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1 Pokemon Is Just Better

Digimon had an actual story, while pokemon is about a child who never ages who tries to be the best but always uses the same thunder mouse and uses pokemon that will never be seen again, its practically rinse and repeat

Hey Dumb Digimon lovers, I can telepathically communicate with my 'mons ( I am not stupid Sabrina.) Plus, Yveltal is right now sleeping, anyway, the most recent Pokemon, Eternatus, is way cooler than the wimp wargreymon

"Comments may be reviewed before being posted"

I find this remark incredibly funny when I try to share my two-cents on this. I mean, just look at the other comments. They're cancerous opinions wrote by blinded Pokemon fanboys without any intention to sound remotely sensible or objective. Clearly, the one reviewing this is doing a half-ass job of making sure the discussion receives valid points that aren't subjective opinions labeled as facts. But then again, this is pretty much the state of the Internet for a long time, so who cares if they're right or not - mob mentality wins.

So onto my actual OPINION about this self-proclaimed truth about how "Pokemon is clearly just better". Uh, no. "Better" is a subjective term, kids. See, anyone can say anything is "better". Beliebers claimed that Bieber music is better than Metallica, Twilight fans think Twilight is better than Mad Max: Fury Road... you get the idea. Anyone could make a ...more

Saying "Pokemon is just better" does NOT prove anything. I like Pokemon and Digimon, but if I were to choose one, it would be Digimon. Seriously, the designs are WAY better. Almost every character is a giant demon that's holding a gun of some sort. The most recent Pokemon are green monkeys, fire rabbits, and blue lizards. Also, many of the Pokedex entries are ridiculous. One of them says that Yveltal can suck up the life energy of all living things. Do you realize how dangerous that is? If Pokemon were real, we would be dead. Plus, Digimon can talk. Pokemon can only say their name. A Digimon could understand you and answer you, which is awesome. Just think about it!

2 Pokemon Has Better Games

Pokemon has 22 season and digimon 6 so 50 I don't know what you are on but pokemon has more season

I do agree with this and Pokemon is better than digimon because it doesn't really have any games and Pokemon does but digimon is just data so soon digimon soon can become real life because technology has been getting better and Pokemon is just a a different realm that's like earth.

They have more games. Quantity does not equal quality, the pokemon games could be sooo much better but they need to rehash the same stuff year after year. Digimon has they're share of bad games but they've been getting better and better

It wins in quality...but not on originality, it has like lots of remakes and games that are just the same but with new things like 2 or 3 more pokemon...shame on you Ultra Sun and Moon.

3 Digimon is Rip Off of Pokémon

I don't get why everyone is fighting over which show is better when they are both great.

I mean, Pokemon had great art, and build up (until Unova) and they made sure that they didn't focus on stereotypical characters.

Digimon had loads of drama, and cool characters (until series 5) and they made sure that all their characters shared the spotlight.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that there is no reason to fight over kids T.V. shows cause they're both enjoyable and because doing so is childish.

No, it is not. Bandai may have never even heard of Pokemon at the time, so we can't blame them! Digimon merely began as a spin-off of the Tamagotchi keychain toy to appeal more to the male demographic. Eventually, its popularity overshadowed the Tamagotchi, so Bandai expanded Digimon to have its own anime, toy line, and eventually, games!

Pokemon, on the other hand, is completely different. Game Freak may have never heard of Tamagotchis or Digimons. It was never a spin-off of anything. It began as a game where you traded and battled Pokemon. And it stayed the same thing! Did Digimon? Nope.

Excuse me, but WHICH one had mega evolution first? Digimon.

People do know about shin megami tensei right which was the first with monster taming in like 1992 right

4 Pokemon Champion Cynthia

I had a crush on her when I was 9, but she really has become a icon of Pokemon, she is the representative of all Pokemon champions, she is the strongest, coolest, and nicest of them all.

One character does not make a show better than the other.

True but so was tai and mikey were giant characters the main characters were in 2 seasons

Mugi or even whole franchise
Just because of Cynthia, that doesn't mean Pokemon is better than Digimon, she is pretty great champion but, I think the Digimon characters from show are better than both, trainers and champions. Champions don't do much neither do E4 or Gym Leaders against the organizations. It's all about trainer. (Unless if you play Black/White or Platinum..)

5 The Pokemon

To Be honest, pokemon would be better. I really like a few (yes they are the pokemon that nobody knows about like; Scizor and vaporeon)At least pokemon has wayyy more

The Pokemon are more realistic and less over designed.

