Top Ten Reasons Why Positronwildhawk and Superhyperdude Would Make an Even Better Couple Than Puga and Gemcloben

So Pos, you just made the best ship of 2015 in Gluga? Well Hyperhawk will blow it out of the water! And I'm bringing Duncan into this cause he's fun to tease.

The Top Ten

Their children would be great fun

A Scottish Englishman! The bullies are coming. - Puga

I hope you will be very, very happy. - PetSounds

Harry Croucher is a great name

Unless Pos' surname sounds good on Duncan, in which case I don't know. - Puga

They both love electronic music

We'd never reach a final decision at once. - PositronWildhawk

There'd be no asking to turn the volume down in that house. - Puga

Gay marriage is legal now in Ireland

Except neither of us live in Ireland. We already live in a country where this is legal. - PositronWildhawk

Come on, I'll be the priest. - Puga

Pos could have permission for a Sarcastic Overview of in a nutshell and vice verca

I wouldn't dare criticise the love of my life. - PositronWildhawk

Aw y'all are so adorable. I ship it #hyperhawk2015 - keycha1n

DeviantART won't miss the opportunity

I think I've already proved MY skills in drawing a ginger. - keycha1n

We'll see their poor attempts at drawing a ginger. - Puga

SuperHyperDude will instantly get 200 followers
Pos could like Scotland from now on

I already like Scotland. I just think their politics are ridiculous. - PositronWildhawk

SHD won't be a loner anymore
It could mean that this list gets a Sarcastic Overview

Or the genre of lists this may become. - Puga

Um...yeah, I'm gonna just sit back here quietly... - Garythesnail

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