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1 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Um... Excuse Me Sir But You Do Know That One Overrated Pokemon Character Isn't Gonna Be Enough To Make The Entire Show Overrated. Just Saying.

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2 Pikachu and the Nintendo DS

The stereotypical Pokemon. This is the only Pokemon most people know and he looks like the stereotype he is. (Now going on to ds) the Nintendo ds was home to all the overrated Pokemon games (diamond, pearl, heart gold, soul silver, black, white, black 2, white 2. ) and they are all the same game with slight changes to gyms and stuff. - Garfieldtop10s

Can somebody just give up the pikachus, they are way overrated and the only reason is the anime (by the way the anime is terrible) because of ash and it's not his fault he wanted a squirtle, it's prof. Oaks fault, because he had to give it to [REDACTED] GARY!


That was over ten years ago. Sun and Moon confirmed.

Will you guys shut up?! Creatures inc. finally unvieled omega ruby and alpha sapphire because they want you to shut up! HOENN confirmed is such an overrated meme. - Garfieldtop10s

The Hoenn trumpet memes are better. Or they Emerald Remake memes.

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4 The Anime

Will somebody please stop making these silly shows, already?! I'm already getting sick of it!

So Overrated And Boring. And I Never Even Liked The Old Episodes Of Pokemon And Those Ones Were Probably Better Than The Newer Episodes Of Pokemon.

Eh... I Guess This Anime Used To Be Good, But Now It's Just The Same Crap For Every Episode Literally And It Gets Boring Really Fast.

They better do something quick about the show
They can keep Ash, but make him age - yungstirjoey666

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5 Missingno

People seriously like a pile of garbage data. - Garfieldtop10s

6 Gametheory

On the topic of conspiracy... Pokemon conspiracies on this channel are more common than ever. - Garfieldtop10s

Game Theory got sick of Pokemon in every episode.

Wel, Game Theory ruined Mario, and made Luigi overrated, and are in love FNAF, so...

7 Conspiracy

Hey, that was a typo (not intentional). - Garfieldtop10s

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8 Thomas Sander's #pokemonpranks

He's a guy on vine. These pranks are going viral now. - Garfieldtop10s

I think they're funny so shut your face.

9 Pokemobs

A Pokemon mod in an overrated game (Minecraft) makes the original overrated. - Garfieldtop10s

I don't even know how they're underrated!

10 Ash is such a loser V 4 Comments

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11 Same Thing Every Year

At least Call of Duty has different modes in some of them.

As if Call of Duty's any better. Oh wait I mean Call of Noobs. -shadowswagger922

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12 All the Memes

They are not coming to mind right now, but there is a ton of them right now. - Garfieldtop10s

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13 It's just so repetitive V 1 Comment
14 Team Rocket constantly showing up and wasting Ash's time and the episode time

It is awfully stupid that they appear LIKE EVERY epISODe! + They always lose... why waste Ashes' time? why not have a different villain for a change? Team Rocket isn't even a TEAM! They are just like 3 people... Such a GOOD team too. WASTE OF TIME!

Have you ever heard the name GIOVANNI? Do you know who created mewtwo? - Jeydi

15 It's boring
16 The Fanbase V 2 Comments
17 The plot revolves around enslaving animals and making them fight other animals against their will

Why would Ash Ketchup do that? Aren't they suppose to be our friends?

18 It overshadows Digimon
19 Card Trading
20 It won't go away

True, and it won't for a very long time. It is a successful franchise, and more Pokemon will continue into be made for years to come. Also that is not a good reason why it is overrated, maybe annoying would be the better word? Anyway, I love Pokemon, so...

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