WonkeyDude98 Intervention: Defending Pop Music Part 1 of 2 - The Top Ten

Hey everyone, WonkeyDude98 here. Normally I don't make five blogs about a certain subject that I am annoyed about because I optimistically (and blindly) assume that with each post, TopTenners will at least slightly get a clue. Thank you, metalhead population, for living down to my expectations.

What might the topic at hand be, you might ask? The continuous stream of bile that pop music receives daily. But didn't you already cover this in four posts (This Is Getting Annoying, Gotta Be Honest Here, Justin Bieber Analysis, Genre Comparison)? Yes. Didn't SwagFlicks already make two posts about this just a little while ago? Well, yes. The amount of posts like this has changed.

What hasn't changed is that TopTenners never learn.

Seriously, as much as people like to pretend, pop music is not an entirely soulless, meaningless genre, we'll get to that in a bit. What angers me the most is just how punchable and simple-minded these arguments are, and that metalheads (if people can use pop fans as an insult, then I can use metalhead as one) never change their arguments, it's the same thing. Every. Single. Time.

But before we get to the real bone, let's talk about the toxic top ten of this underwritten and abysmal list.

10. Autotune
Ok, first off, did this need to be on the list twice? The abuse and misuse of the word autotune is even more obnoxious and in general terrible than the technic itself. Yes, I understand it's a little overused in popular music, mainly courtesy of Chris Brown, Jason DeRülo, and Future, but I bet you've never heard of any of them, because you're so close-minded you won't bother to know anything better or worse than Justin Bieber in pop. Off-topic, point is, autotune has went from an actual annoyance to a filler word when you can't think of anything else to say about a pop song that you hate purely because it's a pop song.

It's incredibly sad that the most complex technical musical term metalheads know is autotune (can they at least have the decency to learn "reverb" or "pitch correction"?), when they are supposedly the gods of music taste. What's worse is that it's thrown on to singers who either don't use it or use it in moderation. Justin Bieber, One Direction, Ellie Goulding, Rihanna, Adele, F**KING EMINEM USES AUTOTUNE TO THEM. And to go the extra mile, I may despise Tyga, but I can tell from a cursory listen that he does not use "'major autotune".

Now, BroBusky, you're cool, but I need to pick on you because you are the perfect example. "Worst song of 2015? Nope. Worst song of all time? That's more like it." Despite the poised and emotional performance from Adele, the interesting story about a reconciliation with a lost lover, and the intense production that lets Adele's vocals be the spotlight, you choose to make up a technic that is as a matter of fact NOT USED just so you can have a reason to be edgy about Adele?

Wow, this is only #10, and I still have a lot to cover after the top ten.

9. Most of the modern Pop songs talk about Drugs, Partying, Sex, and Weed
I'm pretty sure that's modern mainstream rap you're thinking of (as much as I love rap, modern mainstream rap is undefendable, not even talking about Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, or Drake). While many pop songs are about partying and sleazy love (2010 was a dark time), it's usually a lot more subtle and polished than I C** Blood.

8. No passion
So...Marianas Trench (I know I bring them up all the time when talking about this, but seriously they are awesome), Sam Smith, Adele, Ed Sheeran, twenty-øne piløts, FallOutBoy, Taylor Swift (come at me I dare you), Imagine Dragons, Maroon 5 in 2002-07, Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and The Weeknd (I get he's technically R&B but he's dabbled in 80s pop well before so...) put no passion into their music? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA try again.

7. Only thing that plays on the radio
Since this and #5 are the same thing, there are technically only 8 items on the list. Goes to show how little arguments metalheads have. It's called POPular music for a reason, you know. While some pop can be switched with each other, pop is actually musically a diverse genre with many different styles. As much as I like it, rock, for example, does not have any different styles. It's the same thrashing riffs and gritty rough vocals, nothing o break it up. I bet if that was the only thing playing on the radio, it wouldn't be received nearly as well. Metal would also suffer from this, but nowhere near as much as rock, despite everyone clamoring for its comeback.

