Top Ten Reasons Why Pops from Regular Show Did Not Deserve to Die

I was very sad when i saw the grand finale of Regular Show. It would have been Great if Mordecai's relationship was decided between Margaret or CJ AND if Pops DIDN'T get sacrificed to Death to save the universe. Its *sniff* just so *sniff* SAD 😞

The Top Ten

1 He was a funny and happy elderman
2 Deaths of a major character in a cartoon aren't usually seen
3 Being old doesn't always cause fair death
4 He's survived close-deaths before
5 He is helpful with mordecai and rigby
6 If regular show gets a post-finale spin-off, it might not be the same without pops

I doubt this will happen, since JG Quintel confirmed that season 8 was the end. Pops is probably my favorite character in the show and his death was sad, but he heroically sacrificed himself-he wasn't just killed. Plus at the end, we even see him in heaven. - Garythesnail

7 When we see a great show end with a happy ending, death is too tragic and not the answer
8 He had more to live for
9 He is very kind and helpful
10 He is the only main character who's never antagonized mordecai and rigby in a random episode
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