Top Ten Reasons Why Pop Fans Are Worse Than Metal Fans

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1 They like the artists because of looks, not the music

Metal fans certainly don't care about the age and looks of metal musicians. Metal fans love musicians for their talent and this is an important part of the metal subculture and Metal Ethic Code. Yes, there is Metal Ethic Code which is based on shared values - this Code mostly applies to musicians but sometimes to fans. Metal genre is the only music genre with community because you have community only where you have shared values and rules.

Metal musicians don't want to look very sexy or attractive on purpose - they want to be appreciated for their music. Metal musicians are not stupid - they know that "sex sells" but they actually avoid it and this is one of the metal rules. - Metal_Treasure

Hello? The Beatles? Michael Jackson? Oh wait, I forgot. They’re not your precious Iron Maiden, therefore they’re automatically talentless. - 3DG20

Beaver, one direction, maroon 5,BTR, 5sos, Jonas brothers, Brittany spears, Taylor swift,etc. In my Spanish class, we watched a Spanish music video with hot guys. The girls were loving those guys, and always ask my Spanish teacher if we can watch it. THEY DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND THEM. I don't care if someone looks like a deformed rhino human hybrid, if I like their MUSIC, I'll buy it. - RustyNail

Uh no! This is a false statement, some of them does, not all of them. For example I love Rihanna and I think she is the hottest girl on earth HOWEVER the things that made me adore her are her stand-out voice tone and her versatile and catchy discography, looks and personality makes you like them as a person, not as an artist. - DaisyandRosalina

2 They bash rock/metal fans for liking a different type of music

If we were all the same, this would be a horrible world - RustyNail

Hypocrite much? Metal/Rock fans did it as well. - DaisyandRosalina

That may be true, but this list focuses on the flaws of the pop music fanbase. It doesn't matter if they do it too. It still earns its place in this list - styLIShT

This is super annoying. - 906389

True - waraypiso

3 They often like an artist/band/song because it's popular and their friends like it

I listen to rock/metal music because I love it. Not because its what's cool, if I'm not in your club, I don't care. They want to fit in, I get that, but like what you want to. - RustyNail

They like it because it's mainstream. - Userguy44

My friends love rock and I love pop so... - DaisyandRosalina

My friends hate Fall Out Boy and Twenty One Pilots... - DCfnaf

4 They like an artist for a short time then begin to hate them if they aren't as popular

Yes, I'm a metal fan and I would never say "I was into Iron Maiden for the summer", LOL

Metal music isn't disposable. Metal fans are the most loyal music fans - Spotify published a report on that based on their stats about all music genres.

And I actually like less popular metal bands that sound different from the metal mainstream. - Metal_Treasure

You never see a metalhead say " oh yeah I was really into slayer or Avenged Sevenfold for the summer". We like something and we are hooked - RustyNail

Hmm... if I'm not wrong metal fans usually complain when their bands change sound and call them sellouts... - DaisyandRosalina

And Metalheads start hating on metal bands when they change their sound and accuse them of "selling out". Meanwhile, dedicated pop fans still love Adele and Beyoncé to this day. - DCfnaf

5 They think all metal fans are Satanists, druggies, deadbeats, etc.

You don't know me, and if you're looking for Satanism, music is definitely not it. - RustyNail

You think all pop fans are teenage girls who follow trends. - DCfnaf

And you call pop fans tasteless kids who follows trends so... - DaisyandRosalina

You haven't met me. - 906389

6 They can't tell lip syncing/autotune

Metal bands have used vocal effects also. And this visitor comment here is ignorant because there are plenty of pop songs with no autotune. - DCfnaf

Every Pop song has been tampered with especially the voice so it not the artist real voice

Yes they can, go and watch those "live vocals" videos. - DaisyandRosalina

7 If you don't like a specific artist or genre, they bash on you

It doesn't matter what genres in metal.I'll wear one of my Pantera shirts and see a teen chick wearing a megadeth shirt. Next thing you know we're talking, next thing were close friends, then you wake up with us nude in the same bed( KIDDING, COULDN'T RESIST), then their singing on your record. - RustyNail

I got bashed on a youtube comment before for saying I don't like hip-hop/trap and modern pop and said to me that I have terrible taste of music and said. yo mu music taste is better then your terrible music taste listening to auto-tune and not talent music - Th3Zm0nst3r

€But it’s okay for us metalheads to do the exact same thing since we’re edgy and badass! ” - 3DG20

8 They often think songs that are covered by pop artist are an original song from that artist
9 They think there's not any more metal bands when there are

So many bands old and new, soft and heavy. If you don't listen to the music you don't know. Its actually pretty cool because of this, its like our own HUGE secret. - RustyNail

10 They think dubstep artists are talented

I don’t see how this is a reason as it only proves that you are more of a close-minded moron than they are. Unless you can truly say you can create Dubstep music, and I’m not talking about the loud minority, I mean real Dubstep... Then please just do the rest of us a favour and shut up. - 3DG20

Well DJ's are talented so I can't really argue about this one - Th3Zm0nst3r

By their logic, pressing buttons on a keyboard is talent and shredding an electric guitar for a solid 2 and a half minutes while changing tempos midway through the solo isn't.

Makes perfect sense doesn't it?

No of course not; these people are ignorant fools who don't deserve to be on this planet.

My, what an ignorant statement. Making good dubstep is actually hard, and there's also a separate genre called Melodic Dubstep, which is actually really good. Dubstep isn't just 'bleeps and bloops' It is a carefully handpicked mixture of disjunct chords which will sound bad to the average listener. - styLIShT

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11 They are very judgemental

A lot of times bands don't make songs that sound the same most pop fans hear one song from a band and hate it they don't listen to the bands other song

And this list is treating pop fans like the nicest people ever? - DCfnaf

That’s a little hypocritical of you to say considering you’re making this list on why metal heads are supposedly so much better, don’t you think? - 3DG20

12 They don't understand sub genres

I don't just mean rock and metal, every music genre from pop to blues has many subgenres - RustyNail

Pop fans stop thinking that metal is oh god I hate saying this 'screamo' cause its not check out some Symphonic metal for crying out loud

13 Metal fans don't shriek whenever they meet their idol

You sure about that? - 3DG20

If I met Marilyn Manson I'd go crazy

I might if I ever met Tommy Karevik but I may keep cool - DaisyandRosalina

14 They are stalkers
15 Pop fans are much more influenced through the lifestyle of the pop "artist" and not the music itself

This is an accurate point. The pop artist becomes into a 'brand' or an 'idol' for people to follow - styLIShT

16 They think autotune is good

Tell me one reason why autotune us good. - Userguy44

It's an effect you use on a song, it might make the song catchier, could be used for back vocals or make the song futuristic-like. - DaisyandRosalina

Opinions exist. - DaisyandRosalina

17 They are obsessed with fantasies that will never happen

You mean fangirling and fanboying? That's pretty normal - styLIShT

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