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21 Pokemon Has a Better Story Line

Pokemon does not have a real storyline I mean it does but it's the same with every season basically. For Digimon they have different theme every season.

The story line's awesome in the Pokemon manga you jerks, learn more about Pokemon before you comment. I gotta admit, the anime plot line is a bit repetitive but look at Sun and Moon now, it's actually pretty cool (although it's kinda lacking in action). - NightAbsol

So, um... no? Pokemon had a repetitive and childish story line. Digimon does have a bit of a cycle to the first few but look at Digimon Adventures Tri, our characters grow up. - kibablade38

Pokemon doesn't even HAVE a story line! Only in the movies it does. - Mugi

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22 The Pokemon Are Cuter

Most are cuter, but that's because most have a simpler design.

There is a stupid monkey that sounds like 1960 songs in digimon at least Pokemon are adorable!

I'm looking at Mew and mudkip.

Koromon, tsunomon, tokomon, gigimon, agumon, gabumon, patamon, guilmon and terriermon are cuter than any Pokemon I've seen.

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23 Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle, known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was originally conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It is a squirrel-turtle hybrid .

Umm... It just a first stage and it starter, and it has not good stats, 314. Like Gyarados almost beats all the way. Blastoise has stats 530, but gyarados has over 540! And also they both have a mega evolutions but still, Gyarados is more interesting for it. And don't mention, Gyarados evolve from Magikarp over 20 level and it is lower than the Blastoise's!

Excuse me, I don't even understand how this weak ass turtle can defeat the strongest Pokemon yet Digimon?

Squirtle sucks... How the heck on of the little low stated starter Pokemon can beat one of the different Pokemon? Stupid.

Uh so? What about Squirtle? - Mugi

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24 Digimon Has No Mystery

what. - Stallion

25 Some Digimon Sound Annoying

Agumon is the most annoying thing ever

So do some Pokemon - 906389

And is this annoying "i can not deside on what to do"agumon saying something

Ummm is this annoying pika pika pika pika pika pika pika

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26 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

How is an yellow dinosaur a ripoff from an orange lizard?
And don't give me the crap that both of them are reptile. In that is the case then chramander is a ripoff from every dragon like creature in shin megami tensei

No - ParkerFang


Charizard has PERSONALITY. He's stubborn, feisty, and powerful. He's also everyone's favorite Pokémon!

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28 Pokemon Just Looks Way Cooler

I love Pokemon, but we have to admit the simplified look of the show, manga, and games make some digimon look cooler. That's why people make more complex and realistic interpretations of Pokemon.

Pokemon always look better! Sometimes is simple, cute and cool! But Digimon? Stripe with all those awful weapons and trying to be more cuter! Well, it isn't

SOME do. Apparently you haven't seen all of the Digimon. Beelzemon looks cool and so do some others. - 906389

Animemasterman this is a opinion pokemon looks more cool than digimon

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29 Pokemon Has Been In Crossovers

The best example is Super Smash Brothers

The Digimon isn't on crossovers... Not even in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Crossover! Pokemon did it! So? Digimon is forgivable.

So?! - Mugi

Yep - ParkerFang

30 Digimon Are Over-Designed

Look at Digivolutions. All they are are a bunch of animals with guns and sword and armor and weapons. How uncreative is that? - Goatworlds

I mean even blastoise has cannons on its back an it's not as over designed as warmon

Digimon are meant for combat so having weapons make sense

Digimon's have armor's and weapons so they can defeat any megaevolve digimon tell me how is mega charizard x can defeat 6 stories tall mega evolve myostismon have you watch xros wars they use cards to play digimon.

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31 Digimon's Fanbase is Made of Dullards

Pokemon's fanbase is better? Nice joke man. - yungstirjoey666

Pokemon fans are worse - ParkerFang

Digimon fans aren't stupid because they are Pokemon fans too so this argument is invalid and also your calling lots of Pokemon fans stupid

Wow, I take offense to this. Pokemon's fanbase is full of Misty fanatics, Amourshipping jerks, and Pikachu fangirls.

