Reasons Why Pewdiepie is Better Than Chuggaaconroy

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1 Chuggaaconroy is rude, arrogant, and selfish brat who doesn't listen to his fanbase

PewDiePie Has Better Super fans Including Every British Person Who Watch Him And Felix Has Improved With Fans And Chuggaaconroy Is A Racist And Liar In Real Life

Chuggaa responds to fans, he's self - LESS if anything, and he isn't arrogant. Pewdiepie is kinda annoying, I'll say that. But Chugaa is hilarious and cool. - ShyGuySwag

Chugga listens to his fans.

If anything the fans listen to pewds. - DCfnaf

Chuggaa is WAY better then that greedy snob of a bitch PewDiePie. Chuggaa is one of, if not, the most generous person I have ever seen. He gave StephenPlays and his wife Mal a Wii U, 3DS, Controllers, EShop Cards, New Super Mario Bros. U, Zombie U, etc. PewDiePie only cares about the money, not the fans. How is Chuggaa selfish? I think PewDiePie is. This list is wrong - Luigibuscus

2 Pewdiepie plays horror games

Doesn't matter. He fakes getting scared, and Chuggaa plays true video games - Luigibuscus

Yeah! Slender was so GREAT! 😑 - DCfnaf

3 Pewdiepie doesn't tell horrible puns

Well, you want to know what Chuggaa doesn't do? Act like a retard on camera making jokes that make literally no sense - Luigibuscus


People on the Internet are dumb. - DCfnaf

4 Chuggaaconroy likes horrible games think Pokemon, Xenoblade Chronicles, Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda, Okami, and Pikmin (to name a few he's done) are horrible? Man, you must REALLY love Sonic Boom and Superman 64!

Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Sonic, Megaman...THESE ARE GOOD!

Because Call of Duty and Flappy Bird are TOTALLY AMAZING RIGHT? - DCfnaf

Yeah, but Chuggaaconroy hasn't played them, right (not saying they're horrible, but he hasn't played them)?

5 Chuggaaconroy's voice is obnoxious

No, that's PewDiePie - Luigibuscus

6 Pewdiepie shows his face in his videos

Your point is? - Luigibuscus

I think the reason why Chuggaaconroy doesn't use facecam is because it makes Let's Plays more about the person than the game.

I've seen Chugga's face before. - DCfnaf

Yes Felix Has Showed His Face Publicly While Emile(The Paedophile) Who Doesn't Show His Face

7 Pewdiepie creates lots of new characters

Felix Has Characters Like Stephano & Ainsley

Chugga Puts Awful Characters That One Know Cares About Such As Steve The Red Pikmin(The Pikmin LP Was Awful)

Actually, his fans created a Facebook page of Steve. You don't know anything about him - Luigibuscus

8 Pewdiepie has a girlfriend, Chuggaaconroy doesn't

Doesn't matter AT ALL! - DCfnaf

How do you know? Maybe Chuggaa has a secret girlfriend he doesn't want to share with us. Does that have anything to do with Their YouTube jobs? - Luigibuscus

9 Chuggaaconroy treats ProtoJon and NCS like crap

This is a LIE, he likes both of them! - DCfnaf

If anything, Jon treats NCS and Chuggaa like crap, but their doing it out of fun, and PewDiePie has no friends to do videos with. - Luigibuscus

10 Pewdiepie is funnier than Chuggaaconroy

PewDiePie's "jokes" revolve around a retarded golden statue named Stephano, and talks to it for ten minutes like a retard, Chuggaa's jokes are WAY funnier and do not drag on, and actually sound's normal. - Luigibuscus

WRONG. - DCfnaf

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11 Chuggaaconroy always rambles about pointless trivia

It's a little something called, "commentary", I bet you have no clue what I'm talking about - Luigibuscus

Chuggaconroy Is Not Funny Anymore The Commentary Sucks Too PewDiePie Improved it

12 Chuggaaconroy is rude, arrogant, and selfish brat who uses too much filler in the videos

His Videos Are Propaganda

13 PewDiePie Has Pewdiepie: Legend of the Brofist And Chuggaaconroy Doesn't have a Game Based On Him By Outerminds

Outerminds Will Never Make A Chuggaaconroy Game

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