Top Ten Reasons Why Plagg from Miraculous Ladybug is Better Than Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

I also hate HTTYD too much. Especially, that stupid night fury, Toothless always treated by fans and the reason why that cutie black cat, Plagg, gets hate. So, who will win, Plagg or Toothless?

The Top Ten

1 Plagg is Underrated While Toothless is Overrated
2 Plagg is Cuter

If Plagg and Toothless go to Cuteness competition, Plagg will win - ChatNoirFan18

Chatnoirfan. Your a good user but hhtyd is awesome but so is miraculous ladybug - coolguy101

3 We Never See Plagg on Google, but Mostly Toothless

This happened to my classmates when during computer lesson, one of my classmate search Toothless on Google (i forgot when this happened)

Ugh, come on! why I never seen people search Plagg on Google?! - ChatNoirFan18

I looked up Plagg on Google. A very adorable kwami. Toothless is a gary stu, and gary stus are, in my reaction, nope nope nope nope.-Vestalis

4 Plagg is Nicer Than Toothless

I see a screenshoot from HTTYD that Toothless bites Hiccup. Toothless! You don't thanks to Hiccup who care you but you bite him! What is wrong with you, Toothless?! - ChatNoirFan18

He is a wild dragon not a magical creature that gives powers, this comparison is ridiculous lol - ChaoticNeutral

Plagg makes Adrien smell like cheese and makes really really really bad jokes. Maybe the kwamis personalities=lb and cn personalities. - coolguy101

5 Plagg is Smaller While Toothless is Too Big

So comfortable to bring Plagg - ChatNoirFan18

Toothless is smaller than most other dragons. - coolguy101

6 Plagg is Not a Gary Stu, While Toothless Is

Toothless is too perfect and great on my taste - ChatNoirFan18

Toothless is not a Gary stu. - coolguy101

7 You Can Care for Plagg Like a Pet, but You Can't Do that to Toothless
8 Plagg Has Pretty Green Eyes, While Toothless Has Bland Green Eyes
9 Plagg Can Talk While Toothless Can't
10 Toothless Killed Hiccup's Dad, Plagg Has Never Killed Anyone

He was forced to do that. By a bad guy may I add. - coolguy101

The Contenders

11 Plagg's Name is Awesome While Toothless Has a Weird Name

Plagg's name is from the word "plague", so innovative, while Toothless' is from the common name to the person who she/he lost their teeth - ChatNoirFan18

12 Toothless is Very Greedy When He Eats, While Plagg Only Eats When He is Hungry

Toothless always want eating fish all the time though he is not hungry or satisfied. So greedy. Plagg only eat when he is hungry or his power ran out - ChatNoirFan18

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