The Pokemon fanbase is no better. - Mugi

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32 Pokemon is Much More Diverse and Kid-Friendly

Well Digimon is horrible because every 5 episodes someone dies and pokemon is because when a character dies they get healed am come back to life plus Digimon has over rated scary villains and pokemon has kid friendly villains like Team Rocket

Digimon is nice. It has a storyline, an ending, and new plots almost every season. It has a lot of things Pokemon doesn't, but come on. Pokemon has it's own games, manga, anime, movies, toys, card game, plushes, huge fanbases, books, spin offs, drawing contests, tournaments, and is translated into many many other languages. Digimon... it has an okay anime and some toys. It's not as diverse. Personally, I am a Pokemon fan, and love how they are simply designed, while Digimon has over designed characters with some stupid duds here and there. Digimon is very dark too. Take Agumon. The first couple digivolutions are dumb. Then Wargreymon is just too over designed and dark. Cute-ish puffball to a sort of cute dinosaur to a not-so-cute gigantoid dino to the dino with armor to a knight with dragon killing weapons... wow.

Truthfully the two shows are incredibly different and shouldn't be compared because simply put, the only thing that is similar are the names. Digimon : Pokemon

That is a good and a bad point the Pokemon anime is just a adventure show that has barely any depth,

Whereas with digimon it has tension and darkness but I do think that tamers is a bit too dark.

Of course pokemon is more kid friendly cause in digimon people just die and go to hell

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33 Humans Look Better
34 Digimon Die If They Get Too Weak

Digimon can only die if there data is destroyed

Pokemon can just be taken to a Pokemon center if they get weak.
Digimon just die after getting too weak and you lose your best friend.

Also pokemon are forced to fight till they collapse over and over, digimon choose to fight with their partner. That's why in death battle Taichi started beating up Red and Red was confused, pokemon battle, not their trainers. Dog fighting. - kibablade38

Faintinf used to be death, it was just seen as too dark for kids. In the digimon games like Cyber Sleuth they just get koed like any good rpg. In fact pokemon die, that's why there is a pokemon graveyard in gen 1 - kibablade38

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35 Digimon is the Dumbest Anime of All Time

I love Pokemon more but this is... this is pure inaccurate.. total nonsense! As someone below asked, School Days is better than Digimon? OBVIOUSLY NO THAT Bull IS Bull DIGIMON IS BETTER THAN A LOT OF ANIME TODAY! I'm still more of a Pokemon fan though I still love Digimon. It's just awesome and has its own charms that differentiates itself from Pokemon.

So you saying that school days is better than Digimon, what type of anime fan are you

So Boku No Pico is better this? Is that what you're saying? - 906389

I'm done with this list. - Mugi

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36 Pokemon's Competitive Side.

Pokemon is very competitive and I love think, not just attack and attack!

37 Ash Is Better Than Anyone In Kanto, Red

Red Is Stronger Than Ash

I really like Ash, but I doubt that he has more personality than the Digimon characters - yungstirjoey666

Ash is simply a better protagonist. He has goals, he's loyal to his friends, he genuinely wants to help and befriend Pokémon, and of course he has flaws.

Pfft, how dumb are you? Did you ever watched the Greninja battled with Charizard? Once Greninja and Charizard changed their forms, basically Mega Charizard Wins and Ash Greninja loses and Mega CharX with WarGrey, WarGrey simply destroys the MCharX, so get your dumb puns over here, kid.

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38 Things Are Inspired by Pokemon

A dinosaur was named after aerodactyl, a chemical in the body is named after Pikachu, and a wrestler got inspired when a bully stole his Pokemon card.


39 Pokemon Are Stronger

Name ONE Digimon that can beat even an Unown - Goatworlds

Arceus could just use his god powers poof all digimon die

Every digimon

Digimon can devastate a planet and arceus can do it in 3 hours and shoutmon x7 in a mode can do it in a min

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40 Digimon's Original Theme Song Has Repetitive Lyrics

It's all "Digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions! " It was so STUPID! - Goatworlds

Digimon frontier bro

Oh my gosh, have you people not heard the Japanese songs? Butterfly, Brave Heart, I Wish, Keep On, so many theme songs to Digimon are amazing! - Mugi

It's electronica, it's literally based off of a music style that revolves around digital. - kibablade38

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