Top Ten Reasons Why Pornhub Is Better Than TheTopTens

It is true, you know. TheTopTens is good, but we all know that the former site is God's gift to the Internet.

The Top Ten

1 The girls are hot and nude

Do you know, the creator of this list is a pedophile and kid's accounts can easily see this list?

I like them both - bobbythebrony

Danteem: TheTopTens is Better R-Tard! Girls are hot when their nude but that doesn't make a site better.

I mean it’s true. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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2 Has variety

This list is hilarious. Can't believe people fell for the bait. - Swellow

3 People on TheTopTens hate naked people and are unbearably hypersensitive in general

I just don't find porn entertaining. Not to mention it's degrading. But I admit that this site has many hypersensitive people.

I wonder who made this list... - Therandom

This item isn't wrong though. - Therandom

Because I don't want to damage my brain with such dirtiness - ParkerFang

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4 TheTopTens doesn't have any nudity

Be quiet little girl

5 There is something for everyone since there are different strokes for different folks
6 PornHub teaches you about sex, which makes it good for health class

Nah, we study biology - BorisRule

This list is trah


No it doesn't - ParkerFang

7 Only people that are 18 or older make content, thus making it legal

Yes but aren’t there videos of teenage girls vaginas

8 Parents don't like it, so they won't be able to make an account and you can browse the site in private
9 TheTopTens isn't awesome enough to not be in your browsing history

At least the fans are not sick - ParkerFang

10 Pornhub has Cartoon Porn
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