Top 10 Reasons Why Pink Floyd is One of the Greatest Bands

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1 They are a unique band

They are a pretty unique band, along with Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. While I do like Pink Floyd, they are not the best band ever, as Iron Maiden and Kansas are both better.

I agree with all items! But "unique" really describes them best because this is a summary of all things taken together. - Metal_Treasure

Yes of course @Metal_Treasure,they are a unique band.and their music one of a kind - zxm

2 Their guitar solos are great

The guitar solo of Time is great. Also Comfortably Numb. - Userguy44

Songs like Comfortably Numb have more emotional guitar solos instead of just random notes playing over and over at 3 billion rates per minute, and are actually original.

3 They are one of the earliest progressive rock bands

I love progressive music and I'm happy it was created. Pink Floyd was a very important band at its early stages. - Metal_Treasure

Progressive Rock is one of the best genres, and Pink Floyd have started it in 1965. Jethro Tull, Genesis, Yes, Rush, and King Crimson then followed in the late 60s. Then in 1970, Kansas was formed to prove that America also had good Progressive Rock.

4 David Gilmour is a great guitarist and vocalist

Yes. I've always liked David Gilmour's voice, and his guitar playing as well. - Metarock

Not so great in my opinion.

But more talented than Billie Joe Armstrong, Jared Leto, James Hetfield or Kurt Cobain. - zxm

5 Richard Wright is a great keyboardist

Yeah he was great! - Userguy44

6 Roger Waters is a great bassist and vocalist
7 Their lyrics are great

Not only their lyrics are great, but the lyrics aren't even the main focus in most of their songs, and they still made it great.

8 They have made good music for many years

I don't think they've ever released a bad album! - Metarock

In the late 60s, they had made great songs like Interstellar Overdrive, See Emily Play, and Astronomy Domine. In the 70s, they made Echoes, Time, Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Dogs, and Hey You, and Comfortably Numb. After that, they still made great songs such as High Hopes.

9 Their music is great

Comfortably Numb was what got me into the band, but other songs such as Wish you were Here, See Emily Play, and High Hopes kept me into the band. Only one song is not going to make a band really great, meaning if Queen only wrote one song, Bohemian Rhapsody, they wouldn't be as good as they are.

The first Pink Floyd song I heard was "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". I played it many times in a row. - Metal_Treasure

10 Their songs are meaningful
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1. They are a unique band
2. Their guitar solos are great
3. They are one of the earliest progressive rock bands


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