Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music Should Be Illegal

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1 It's stupid

Pop Music should be banned because it doesn't appeal to my standards! - djpenquin999

Beyonce is stupid

But there are some good artists.-LitSavage

2 It's liked by dumb teenage girls

I am not dumb, whoever made this dumb.
No shade just facts. - Luckys

OK, I was a bit harsh on the "Out of his mind" part, apologies for that, but at the end of the day, I think this list is a little bit extreme for those who are into pop/urban music. I respect your opinion, but some people like pop music. - flagfan02

Because they don't want to love a boy who think that they are smart but they are dumb like them - RoseCandyMusic

Maybe the author of the list needs to get laid.

3 It sounds bad

If it's good enough for the Former President to listen too at both of his Presidential Inaugurations with Beyonce(A pop Singer) singing a At Last(A Traditional Pop Song) and Adriana Grande(A Pop Singer) singing I Have Nothing( R&B which is a music genre that combines elements of pop). Then it sounds better then you think. Find a artist that matches your taste Soul Music/ Jazz: Try Amy Winehouse. If your Punk then Try: Pink or Fall Out Boy. The Point is don't bash an entire genre when you haven't even done the research yourself. There are a lot of Sub Genres in Pop. You CAN NOT SAY Stay With Me sounds like Call Me Maybe. - Primrose1021

Tell me what's so good or unique about Cannibal Corpse? Let me think... NOTHING at all. I might hate most modern pop but even that's better than CC. - BoredJeff02

Ok well most pop sounds bad but some pop singers like Ed Sheeran and Adele are good and wanting to ban something because you hate it is just dumb. Like I said I don't like most pop music but I never say it should be banned. I also hate Death Metal but I don't say it should be banned. I hate Nightcore but I don't say it's bad. I like Alternative Rock but I don't force people to listen to it. I like Rap but I don't force people to listen to it.-DarkBoi-X

4 It brainwashes people

Brainwashed sheep likes artists because of looks, not their music. Please stop this tragedy. Pop music is killing the generation! - MChkflaguard_Yt

5 It's mainstream

and? - Luckys

"It's mainstream and that sucks"
Please don't. - ZeroBlaster

6 Dumb people like it

You must like it then. - RoseWeasley

7 It's on the radio a lot
8 It doesn't have screaming
9 It sucks
10 It has fake instruments

A song could use "fake" instruments and sound amazing, while another song could use real instruments and sound awful.

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11 It contributes to the division between generations


12 Very little talent is needed to make pop songs

I love you, but not forever, so just break up, but I still love you, so just kiss me and party on
Look! I made a pop song! Give me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - MChkflaguard_Yt

Love, love, love, treat me better, love, love, love, we breaking up, hate, hate, hate, I love you again. There. A pop song. Written in 30 seconds.

13 It is weird
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