Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music is Okay

The Top Ten

1 There are some meaningful pop songs

I like how metal fans are more ignorant than pop fans haha I wouldn't take my words back

Like at least half of Halsey's songs. - allamassal

Like Bad At Love.

2 The use of auto tune didn't improve the song

Uh? Is that the point then?
Autotune doesn't improve the song, because it cause a lack of talent. - Userguy44

3 Lack of instrumental talent didn't ruin the song

It kind of does, lol. - Elina

It still takes talent to use those synthesizers and bass tones and the like to make a mastrful melody.

If it were really THAT easy to make pop music, then every pop song would be catchy and memorable, which obviously isn't the case. - WonkeyDude98

4 Their are some talented pop singers

People seem to forget about music artists like Go West or Laura Branigan. - Swellow

Many Indie Pop bands are very talented.Just listen to The Score and Twenty One Pilot's early stuff.Pop-Rock bands like Twenty One Pilots and Panic At The Disco.-DarkBoi-X

More specifically,were.Elvis Presley,Michael Jackson,Madonna (was good but not really now).And beatles in early days. - zxm

5 Their are some emotional pop songs
6 Pop music is not all about partying, drugs, sex

A lot of them are about sex thoughm - Userguy44

Yes they are - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

7 Pop singers are famous for some reasons

Which reasons? - Userguy44

8 Some pop songs are creative

Like which? - Userguy44

9 Some pop songs have good messages
10 Some pop fans are kind

You're definitely not one of them. - Elina

*cries* you're right we can be. - RandomWeirdo

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