Top Ten Reasons Why Poptropica is Better Than Roblox


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1 Poptropica is Safer

EXACTLY! I played Roblox once, and my computer got a virus

"I played Roblox once, and my computer got a virus" I bet you haven't play Roblox. - 50

2 Nobody On Poptropica is Constantly Bullying You
3 Poptropica is More Appropriate
4 Roblox is Overrated While Poptropica is Underrated

Screw Poptropica. Roblox is better

Roblox isn't a safe game. - WorldPuncher47592834

5 Poptropica Doesn't Have Overpriced Stuff
6 Roblox is the Reason Why Poptropica is Underrated
7 Poptropica Has Better Character Designs

Roblox is adding anthro. - WorldPuncher47592834

No they don't

Agree. - Flamer310

8 Poptropica Doesn't Ripoff Minecraft or Legos

Like really...Roblox was made FIVE WHOLE YEARS before Minecraft!

(Discord1) I hope you step on a batman lego!

I hope you step on the Lego Batman helmet with a thumbtack through it - Discord1

Roblox is'nt a ripoff of Minecraft. It was made before minecraft. Obsessed superfan. Also whoever made this list must have a very sad life

Minecraft fanboy..

9 There Are More Things to Do
10 Poptropica is more educational

No it's not. It's not even MEANT to be educational.

Stop trying to educationize everything!

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11 Poptropica Has No Grammar Nazis

Well technically you can't type in poptropica.

12 Roblox Allows 5 Year Olds to Meet Up with and Date 40 Year Olds.
13 Poptropica Has No Online Daters
14 You can change you face expressions easy in Poptropica
15 Roblox is Brainwashing
16 Poptropica Doesn't Give You a Virus
17 You Can Do More Actions On Poptropica
18 Poptropica Has No Homophobes
19 Roblox only cares about money.
20 Poptropica is More Challenging
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1. Poptropica is Safer
2. Nobody On Poptropica is Constantly Bullying You
3. Poptropica is More Appropriate


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