Top Ten Reasons Why PKSparkxx DatHottneSS Is Better Then PewDiePie


The Top Ten

1 Has a better taste in gaming

Who even is that?

PksparkxxDatHotnness are nothing but a bitch lasanga.

2 He is funnier
3 He doesn't use misleading titles or thumbnails
4 He's more friendly to his fans
5 He acknowledges his fans exist
6 He's more enjoyable
7 He doesn't think of ridiculous character names for video game characters
8 He is less inappropriate
9 He has less haters
10 His channel is more organized

The Contenders

11 He never faked his death
12 He plays Pokemon

I play pokemon go every day

13 He doesn't make Hitler jokes
14 He's better at making content
15 He's smarter
16 He is the pinnacle of gaming content
17 He has a rad channel name
18 He doesn't act like a retard on drugs
19 He tells good stories
20 If his video is an hour long, it goes by fast
21 Know one knows him
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