Top 10 Reasons Why Posting Your Art on Instagram is Better Than Deviantart

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1 Instagram is easier to use

You have good points but I still prefer DeviantArt honestly. - Swellow

2 Faster to get discovered

It depends on the luck I think... I have my account for 4 months and have like 130 followers where In 2 days our friend have 40

I started up instagram AGAIN 2 days ago and I'm already at almost 40 followers.

3 You are less likely to see cringeworthy artwork (ex. Fetishes.)


4 Instagram gives you more freedom
5 Instagram is more updated

Deviantart has probably been around since I was born, there's some changes. Instagram is a newer one and has draumatic changes like the logo itself. To me, I feel Deviantart is becoming outdated and possibly obsolete.

6 Instagram is much more colorful and fun

While Deviantart stays green and bland. Instagram is fun sometimes to me.

7 Instagram doesn't have a premium membership
8 You don't have to worry about bullies making ED articles about you
9 You get more feedback on your content

I never got feedback. The most I'll get is 1-2 favorites. On instagram, I get 20 likes, and some comments there.

10 You can put filters on you pictures, you can't on deviantart.

Yeah this is true when I tried to draw ariana grande I can't put a filter on it on deviantart but on instagram I can now

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11 You don't need to put your artwork in a genre, there's the tag system

I like the tag system because you can control where your art belongs in and not in the chosen genres deviantart has.

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