Reasons Why Planes Is a Bad Movie


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1 It Was Originally Gonna Be a DVD Released Film

I know an obvious answer. CASH! CASH! CASH IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE WORLD! - michaelthecritic

2 Its Disorganized Story

We get right to the big race without getting to know anybody, see more of Dusty's training, or character development. And the race takes up the whole 2nd half of the movie. - michaelthecritic

3 The Characters

Why is Dusty afraid of heights when he wants to be a racer? He should just give up racing!
Chug is an idiot.
Dottie can be a little confusing sometimes.
Why the heck does Skipper teach Dusty? Skipper is a flightless plane.
The rest are just useless - michaelthecritic

4 The Character Design

I don't wanna look at their eyes because their to close together. The animators were being lazy. - michaelthecritic

5 It's Made by Disney Toon Studios

The same people that bought you all those dumb Disney sequels. And the Tinker Bell movies. - michaelthecritic

6 It's Predictable
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