6. Stupid lyrics and messages
Call pop lyrics what you want. Safe, yes. Pandering, often. Generic, occasionally. But usually, pop is competent. Not always (looking at you Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth), but when it comes to lyricism, you can do a lot worse than One Direction's vague flattery. For example, Hello by Adele is about a reconciliation with someone who was once close. Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and John Legend is about the death of a loved one. Fairly Local by twenty-øne piløts is about how Tyler Joseph knows the individual problems a lot of his fanbase has, and his own self-doubt and inner conflictions. Ronan by Taylor Swift is about a 4 year old who died of cancer.

Meanwhile, Cannibal Corpse is apparently Shakespeare for writing about c***ing down a dead woman's anus.

5. Annoyingly Always Playing
Nothing new to add, other than WOW, the use of the adverb "annoyingly" stilted the whole sentence.

4. Bad Singers
Is it even worth giving this lazy filler item any dignity? Well...no. That means there are only 7 (bad) true items on the list.

3. No talent
Make that 6.

2. No Instruments Are Played
This isn't even factually correct. While it does irritate me when no organic elements are used in a pop song's sound, this is extremely rare. Saxophones have become a trend now, guitar tones/riffs are commonplace, drums are used, bass is used, piano is used, should I go on or do you get my point? And even if they aren't it isn't inherently bad because of that fact, it's like hating a book because the writer typed it instead of writing it. It's still a book.

And finally, the one I already covered....1. "Singers" need AutoTune
Would you rather hear a voice that sounds like absolute garbage?

We're done with the top ten at last. But there's a few in particular I want to talk about.

14. Idiots like it
Er....should I even try? Music is subjective.

18. Male popstars are weak
Hey, aren't you the people who say we should judge the song, not the singer?

And this one....

21. Some pop fans judge other people who listen to it
Never has the phrase "pot meet kettle" been so appropriate. There is literally an item that says that you're an idiot if you like pop music. And if you go as far as to say metal isn't your thing, they will tell you to jump off a pier with a stone tied to your leg. So, you probably shouldn't be calling the opposing side out for something you do worse.

And...that's all for now, at risk of the rambling getting too monotonous. I'm WonkeyDude98 and I'll see you in part 2.



Excellent as always. These people need to realize that pop music isn't just sh**, as there are many gems hidden in it. - SwagFlicks

Even then, there's deeper sh** they haven't discovered, as my next post proves. Thanks. - WonkeyDude98

Thank you for making this blog. People need to understand that pop isn't always about sex and drugs, there's more messages if you listen closely to some certain songs but people just want to stay to there own opinions and bash pop instead of giving it an chance and avoid the songs that talk about sex and drugs. - JaysTop10List

YES! - WonkeyDude98

PREACH! - ProPanda

*pumps fist* - WonkeyDude98

YASSS PREACH! - visitor

Most pop haters like MJ and The Beatles.
I'm a fan of metal, and I like pop. Pop hate is normally justified with steriotipes, and this list is a perfect example of that. - Martinglez

The fact that 6/10 items were actual items proves that further. - WonkeyDude98

This was a great post - Martinglez

Thanks! - WonkeyDude98

You have good points, but most metal bands don't deal with the same lyrical content than Cannibal Corpse. - Elina

My point with mentioning them was they can get away with it because they are metal. - WonkeyDude98

We've talked about it in message, so I won't bother redo it here. - Elina

Pop music is overhated. I won't deny that pop has some of the worst artists and songs thiugh - Therandom

