Top Ten Reasons Why Popular People Aren't All That Bad

This was in response to this other low-quality list. Note that THIS IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND THE UNPOPULAR PEOPLE AND I DON'T HATE THEM. I'm just here to give my two cents.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Popular People Aren't All That Bad

1 They can be kind

Popular doesn't mean arrogant.

I'm the most popular kid in school and I'm really kind

They can be very kind.

I'm 1 of the popular people in my school and I can be pretty kind. - AlphaQ

2 They have a lot of friends

If one is popular, it is safe to assume that they do have plenty of friends to hang out with, while the unpopular kids just sit around all day with little to no friends. There are parties that the popular people go to (with hopefully no drugs and whatnot) and other smaller, social gatherings.

People think they are popular because of good looks, but realistically, people become popular with a lot of friends, and they have a lot of friends because they are nice and smart.

3 Some can be pretty smart

I have seen popular kids do fairly well in school, so again, don't blindly believe the stereotypes. If some people are willing to really disprove this theory, then just get the IQ's of a bunch of popular and unpopular kids and see the results.

4 They are interesting people

Having a life, they do have a lot of stories to tell to their peers.

5 They are attractive

It's time to get scientific.

Let's look at Charles Darwin's law of natural selection. Surely, the ones more physically appealing will be the ones that will be the most likely to reproduce offspring, and thus, continue on the species so they can prevent it from extinction; that is the law at its simplest definition. We humans have always had preferences and it is nature's job to weed out the ones that don't belong in the gene pool. The less attractive people of the species won't be as likely to have a partner since, like all animals, many of their kind will treat the unattractive person as a social outcast, and of course, less will be sexually attracted to the ugly person.

While you may say that it shouldn't be this way and I'm being mean (stupid SJW's), you can't deny that nature should do its thing and shouldn't be altered by human intervention. I wouldn't mind if we controlled things such as the weather or altering genes to cure people with a genetic disease as that ...more

I must admit, I would never be attracted to an ugly girl. They say looks don't matter, but lets face it, when you see someone pretty, you prefer it to seeing someone who is ugly. All that looks don't matter thing just makes people feel better about themselves. Not as if I am in the slightest attractive. - gemcloben

Oh trust me, you are indeed quite attractive! To me at least and not in any way romantic. - RiverClanRocks

6 They go on relationships

Many unpopular kids don't have the guys to flirt with their crush. The popular kids do ask out their crush or get asked out, and contrary to popular belief, the relationship can last for quite a while. It is important to note that not all are wiling to commit to a relationship, which as long as you're socially active, is fine by me.

7 They don't take everything they hear with a grain of salt

This is one that I have noticed a lot, especially in the classroom. The most popular students usually are the ones to speak out against the teacher if they decide to give the class any bullcrap; meanwhile, the quiet, less popular kids, refuse to rebel against authority. I'm not saying to go in with torches and pitchfork to take down the schools, I'm saying that people in general need to think more for themselves than some authority figure. Seriously, do you think teachers are a walking Bible? They do make mistakes to, and some (not all, mind you), refuse to admit if they're wrong, especially if called out by one of their students.

8 They will go on to lead decent lives

Most will be going on to be quite successful later on in adulthood. Some unpopular people actually land up in dead-end, low paying job (yes, it can be the same vice versa). Hell, I'll even argue that popularity has no effect on the future of a person, so please don't use this as an argument against popular people.

Popularity has no effect on having a good life.

9 Some don't brag about their wealth

If you're popular it can be for many reasons like your unique style. - AlphaQ

No, I am not classicist since I really do care for the lower and middle classes, but as always, the stereotype that all rich people are arrogant snobs is not always true, albeit a lot of people in the upper class do confine to the popular stereotype. In addition, it should be pretty damn expected that the ones with a higher social statues and more power are the ones to be the most well-known and liked. I'm not being a narcissist, I am just stating facts based on observation.

10 They can have sex with you


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11 They don't make list about why unpopular people are better than popular people

In terms of popularity, I personally land up in the middle, though to tend to lean towards the popular side. So please, before anyone calls be a hypocrite, consider reading the description as I say that I have nothing against the unpopular people and wasn't intended to offend anyone.

12 Being popular means that people like you

Exactly. - AlphaQ

13 If they were bad, people probably wouldn’t like them

I know this isn’t true in all cases and that popular people can be very arrogant despite this, but clearly, they’re not all bad because otherwise there wouldn’t be as many people hanging out with them if they were. - 3DG20

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