Reasons Why Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is Better Than Fortnite


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1 The staff cares more about the players ideas

Did PUBG ever include Thanos and Marshmello? - TriggerTrashKid

Not really - B1ueNew

The staff is so awesome! They care about people who play it. The creators of Fortnite just want money - KingSlayer93316

When did PUBG put in a Real life music DJ concert event in their game? I don't remember so either. - B1ueNew

2 Less bugs


3 It's based on skill instead of luck

How? , they both have random generated guns all around the map - B1ueNew

I'm only a noob in Fortnite because I'm an unlucky person

True. Kids just hide in bushes to shoot you because the kids know they will get shot, dead. They're just cowards - KingSlayer93316

This is why PUBG is better than Fortcrap. IT'S NOT LUCK BASED - KingSlayer93316

4 Less lag

MORE lag. - TriggerTrashKid

It has more lag lol - B1ueNew

To be honest, fortnite has smoother gameplay. - Not_A_Weeaboo

5 Includes character customization
6 You earn rewards without having to pay

There's a free battle pass in fortnite - B1ueNew

7 The staff is less greedy The staff is less greedy

That watermark... - MrCoolC

What is that picture - B1ueNew

Pubg let's you choose if you want a male of female they also give you items for logging in daily in fortnite it costs 20 dollars to play as a guy in a t rex costume

So true - KingSlayer93316

8 More items to pick up
9 The fanbase is way better

PUBG fanbase
Mixed ages mainly 14+ who like a good game and are good
Fortnite fanbase
Insane kids who go insane after being killed - Unnamed Google User Remade

No fanbase is good, - B1ueNew

This doesn't necessarily affect the quality of the game itself. - Extractinator04

PUBG Fanbase: Mostly adults with a couple teenagers

Fortnite Fanbase: All kids with some teenagers that rage at being killed - KingSlayer93316

How does a fan base affect the game? , my gosh I'm tired of these reasons - B1ueNew

10 You can drive vehicles and get around faster

Who cares, you can just build in fortnite - venomouskillingmachine

There's vehicles and rifts in fortnite... - B1ueNew

But are there rifts/launch pads in pubg? , no, I didn't think so - B1ueNew

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11 It has first person

Now Blackout has it as well. - MrCoolC

True, but it feels like a pain to play it on mobile - B1ueNew

Well that doesn’t help at all - VeganTurtle

12 It's on android devices

So? , who cares? Fortnite is too - B1ueNew

13 More maps
14 Less toxic players

I agree, but the trolls though - B1ueNew

Fortnite players never leave a copy of good items for you. They take it all. While PUBG players have team spirit and will help you. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Pubg players never leave you behind, they will help you, fortnite? , nah they'll let you drown on the floor pick up the gun, and pretend like they didn't just leave 1 person behind, because they're greedy kids - B1ueNew

PUBG players always help you if your low on health or 5.56 ammos.

15 More realistic

Hell yeah!

Doesn't mean better - venomouskillingmachine

Ocarina of time is not realistic yet it's considired the best game of all time - B1ueNew

16 Easier

Doesn't mean better - venomouskillingmachine

True I got 12 kill win on pubg mobile solo - B1ueNew

17 It came out first
18 Bigger maps
19 Graphics are better
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