Reasons Why Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is Better Than Fortnite

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1 The staff cares more about the players ideas

The staff is so awesome! They care about people who play it. The creators of Fortnite just want money

The staffs are some of the best I've every seen in my life.

When did PUBG put in a Real life music DJ concert event in their game? I don't remember so either. - B1ueNew

I don't really know the pubg community that much, but I like both

2 Less bugs
3 It's based on skill instead of luck

Both games are pretty piss poor and lazy which was everyone known for. You mean tell me Fortnite couldn't handle the luck? Both of them were literally the most popular games at the time but they were being abominations that could have been so much better or PUBG.

How? , they both have random generated guns all around the map

I'm only a noob in Fortnite because I'm an unlucky person

Being honest, both games are horrible. I’d stick to Grand Theft Auto or Minecraft.

4 Less lag

To be honest, fortnite has smoother gameplay.

It has more lag lol

5 Includes character customization
6 You earn rewards without having to pay

There's a free battle pass in fortnite

7 The staff is less greedy

What is that picture

Pubg let's you choose if you want a male of female they also give you items for logging in daily in fortnite it costs 20 dollars to play as a guy in a t rex costume

That watermark...

8 More items to pick up
9 The fanbase is way better

I hate both games. I found it boring after 2-3 minutes of both games and shooting does NOT help at all. There’s actually a higher use of the dancing moves in Fortnite (if you go to these bios) than in PUBG. Overall, I’d rather play Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft than those 2 games ENTIRELY.

This doesn't necessarily affect the quality of the game itself.

The PUBG playerbase is more mature. At least I haven't seen that much fanboys as I do in Fortnite or Minecraft.

No fanbase is good,

10 You can drive vehicles and get around faster

Who cares, you can just build in fortnite

There's vehicles and rifts in fortnite...

But are there rifts/launch pads in pubg? , no, I didn't think so

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11 It has first person

True, but it feels like a pain to play it on mobile

Now Blackout has it as well.

Well that doesn’t help at all

12 It's on android devices

So? , who cares? Fortnite is too

13 Less toxic players

Pubg players never leave you behind, they will help you, fortnite? , nah they'll let you drown on the floor pick up the gun, and pretend like they didn't just leave 1 person behind, because they're greedy kids

Fortnite players never leave a copy of good items for you. They take it all. While PUBG players have team spirit and will help you.

Both games suck. Fortnite for being luck based and PUBG for having bugs and glitches.

PUBG players always help you if your low on health or 5.56 ammos.

14 More maps
15 More realistic

Ocarina of time is not realistic yet it's considired the best game of all time

Doesn't mean better

16 Easier

Doesn't mean better

True I got 12 kill win on pubg mobile solo

17 It came out first
18 Bigger maps
19 Graphics are better
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