Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music Should Be Illegal

The Top Ten

1 It's stupid

Pop Music should be banned because it doesn't appeal to my standards! - djpenquin999

Beyonce is stupid

2 It's liked by dumb teenage girls

Maybe the author of the list needs to get laid.

Well, at least they all listen to pop music. Otherwise they might go and contaminate all the 'real' music fandoms. - Torchpost

3 It sounds bad

Tell me what's so good or unique about Cannibal Corpse? Let me think... NOTHING at all. I might hate most modern pop but even that's better than CC. - BoredJeff02

4 It brainwashes people
5 It's mainstream
6 It's on the radio a lot

Its all I hear when I turn on pop radio stashions - MatalFan1

7 Dumb people like it

Dumb people think that it actully good when really its isn't - MatalFan1

8 It doesn't have screaming

All pop singers just song good and don't have screaming and pashon in there vocals - MatalFan1

9 It sucks
10 It has fake instruments

A song could use "fake" instruments and sound amazing, while another song could use real instruments and sound awful. - drdevil

The Contenders

11 It contributes to the division between generations
12 Very little talent is needed to make pop songs

Love, love, love, treat me better, love, love, love, we breaking up, hate, hate, hate, I love you again. There. A pop song. Written in 30 seconds.

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