Top Ten Reasons Why Powerpuff Girls is Better Than Danny Phantom

I'm talk about the original Ppg, not reboot. But, i admit Danny Phantom reboot is much worse than Ppg. Here thr reasons why Ppg is better than Danny Phantom

The Top Ten

1 Powerpuff Girls has awesome fighting scenes

Cool list - Neonco31

2 Buttercup is not a spoiled brat unlike Sam Manson

Yeah, Buttercup is not spoiled or annoying, she has no special power and she is not allowed to have her own comforts, like her blanket.

3 The villains in Powerpuff Girls are awesome

Yeah, The Rowdyruff Boys are way better than any of Danny Phantom's boring villains.

Sedusa, HIM, Mojo Jojo, RowdyRuff Boys, and Fuzzy Lumpkins are just examples of better villains than Danny Phantom's villains. God, Ember makes me want to kill her.-Vestalis

4 Powerpuff Girls fans are not bad unlike Danny Phantom fans

PPG fans are nice and fun, I just wish some of them stop making bad fanart of them though, I am talking about the gross ones.

5 Powerpuff Girls has a better theme song

That is true, the DP theme song sounds like it is trying too hard to be cool. The PPG song is more iconic and original, as well as an awesome fighting song.

6 Mojo Jojo is a better villain than Vlad Plasmius

At least Mojo is funnier and actually nearly defeated the girls, Vlad Plasmius is probably weak.

7 Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are a better trio than Danny, Sam, and Tucker

That is true, also, the PPG are more iconic than that trio.

8 Powerpuff Girls is fun to watch, Danny Phantom is boring

PPG is fun to watch, it is hilarious at some points and the episodes are interesting. Danny Phantom is not as interesting.

9 The characters in Powerpuff Girls are relatable and likable

Blossom:A smart leader with flaws who is underrated.
Bubbles: The cute one and sensitive one that can be hardcore like she says, the popular one.
Buttercup: A funny tomboy who gets angry and is extremely strong and has no special power.

Danny: Some arrogant hero that thinks he is hot and awesome.

10 Powerpuff Girls gave better messages to their watchers

PPG teaches kids that reality is not about rainbows and butterflies and all that innocent stuff, but crimes. It also teaches life lessons like not to cuss and to not bully. Most of Buttercup's episodes teach life lessons, which is what I noticed.

Reality isn't sunshine and rainbows or dating, love, or girls.-Vestalis

The Contenders

11 Powerpuff Girls fans are nicer

DP fans bully their haters - Neonco31

12 The Powerpuff Girls are more iconic
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