Top Ten Reasons Why PewDiePie is Terrible

I list down why I have a burning hatred for this douche. If you are a member of his Ho Army, then come at me bitch.

The Top Ten

1 Everyone thinks he is extremely overrated

Yeah he is for sure - TriggerTrashKid

So is Fortnite - TriggerTrashKid

So? , pewdiepie now isn't that overrated now, he only gets 1 through 5 mil views per video in a week or month, KSI and Logan paul are much more overrated - B1ueNew

Everyone: PewDiePie is extremely overrated
Now PewDiePie is a terrible channel.
This is why so many people hate TheTopTens
(by the way I'm 50, I can't login into my account right now, I'm not suspended for something, I just can't login)

2 Not funny in the slightest

Honestly, pewdiepie it's so boring!

I am the funniest guy here. - TriggerTrashKid

There's ton of videos that Pewdiepie just uploaded on YouTube. They can or can't be funny at the same time. I didn't enjoy his Lasagna music video criticizing T Series due to the fact that both him and T Series are on the race for who gets the most subscribers. Seriously? That's just rude. I thought both T Series and Pewdiepie are both good. Pewdiepie and T Series are not perfect as well as the the rest of YouTube community, but they're both good at entertaining the crowd. Which one of them would reach 100 million subscribers? Only one way to find out soon.

None of his jokes never make me die of laughter, or laugh, or grin at all. He makes the exact joke over and over and over again. - Luigibuscus

3 He had turned his terrible fanbase into hypnotized jerks

His fanboys are gay. Their only counter argument is they call others gay. Hate these dumbasses

Pewdiepie's 9 year old army is one of the most toxic fanbases on the internet. Most of them can't take criticism and will just call you gay. - PixelatedBlock93

I try to turn my fan base against PewDiePIe. Currently, this means that I convinced nobody to hate PewDiePie because I don't have a fanbase. That's why I'm trying to do it through ExplodingTNT's fanbase.

Get banged pewd. - TriggerTrashKid

4 Does videos for the money

Every youtuber does youtube for money, how are they supposed to make money for their videos? , living in the streets? - B1ueNew

How is that a bad thing exactly? - B1ueNew

5 He creates cringey content

He's just not your type of youtuber it's okay, we all can't like the same things - B1ueNew

You just don't understand his content - B1ueNew

He does many cringey things. - Luigibuscus

6 Has done controversial things

Racism, enough said. I am talking about the other racist dheads also.

Every YOUTUBER has done something controversial for christ's sake! - OnlyInDreams

FIRST OF ALL we are the 9 year old army, and he has done many things to help other people, like charities.

He called Indians motherfs. Now that's controversial - TriggerTrashKid

7 Plays terrible games

So your saying Minecraft is a bad game and fortnite is a good game

He doesn't play games

No he doesn't just because he doesn't play nintendo or fortnite doesn't make the games he plays terrible - B1ueNew

I didn't know The Last of Us and Uncharted were terrible games - B1ueNew

8 Promotes terrible games

Ok this is epic

Flappy bird was a joke and a meme - B1ueNew

Promotes games like Flappy Bird, which is a game that has killed many people. - Luigibuscus

F'ing Bird. - TriggerTrashKid

9 Makes inappropriate and immature jokes

He's always talking about Bobs and Vagana. - TriggerTrashKid

His thumbnails aren't what you said, what the heck? , your probably search up the wrong channel - B1ueNew

And his thumbnails are always boobs, butts, penises, vaginas, and other disgusting things - ParkerFang

Male are more immature than female. Rude jokes, say inappropriate things complain about pc correctness when they are being inappropriate, and off topic one called Bronies.

10 He is racist

Need any of us say more. Everyone should treat each other with equal respect.

Imagine calling someone racist over a joke. - OnlyInDreams

You are a disgrace to the Indians and all the other races you made fun of. Now go quit youtube and Screw, Tie, Die! Get it? Pewdiepie to ScrewTieDie!

He is say the n word

The Contenders

11 He makes fun of Indians

What if we made fun of you, Pewdiepie?

He is making fun of Indians and then what? He also made fun of russians like: "what is wrong with their country" or stuff like that. The point is, he is making fun of EVERYTHING even of his own race or even OF HIMSELF very very often

Yes he does make fun of Indians. He is making fun of the country which I live in.

Especially when it comes to T-Series. I can't stand that channel. So I'm glad Pewds has dissed that company. YouTube is not about You anymore.

12 He swears a lot


So what ksi swears every single second you inobendent person

I'd rather watch a YouTuber that swears, than a YouTuber that says boring alternatives to swear words. - OnlyInDreams

More than a random teenager. - TriggerTrashKid

13 Used to be funny...but now gains popularity through controversy, roasting and spreading hatred


14 He is annoying

He never shuts his damn mouth for five seconds. Its like a beating into my ear. Just hurts. - Luigibuscus

Most annoying YouTuber of all time

15 He didn’t play the game right

That makes it way better lol

It makes it better! - MrCoolC

There was a really cool game that many youtubers played but he would not play it full out and it was super frustrating!

SANS UNDERTALE SIns crawling on your back yeah pewdipeie you shouldn't ave DONE GENCOCIDE YOU ahorrible person

16 His videos are boring

So many people like Pewdiepie for no actual reasons at all! His videos are so boring and it sucks for everyone! He talks a lot none stop! Everyone must not like and subscribe to him! Everyone that likes him and watching his video is a waste of time! I can't handle it anymore! Someone has to report him on YouTube ASAP! This has to stop!

17 He hates T-Series

It’s a joke he does not hate t series and he said it himself that the two songs were for fun and he pretends to hate t series because they are taking his crown from being the most subscribed channel and pretends to hate T series like how he hate Jacksepticeye as a joke

18 He is anti-semitic

Nope. What’s the evidence?

19 He makes fun of The language of Indians

PewDiePie sucks

20 He promoted Nimses which was a scam
21 He Is Swedish But Talks With A American Accent
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