Top Ten Reasons Why PewDiePie is Terrible

I list down why I have a burning hatred for this douche. If you are a member of his Ho Army, then come at me bitch.

The Top Ten

1 Everyone thinks he is extremely overrated
2 Not funny in the slightest

None of his jokes never make me die of laughter, or laugh, or grin at all. He makes the exact joke over and over and over again. - Luigibuscus

3 He had turned hisĀ terrible fanbase into hypnotized jerks

Game Theory is worse. - Gametheorysucks

PewDiePie has one of the worst fanbases ever to exist. Whenever PewDiePie does something hurtful or cringey, the fans don't care cause their hypnotized. They will shout at you and spam cancerous insults if you disagree with them. - Luigibuscus

4 Does videos for the money
5 He creates cringey content

He does many cringey things. - Luigibuscus

6 Has done controversial things

He sometimes leaves clues at doing videos for money and watching porno - Luigibuscus

7 Plays terrible games

He plays games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, FNAF and other terrible games. - Luigibuscus

8 Promotes terrible games

Promotes games like Flappy Bird, which is a game that has killed many people. - Luigibuscus

9 Makes inappropriate and immature jokes

And his thumbnails are always boobs, butts, penises, vaginas, and other disgusting things - ParkerFang

All he jokes about is dicks and vaginas. He also makes fun of serious topics, such as, Hitler And Ebola. - Luigibuscus

10 He is annoying

He never shuts his damn mouth for five seconds. Its like a beating into my ear. Just hurts. - Luigibuscus

Most annoying YouTuber of all time - Gametheorysucks

The Contenders

11 He swears a lot

Doesn't any other YouTuber do? - ParkerFang

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