Top Ten Reasons Why Power Puff Girls Z Is Awesome

This is a response to the "Top Ten Reasons Why Power Puff Girls Z Sucks" list.

The Top Ten

1 It's an awesome reinterpretation of the original Powerpuff Girls
2 It's hilarious

This show is too funny I can't stop laughing about episode 42.

This is one of the most funniest shows I've ever seen.

3 It had an epic finale

The finale was sad and epic at the same time.

4 The Powerpuff Girls are teenagers

Way better than the girls being little girls.

5 Most of the villains are still hilarious like the original show
6 Unlike the original, this version has story arcs

Yes this is like a book. And has a story behind it. Whoever created this list is awesome.

7 Him is still a really creepy and awesome villain
8 Professor Utonium is married and has a son
9 It combines aspects of both anime and western animation

Yes,this show is a masterpiece. No one would come up with this.

10 It gives the Powerpuff Girls villains back-stories

So we get to know where the villains come from and not just come out of nowhere.

The Contenders

11 Buttercup is nicer than she was in the original when she was a bully

Buttercup was a little bit funnier in the original but I still like it if it ran longer I would have given it 1010 but I rate it 910

This buttercup for some reason is more funnier in this than the original.

I prefer buttercup in this rather than her original bully self.

12 They made the characters have more personality and are more interesting
13 Buttercup is the best female character ever
14 Less violent than the original and more kid friendly
15 Bubbles is the best female character ever
16 Blossom is the best female character ever
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