Reasons Why Pokemon Is Better Than The Simpsons


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1 Pokemon is funny

The person that made this list is a Dumbass.

So is the Simpsons. - DapperPickle

I like The Simpsons, but I'm not so hot about Pokemon. Respect me.

You haven't even watched a single episode of the Simpsons dumbass.

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2 The Simpsons is offensive

You have a lot to learn. - DapperPickle

Why in the world do you keep calling the Simpsons offensive? You haven't even watched the show before idiot.

No it's not! Have you even seen The Simpsons?

No it isn't. Get your facts right. - Powerfulgirl10

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3 There are no villains in The Simpsons

There are. Fat Tony, Snake Jailbird, Charles Montgomery Burns, Sideshow Bob, and others. - Goatworlds

Yeah there are. You need to actually WATCH the show dummy.

This idiot never watched an episode of the Simpsons.

WHY CAN'T YOU JUST WATCH AN EPISODE OF THE SIMPSONS FOR ONCE? Just please STOP CALLING THE SIMPSONS OFFENSIVE IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE SHOW BEFORE. In fact,do you even know what offensive means because it seems like you say that ever show is offensive,except Family guy and Pokemon. You like those shows,but you hate the Simpsons. For the love of peace,just stop calling the Simpsons offensive and watch it. It's the best cartoon ever. It's way better than Pokemon.

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4 The Simpsons doesn't have a card game

The Simpsons is an animated sitcom, why would it have a card game? I love both, but still. - Goatworlds

It has an Uno card game if that counts.

5 Pokemon has better animation

Apparently that makes it better? - DapperPickle

The person who made this list is a big moron.

6 Pokemon is from Japan

That's racist whoever made this list is so rude

This is so racist. Who cares if Pokemon is from Japan?!?

And how is that bad exactly? - Goatworlds

So what? MERICA! - DapperPickle

7 Pokemon is on Saturdays not Sundays

This might be me, but it seems that you've run out of ideas. - EpicJake

You have ran out of reasons now. - DapperPickle

So what?! Who cares?!?!

And HOW is that relevant?! - Powerfulgirl10

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8 There are no new characters on The Simpsons

Yes there is-wait a second,I might just be feeding a troll here. - DapperPickle

And that makes it bad because? - EpicJake

9 Misty got replaced with May

And that makes it better because? I don't like Misty and her fanbase but what does this have any sort of resemblance to The Simpsons? - GamerBoy

10 Pokemon is better for adults

Pokemon is a KIDSKIN show and Simpsons is an ADULT show. Get your facts right.

I meant to say KIDS not that other word.

Lol,you see this guy? - DapperPickle

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11 The Simpsons are overrated
12 The Simpsons is not funny
13 Homer is fat
14 Homer Is Braindead
15 Homer is a bad father because he always chokes Bart
16 The Simpsons is boring
17 The Simpsons are lame
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