Top 10 Reasons Why Pokemon Sucks Nowadays


The Top Ten

1 Lamer designs

When was the last time we found a cool design, anyway? - FreeBoy

2 Too many Digimon knockoffs

Most of the new legendaries look like something Digimon would do. - FreeBoy

3 Most of the new Pokemon look humanoid

Incineroar, Delphox, Blaziken, Barbaracle, Gardevoir, Lopunny, etc. - FreeBoy

4 Way too much fanservice

With characters like Cynthia or Skylar, they must have forgotten this game is for kids. - FreeBoy

5 They hold your hand the whole game

Sun and Moon is the worst about this. - FreeBoy

6 The constant Pikachu clones

Plusle? Dedenne? Seriously? Is that the best Nintendo can do? - FreeBoy

7 The anime hasn't been cancelled yet

The show sucked since Johto Journeys, kill it already. - FreeBoy

8 The new games are always either too childish or too edgy
9 It overshadows better modern games like Call of Duty or Halo

Call of Duty < Pokemon

10 It became the same game remade over and over again

At least Call of Duty and Halo shook things up after each title. - FreeBoy

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