Top Ten Reasons Why Pokémon Go Isn't that Fun Anymore

Pokémon Go was pretty fun at first, but now it's not that fun. Want reasons? Welp, here you go.

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Gym battles are almost impossible

Gym battles can be won if you are willing to exhaust your potions and let all your good Pokemon die as you slowly wear down the Gym's prestige. I like next to a gym- it's worth the sacrifice!

Yeah, I've kinda lost interest in the game.

Untrue I think I beat a gym with a Ho-oh

My family and I took a gym a few nights ago. And my cousin has a strategy where she takes all of her friend from the same team and they all ifhgt the gym at the same time

Bag gets full too easily

I know right?

If you don't go anywhere you only find Pidgeys and Rattatas

What if you don't live in the city? What if there are hardly and poke-stops or gyms in your area? It makes it really lame if you walk around your town but all you get are pidgeys and rattatas.

i agree

This is why I'm taking a long break from the game. Even when I do walk around my neighbourhood I'm always about to scream "Come on Niantic, there are other Pokémon! " - Entranced98

It drains your battery

Even with AR turned off it drains my phones battery way too much

Pokemon Go destroyed my phone's battery and it was the reason I had to get a new phone

You need to turn off AR, enough said. - Croy987

Pokemon Go needs to Pokemon STOP.

It drains your cellular data

Because you'd want a lot of it.

People die while playing it or get seriously hurt

People die? I didn't kno

Its called stupidity.

They should be very careful while playing this game. - BorisRule

They lose concentration when they are going places while playing POKEMON go, idiots might cross the street and get runover and they don't care, they just want to continue playing. - WorldPuncher47592834

People fight over the teams

Yeah I wouldn't choose any of the teams in the game. As a long time fan of the series I've learned to never trust any group who's often goes by "Team". 100% of the time they are usually the bad guys. In the this case I'd say all three teams from Pokemon Go are actually villains.

Sure, I'm a Team Valor member with a t shirt and phone case (don't ask) but I don't fight people. I just argue - TrueBlueHeroes

My teacher and her husband, my teacher and my riend are red, my other friend is blue.Me and my family are yellow yet we all get along. - AnonymousChick

Disturbing moments

Like those lures. People could get kidnapped! - KingSlayer93316

Finding a dead body, getting robbed, and many more. - TrueBlueHeroes

People who don't play it see people playing Pokémon Go in their yards and they have no idea what's going on

So they think the person's a robber and shoot them. Lesson learned. - TrueBlueHeroes

As Pokémon GO always says: “Do not trespass while playing Pokémon GO.” - PokemonGOSucks

It got extremely overrated

It’s plain unworthy for the pokemon industry it lost the touch, the older Pokemon games felt more real to me in my own opinion, catching Pokemon training them and battling is more plays a big game in Your brain I rather play Pokemon Emerald again and again but I would rather not touch Pokemon Go, they should just make the DS games more realistic make their own imaginative character. - msanthuru

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They fixed the glitch where your Pokémon doesn't survive at 1 hp anymore

Best glitch and most useful glitch hands down. - TrueBlueHeroes

The gameplay is repetitive

Go outside. Go to Pokestops. Catch Pokémon. Have gym battles. Repeat.

That's why main series will always be better... - PokemonGOSucks

I can't believe this wasn't on the list...

Only has gen 1 Pokemon

No gen 5 is there - Yoshidude

Other evolutions existed and why didn't they put it there?

Ok so it started with the most famous Pokémon when it was a craze?
Finding out what it was for the first time on toy day in Primary school in the 90s yep it was a craze.

Only has Pokemon up to gen 3 and the Alola forms. People are waiting for gen 4!

Most of the gyms only have Dragonites, Snorlaxes, Laprases, Exeggutors and Arcanines

Finally! Someone agrees with me. I want to see something new! Is that too much to ask? - SocialMediaStinks

Don't forget rhydon and vaporeon - Ad1230

You're using the incorrect plural form of Pokémon. - PokemonGOSucks

When you get to higher levels you need insane amounts of Exp to level up
Pokeballs are almost impossible to obtain

At PokéStops the rate of Great and Ultra Balls were higher but after an update, they now made it harder to obtain Great and Ultra Balls (and even Berries) from PokéStops. - PokemonGOSucks

Keeps crashing

It's even worse when it loads up with all the gyms and Pokéstops missing. - Entranced98

Servers are unreliable

So true though. - PokemonGOSucks

It is too cold to go outside anymore
Niantic doesn't like people hacking the game
The battles are boring
People find dead bodies

So? - PokemonGOSucks

No more Legendary Pokemon

There were never Legendary Pokemon - SocialMediaStinks

Most Pokemon, especially starters, take at least five great balls or an ultra ball to catch.

I used ten great balls on a charmander today. Finally caught him after depleting all my great balls.

You have to buy a $500 phone if you don't want the game to lag
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