Top Ten Reasons Why Poland Cannot Go Into Space

The list is about the internet meme called Polandball and he wants to be in space but various other countries won't let him.

The Top Ten

1 Russia lied about taking Poland into space

Russia fools Poland. So Poland will always fall for Russia's pranks. - EpicJake

Such a trickster, that Russia.

Russia always tricks Poland - SirSkeletorThe3rd

But but... Y U NO Soviet?! - CerealGuy

2 He has to clean UK's toilet all the time

Poor Polan - NickVog

3 He has to pay German debts
4 He can't drive well
5 He is irrelevant

I think we are! We already went to space! It was awesome! - Therandom

6 USA mistook him for Indonesia and gave Indonesia space funds

If Poland met Indonesia,the world will end if they have any interaction. - CerealGuy

7 He lost WW2

He ate too much potato

He win ww2

Really? - HelloMyfriend

8 Israel stole his money
9 He can't build anything
10 Zimbabwe won't give Poland his money because it is better than any other money

Zimbabwe Dollar is glorious and Zimbabweans lives in harmony because of Zim dollar - CerealGuy

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