Top Ten Reasons Why Politicians are Better Than Hollywood Celebrities

We have heard of word wars between celebrities and populist, aka "racist politicians" in their opinion. Celebrities usually use their influence to try convincing us that their so-called moral superiority can convince the common man to see populist politicians as "racists" and are actually misusing the word. I beg to differ. This is not a racist list or whatsoever, but this gives an alternate perspective on the issue on big-headed Hollywood stars thinking that their opinion matters so much.

The Top Ten

1 Politicians actually get things done

Usually, these so-called "racist" politicans know what they're doing. And they do things better than celebrities, not to mention that celebrity politicians only know how to talk without actions. This is true for many countries. - 2cool4u

2 Politicians are smarter

They are professionals; businessmen, lawyers and the like, and are experts in what they're doing. Celebrities just try acting like plastic. - 2cool4u

3 Celebrities are disconnected from reality

Pretty much why their spoiled brat opinions get littered around - 2cool4u

4 Politicians protect people from terrorists
5 Celebrities want people to coexist with terrorists

That's why they claim to fight terrorism by using hashtags. - 2cool4u

6 Celebrities don't care about national security

They have private bodyguards anyway. - 2cool4u

7 Politicians simply want to address the dissatisfaction of the common man

Celebrities only think of solutions which would only work if the world was like a giant nursery class. - 2cool4u

8 Celebrities want things in their unrealistic ways

Whereas politicians could find alternate solutions and compromises while still promoting their agenda. - 2cool4u

9 Celebrities think terrorism can be fought with hashtags and crayons

You think hashtags like #PrayForParis will fight ISIS? Think again. These evil losers actually like these petty responses. - 2cool4u

10 Politicians know that tougher action needs to be done in the midst of problems

The world needs tougher leaders, not cowards who think that we should coexist with terrorists - 2cool4u

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