Digimon are basically knock offs of Pokemon characters digimon said are animal with things like missile launchers on their heads! Who cares if they can speak human Pokemon sounds are cute and funny

The Pokémon are interesting (except for Gen one) but Digimon just put guns on an animals and called it good.

6 The Pokemon Adventures Manga

This manga is AMAZING! It is Pokemon, but it has its own characters, and gives you their adventures through the Pokemon world.

The manga is one of the best things to happen to Pokemon, period.

Digimon games, manga, and ESPECIALLY anime suck. Everything about Pokemon is awesome!

In one of the manga of pokemon one of the pokemon got cut in half

The anime in pokemon was just too silly and digimon were serious

7 Pokemon Is Still In America and Digimon Is In Japan

And your point is? Digimon tends to hold it's anime roots while Pokemon is very cartoonish. I may be wrong but that's how it seems.

Digimon never really left the west it was being thrown around like Italy a couple hundred years ago.

What? Are you being racist to Americans?! Well guess what Canadians also watch that so beat that!

Do I look like I care about America?

8 Pokemon Have Much More Creative Names

Every single digimon I have heard of has "mon" at the end of their name, EVERY SINGLE ONE!
it is so FRUSTRATING, even Activision, yes, Activision has more creativity than the creators of digimon.

I know that ditto Japanese name ends with mon

Even though I love Digimon better, this is true.

Ever heard original Japanese Pokemon Names

9 The Regions

Counting the spin-offs, regions suck...and they aren't even original, they're all of them, Town Sea Town City Desert Town Super Dangerous Volcano That Could Explode On Any Moment But I Don't Care More Sea Religious Temple About How An Albino Derp Horse Made The Universe Legendary Cave/Temple Ruins Lake And the same on every region(Without counting the same post-game battles)

There are no real "regions" in digimon but if we go by fusion there would be 107 zones

Digimon is based in Japan and the digital world, I like the real world base of Japan.

In digimon in each region there are some of the same characters but in Pokemon there are new characters coming in each region

10 The Creators

Game freak is only alive because of Pokemon which is good because you don't have to wait 10 years for another good game to come out(true).

Pokemon has better dezines

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11 Pokemon Has Original Characters, Digimon Rips Them Off

(face palm) How stupid are you to put this? The Digimon character has different personalities than Pokemon, also, none of the Pokemon nor Digimon look each other, seriously, Agumon is a charmander rip-off? Oh my god, how you can compare that yellow dinosaur with simplified design of T-rex than the Lizard with long tail that burns its tail? I never seen the Tyrant compare to Agumon.

Heh ok this is true;)
Augomon looks just like charmander just more boney.
If I were digimom I would be embaressed-0_0-

At least they don't have a Pikachu and Eevee for every generation.

What the heck is this kinda reason?

12 Better Acting

I prefer the Pokemon voice actors rather than the Digimon voice actors. Digimon English dub sucks!


Ummm... have you seen pokemon? It's a crappily repeated cartoon for children that, like the games, almosy hasn't changed in 20 years

13 Pokemon Was Legally Published First, So Most of the Digimon Could Have Been Added After They Saw Some Pokemon

What about Mega Evolution?

Even if digimon is a part of tamagotchi, tamagotchi came out nine months after the first Pokemon product.

Correlation does not equal causation.

Ooh...I'm so sorry...(Starts triggering on Pokemon Amie again for copying Tamagotchi years later when it was unpopular because kids of nowadays hate the BEPS)

14 Theme Song

Everyone that puts this always focus on the ENGLISH theme song, not the Japanese one. Butterfly will always beat overrated Gotta Catch 'Em All in my book.

I agree with this though

Pokémon has better theme songs than digimon tamers

Yea they did sort of take the theme and slightly change it until season 4 but that first theme is just as iconic as the Pokemon theme.
Before anyone brings up the point of the repeated D-D-Digimon it's electronica, anyone who has listened to EDM or dubstep can't start complaining now.

15 The Theorys

They are simply incredible, and Pokemon has just some of the best theorys out there!

That is because everything is explained in the games or shows. We don't need Theory's. The creators straight up tell us whats up.

I could list 10 theories for pokemon digimon I couldn't even think of one

Probably because the we're told what's up in the lore of Digimon.

The theories are just the reason why Undertale Fandom Exists.

16 The Movies

All the Pokemon films generally follow the same formula with really the only one of note really being Pokemon 3 The Movie. Not to mention that the Digimon films quite a few of them were directed by Mamoru Hasoda the same guy who made Wolf Children, Summer Wars, The Girl who Leapt through Time and The Boy and The Beast.

I loved the pokemon origin special

The digimon is just one movie for america and the other digimon movie is just in japan

In death battle why digimon won poke Mon is better

17 Better Fan Base

They always mention Pokemon in every digimon article in a bad way or compare it with digimon, something you very rarely see in Pokemon related articles.

