Top Ten Reasons Why Popeye's is Better Than KFC


The Top Ten

1 KFC always wants you to buy meals

Yeah. Plus, you can pay Popeye's Tuesday for a hamburger today. And Popeye's cooks with Olive Oyl.

2 KFC is not as clean as Popeye's
3 Popeyes has nicer staff
4 KFC does not have shrimp V 1 Comment
5 Popeyes chicken is crispier than KFC
6 Popeyes website is easier to go through
7 KFC does not have spicy chicken
8 Popeyes has a better drink selection
9 Popeyes hosts the Bahamas Bowl every year Popeyes hosts the Bahamas Bowl every year
10 The Mac and cheese at KFC does not taste good.

The Contenders

11 Popeyes has better biscuits.
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