most Of The Time

I love pewdiepie! People need to stop being so emo and realize he may be ridiculous, but funny! - ToptenPizza

He's not really that bad, although I myself don't watch him much.

If you think screaming and making jokes about people is funny he's the man. He gives this stigma of how people are and it's really sad that people are ok with this

He's changed

He Donates To Charity

Anyone can donate. If I had a spare million I think I would donate as well.

This one is self explanitory - DapperPickle

Creative Ideas

There really isn't much creativity in his videos now as almost all of them are so similar you can guess what he's going to do almost always

Cares About People

If you got paid 8 million I think you would definitely want people to think you cared for people

If he cares then why does he make a gay sexual persona with male friends or in a butt situation

He Doesn't Beg For Subscribers

Well, he doesn't do it as often as others. - DapperPickle

He's on the top subscriber list so why does he need to beg

No offense but Markplier and Jackspeticeye are 1,000 times better than him - JaysTop10List

He Is Relatable

Ever raged at a game, do you love games? Well, most people do so he is relatable - DapperPickle

Definitely relatable with the screaming and millions of money and the discrimitive jokes.

He Knows When He Does Something Bad

He knows when he did something wrong and it's going to hurt the ammount of money he's going to make

He Puts Work Into His Videos

As dumb as this post might be, yes screaming and making the same jokes AND editing his videos and uploading videos everyday. Just saying.

Screaming and making the same jokes in every video is putting work into the videos? Yeah, okay

I think a lot of people put work in there job so this is alittle invalid

Look at what the guys said above m8


If you don't relies all the damage he causes to children and teenagers mostly than yah it's enjoyable if you also look over the discrimination

He Hates Justin Bieber

Because he plays crappy wheels a ridiculous game on kill Justin.

Most males do lol.

The Contenders

Doesn't Care About Popularity

He totally does as his logic is since he has 30 million subscribers he can get away with breaking YouTubes rules

He has never once mentioned the fact that he is the most popular YouTuber on YouTube so far, in any of his videos.

He Has the Funniest Rages Ever

The funniest rages. Not like markiplier though, but I still like those montages

I only watch him to see him rage at video games.

He is Handsome

Because he is such a nice guy so of course he is.

He Has a Degree in Engineering
He Was in Heat Magazine
He is Actually Very Fame-Shy
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