Digmon fanbase thinks it’s anime is the best thing ever when it sucks

How can you know whether a digimon will beat a Pokemon when the way they battle are completely different?
Besides, no digimon could kill a Pokemon in battle because Pokemon get 'knocked out' or faint when they get defeated in battle.

All you have to do is look at the comments here. A lot of Pokemon fans will turn on you if you enjoy something they deem as "trash", heck they turn on each other on a dime if you say something like charizard is cool, or Ash is better than Red, or vice versa.

18 Pokemon Looks Cooler

I mean, Digimon looks stupid, the company tries to make the COOLEST DIGIMON EVER, but they make some stupid dog as a Robot suit and Weapons to it and some Lizard man is much smaller than previous evolution of it has some yellow goldish armor and head references as some weird Viking head and eyes look stupid enought too, so Pokemon has yet simplistic design and looks much better than some stupid wandering yellow turd and some ugly pink dude on trash who has missile to it, just look at Darkai, lucario, aggron, so basically the design looks so bad ass unlike the Digimon.

Wizardmon though

Omnimon, I don't see pokemon fusing.


19 Mewtwo Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

Mewtwo is a Pokemon. How is it a contender? In fact, Mewtwo is one of Pokemon's most valuable assets.

The pokemon universe have really good villains like darkrai mewtwo heck even arceus

It's mewtwo for gods sake it's amazing let's see your digimon have two evolutions

Mewtwo can kill all the digimon characters

20 Human Characters

I like all the different personalities in both franchises, even though I'm kinda biased since I don't really know Digimon a lot (only watched the first season) and I really love Pokemon.

Let me finish the phrase.
...which more of them want to use animals to make war and see who is the most powerful to just be COOL YEAH DUDE DOPE GLASSES HASTAG EMAIL DUDE I'M THE KING OF POKEY MEN YEAHH BOOOI! AND HE ONLY DIED FROM A SUPER POWERFUL THUNDER 20 TIMES! And then they say that this is made for the love of the pokemon, or does pokemons are sadomasochistic?

21 Digimon Has No Mystery

Yasss queen!
So ever wondered what was the mystery in Digimon? ME TO. There is lots of mysteries in Pokémon like why Brock likes girls so much and the Gs ball.

What is the mystery of the gs ball?


22 Pokemon Has a Better Story Line

Well, both yes and no.
Digimon does have an overall plot and ending each series with even characters growing up, that's a con for Pokemon. But Pokemon has the better world and lore, and when they first do very story based arcs they do better than Digimon. The last few generations of Pokemon has gotten heavier storylines. The only things I think Pokemon has done wrong is not having the characters grow older and more deep storylines. Digimon has more meh characters while I love most of those in Pokemon. Pokemon wins for me in the end.

Reply to kibablade38: I know Digimon characters grows up, but the new designs makes most of them look like different people. And no, Pokemon isn't more childish than Digimon. It's the other way around. The concept of Digimon is more kiddy than Pokemon, especially the final digivolutions. Looks like kiddy action figures.

So, um... no? Pokemon had a repetitive and childish story line. Digimon does have a bit of a cycle to the first few but look at Digimon Adventures Tri, our characters grow up.

The story line's awesome in the Pokemon manga you jerks, learn more about Pokemon before you comment. I gotta admit, the anime plot line is a bit repetitive but look at Sun and Moon now, it's actually pretty cool (although it's kinda lacking in action).

23 Squirtle Squirtle, known in Japan as Zenigame, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Umm... It just a first stage and it starter, and it has not good stats, 314. Like Gyarados almost beats all the way. Blastoise has stats 530, but gyarados has over 540! And also they both have a mega evolutions but still, Gyarados is more interesting for it. And don't mention, Gyarados evolve from Magikarp over 20 level and it is lower than the Blastoise's!

Excuse me, I don't even understand how this weak ass turtle can defeat the strongest Pokemon yet Digimon?

Squirtle sucks... How the heck on of the little low stated starter Pokemon can beat one of the different Pokemon? Stupid.

Uh so? What about Squirtle?

24 Some Digimon Sound Annoying

Agumon is the most annoying thing ever

So do some Pokemon

And is this annoying "i can not deside on what to do"agumon saying something

What about Shuckle or Drifloon?

25 The Pokemon Are Cuter

Most are cuter, but that's because most have a simpler design.

I'm looking at Mew and mudkip.

There is a stupid monkey that sounds like 1960 songs in digimon at least Pokemon are adorable!

All digimon are ugly

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