Mainstream rap is worse though - WonkeyDude98

Wonkeydude I agree. - visitor

I've always found the quality scale pretty even across most levels of exposure. People are so quick to praise underground music, but while there are the occasional hidden gems, there's a reason why most of it hasn't caught on with the mainstream. The only difference I've seen is that there are basically no rules that have to be followed like what you need to do to be played on the radio, for better or for worse. Pop music isn't worse, it's just safer than what you get when artists push the extremes. Take Skrillex, for example. His older, lawnmowers-having-sex dubstep songs had no chance of becoming huge hits, but the moment he watered down his sound for Where Are U Now, he goes straight to the top 10. - Zach808

The only reason that song charted is because of Justin Bieber, not Skrllex or Diplo. - WonkeyDude98

People act like the rules to get on the radio are autotune your voice ludicrously and scream haphazard lyrics into a potato. If that were true, then why would Kendrick Lamar chart in 2013? KONGOS in 2014? Hozier in 2015 as much as I hated Take Me To Church? Beyoncé now?

And yeah, I'd say the measure for quality in pop between underground and mainstream has been pretty even (exceot the forbidden year 2015). - WonkeyDude98

By rules of the radio, I mean, don't release 10 minute long singles, don't do something horribly abrasive (like the lawnmowers Skrillex uses), and make sure your song appeals to a lot of people's tastes. Basically, make it easy to go down. This can be done really well, or it can be boring and sellout-ish. - Zach808

Am I the only one on here who liked SKrillex's old sound - ProPanda

How did skrillex get involved? - visitor

I love when people say only pop stars have done thing when William Bailey (great artist though) and Vark (you know why) have been @$$wipes.
(William Bailey is Axl Rose. He's decent but he has a godawful personality) - Swellow

Nice to see someone defending pop with valid reasons. - visitor

Why thank you. I'll admit, I did ad hominem a bit, but honestly this is a whole new kind of annoying. - WonkeyDude98

The real problem with this site's pro-metal anti-pop ideals isn't really with the metal fans; it's usually a matter of the pop fans giving stupid reasons against metal. Things are changing now. - visitor

That doesn't excuse the equally if not worse reasoning of those metal fans. I mean, this entire list was exposing how illogical each thing on the list was. - WonkeyDude98

Yeah. Both genres have equally illogical fanbases, and you got your point across. - visitor

This is savage. - visitor

This comment is awesome. - WonkeyDude98

I really agree with you 😀 - visitor

I guess its good to listen bands like Coldplay and The Script. Both pop and rock. - zxm

Don't forget, Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness, a pure popband with alternative influences - ProPanda

yes - zxm

Yes, alternative pop and indie pop are good - zxm

And panic at the disco - visitor

If someone wants to get into pop music. Then I suggest start listening some songs of The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Brian Fallon. They use pop elements in their songs, while they also use rock instruments. Then I think the hatred on pop music will be lessen. For example the song "Mr.Brightside" has pop elements. But it is also an alternative rock song - zxm

RYM is an absolute bloodbath for those artists. - WonkeyDude98

The Killers and Imagine Dragons is somehow popular. But Brian Fallon is criminally underrated. I liked his new album "Painkillers" - zxm

That list is stupid, ignore it. The reasons are garbage. But Pop is still better than Rock. - AlphaQ

C🐮nt-nipple Corpse sucks anyways. I mean he has a song called "I C🍌m Blood" I think I'm losing fate in Metal... - AlphaQ

😂 - visitor

This post actually isn't that bad, if not just because it has to compare to metalheads. - WonkeyDude98

I like lists like these. People in the TTT need to see that not all pop is bad, including rap. Lmao it's like people on here are stuck in the early 00's. They still hate JB, even though Despacito topped the charts (I personally don't like it, but I'm ok with it) and Rebecca Black for cringy sons they made years ago.

Also, I believe the "mainstream rap" you talk about hating is in fact, trap. There was an explosion in trap over this last year. It's kind of hard to explain the genre if you haven't heard it before, and as far as I know there's no clear definition. Heck, even I can't explain it but I still like the music anyways. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

When they say that Pop music is the only thing that plays on the radio, are they forgetting all the crappy progressive EDM that the radio airs? - styLIShT