Top 10 Reasons Why Pornogrind is Better than Imagine Dragons

I ain't the biggest fan of Pornogrind but it is shown that Pornogrind is better music than any music Imagine Dragons has ever put out, and this list proves why.

The Top Ten

1 Pornogrind is sexy, Imagine Dragons are not.

And how can one listen to the whole discography of every music artist ranging from pornogrind through country to post-grunge? Two options:
1. you listen to everything, no matter how much of a torture it is just to be able to tell "I'm the best, I listened to thousands of albums"
2. you just make up random ratings without actually listening to albums - CrashThyDiamond

Hey, you probably have a good time torturing Imagine Dragons fans, don't you? Isn't it boring now? The band successfully made you imagine a dragon that is blowing fire to the fans. - CrashThyDiamond

I always have a "fun" time listening to Pornogrind, Imagine Dragons made my ears bleed. - MetalWorldOrder

I love beating my meat to “Raped by Elephants” - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 Every Pornogrind song is better than a single Imagine Dragons song.

This is 100% true I can't name a single Imagine Dragons song that didn't make my ears bleed. - MetalWorldOrder

3 Pornogrind has better lyrics

Remember that Imagine Dragons song were they just screeched "PAIN" at the top of their lungs for 4 minutes? Embarrassing. - Puga

I thought you said that you had better things to do than hate on irrelevant music artists.

Whenever I read lyrics to a Pornogrind song, I always wonder how people could come up with such great and meaninful lyrics, Imagine Dragons' lyrics on the otherhand are just whiny "voice of a generation" anthems. - MetalWorldOrder

4 Pornogrind isn't soulless and boring.

The Origins album by Imagine Dragons literally sounded like nothing, and sounding like nothing at all apparently means they are good? HA I think not at least Pornogrind sounds like something, something sexy no less. - MetalWorldOrder

5 Pornogrind bands don't whine about people hating their music

Do you ever hear Pornogrind bands whine about TheTopTens community hating the genre so much? No, in fact Pornogrind is overhated because most people who hate it haven't heard a single song from it and only hate it based off the name, anyway back to my point, Imagine Dragons whined on social media over people hating their music and guilt tripped by saying "it was making their depression worse" which is abosulte BS because how am I supposed to feel sorry for a band whose music is played on commercials and every store I go into? The people who hate the band are 100% factually correct at the band being awful. - MetalWorldOrder

6 Pornogrind music is more mature

Pornogrind's music actually sounds like it was made by mature adults, Imagine Dragons music sounds like it was written and preformed by 12 year olds. - MetalWorldOrder

7 Pornogrind bands actually have talent, Imagine Dragons doesn't have any talent.

And that's apparent when Imagine Dragons literally made an album that sounded like absoultley nothing. - MetalWorldOrder

8 Pornogrind music makes you smarter, Imagine Dragons' music does not

People who listen to Imagine Dragons have been factually proven to be stupider than people who don't, because Imagine Dragons music is factually terrible and only dumb people would listen to them. - MetalWorldOrder

9 Pornogrind music is fun, Imagine Dragons' music is not

I always have a blast listening to a Pornogrind song, much better than listening to a song that sounds like nothing or a song that makes your ears bleed. - MetalWorldOrder

10 Pornogrind bands are heavier

Imagine Dragons literally sound like nothing, Pornogrind is Grindcore and Grindcore is the heaviest music genre ever which Heavy automatically means better than sounding like nothing. - MetalWorldOrder

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11 Imagine Dragons are posers

Imagine Dragons said themselves that they are not a rock band so no they are not posers whoever added this.

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