Top 10 Reasons Why Phineas and Ferb is Better Than Gravity Falls

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1 Gravity Falls is bad

"Is bad"? Where's the reason here exactly? Gravity Falls is actually really what saved Disney Channel, in my opinion though. :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

The character designs are amazing especially Ford Pines' and big deal his nose is red, so what? Phineas' head is a triangle! That's inspired!

Gravity Falls is the only good Disney cartoon

I Voted to Say That I Love Gravity Falls.Seriously,Gravity Falls Hater Anymous Go to Grammar Class! You Can't Even Spell.Also,This is a Really Stupid Reason.

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2 P&F rescued Disney Channel

Yeah until years later and it was still recycling the same damn plot and became boring as hell

How can a cartoon with an overused plot save the channel?

Disney Channel was at that point filled with mediocre teen sitcom drama, so when P&F appeared it was like a ray of hope.


3 The main characters are more likable than Dipper and Maple

"Dipper and Maple". Just proves whoever made this list does NOT EVEN KNOW THE CHARACTER'S NAMES.

"For half the summer I thought your name was Maple, like the syrup. No one corrected me! " - Soos - SerFives

Dipper and Mabel have had more character development in one episode that Phineas and Ferb have in an ENTIRE SERIES

They help out people in need and want everyone to have fun with them

"Maple" It's MABEL! - BorisRule

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4 P&F has better pacing

Below, since it was my comment, P&F, that is. P&F has a few episodes like a snail on steroids.

It has the pacing of a snail

It has the pacing of a snail on steroids, basically still slow but kinda too fast at times.

5 The songs are catchy and brilliant

Phineas and Ferb has admittedly had their fair share of good songs, but in no way does that make the show superior to Gravity Falls in any way.

Please tell me this list is a joke.

The songs are annoying

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when.
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day...

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6 P&F is more comedic

Clearly you don't know what the word comedic means.

I personally think the jokes are better than gravity falls. When I watch Phineas and Ferb, I am able to watch it with my parents because I know they'll understand the humor because adults and children are able to understand the jokes.

I don't think you know what comedic means, Gravity Falls has real humor.

7 It's much more appropriate for kids

What age group of kids, huh? Older or younger? Because if you meant younger than yeah I agree. But if you meant older kids, teens, and beyond then that's Gravity Falls' territory.

Phineas and Ferb is for babies, Gravity Falls is for people with good taste

8 P&F pokes fun at media clich├ęs, rather than enforce them

Other way around, buddy.

What even?

No they don't

9 P&F hasn't won a Kid's Choice Award

Cause Gravity Falls rocks genius.
I loved Phineas and Ferb... But Gravity Falls is better

Come on! You telling me nobody likes Phineas and Ferb? Am I the only one? How come it hasn't gotten one but Gravity Falls at least got an Emmy?

First of all, Emmys and Kids Choice Awards aren't the same thing. Second, just because P&F never won a KCA doesn't mean that nobody likes it. Lastly, it actually won MANY awards. Do your research before making a list. - GamerBoy


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10 The animation is much better

At least they have real heads. If you haven't notice, the main protagonist of your show has a triangle for a head, a triangle! And when they animate it, the triangle just goes left and right or goes behind his back, like, what? Is this kid from the Exorcist movie?

It's a cartoon. It's not supposed to be realistic. So you're saying a cartoon character can't have a triangle for a head? Gravity falls' characters' heads aren't very realistic either.

Not necessarily. - TheAlbinoWolf

"Much better". Have you ever seen a kid with a triangular head IN REAL LIFE? Most of the characters in PnF have UNUSUAL head shapes. For Gravity Falls, the head shapes are pretty simple and more real. STATING OPINIONS

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11 They have a secret spy agent

What about Agent Powers and Agent Trigger?

Gravity Falls has a demonic triangle that started the apocalypse.
You can't top that with a bunch of animals wearing stupid hats
Gravity Falls > Phineas and Ferb

12 Gravity falls just tries too hard to be creepy

No, I think it actually does a great job of being creepy while still getting past the dumb Disney censors. Quite impressive, even.

You haven't seen "trying too hard to be creepy" until you've watched modern Family Guy.

13 Both kids and parents can watch it, and both are able to enjoy it.

Really? Because I've watched Gravity Falls before with my parents in the room and it made them laugh out loud.

Same! Even though my mom only saw a few episodes she laughed at all of them. - TheAlbinoWolf

14 The hidden creepy Easter eggs in Gravity Falls

Saying "Gravity Falls is bad" doesn't clarify anything. However, it's practically undeniable that Gravity Falls can be dark, and indeed shiver-worthy. I was doing some research on Gravity Falls, since everyone said it was great, and was pretty spooked by some of the theories, decoded signs, and supernatural things. I liked the show, and the mysteries were awesome, but the hidden stuff deserves a shudder or two.

I'm a Faller, but I have to agree here. Some of the theories, easter eggs, and supernatural stuff are very dark and creepy. P&F is a lot less spooky, but I guess it depends what you like.

15 It's formuleic.
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