Top Ten Reasons Why The Powerpuff Girls is More Awesome Than Dora the Explorer

The Top Ten Reasons Why The Powerpuff Girls is More Awesome Than Dora the Explorer

The Powerpuff Girls are smart and can see something obvious, not ask dumb questions about something obvious like Dora does.

Lol the Powerpuff Girls are awesome! - andrewteel

Don't listen to any stupid Dora fans just talk about how powerpuff girls are better

Come on, this is show ONLY for little babies... It's not made up for teens or adults so, please stop complaining.

I really hate this list, this sucked. It’s one of my earlier lists.

The Powerpuff Girls kick the butts of villains, not stand there being lazy and say "Swiper No Swiping".

This List Is Awesome

All of this is true

The Powerpuff Girls can sing better and have better songs, Dora sings like a screaming goat.

So true! PPGs can sing better than Dora! In fact, Let's Compare Dora the Explorer to a Different Media anyway! - WilsonAsmara

The Powerpuff Girls have cooler, more powerful villains like the Rowdyruff Boys and Mojo Jojo, while Dora mostly has weak losers with no life as villains.

The villains are not fun and cool 😎. The villains are annoying

The Powerpuff Girls do not rely on a talking piece of useless paper as a map, and a lame, ugly talking backpack to help them.
Buttercup is a badass

She is so badass unlike dora - Sugarcubecorner

Yeah Buttercup rules! Dora drools!


Now she is a moron in the slutty adventures of buttercup

The Powerpuff Girls has some of the best characters ever while Dora has some of the worst characters ever.
The Powerpuff Girls do not talk to inanimate objects while Dora talks to a stupid gate, train, and many more.

I don't like talking with Inanimate Objects! That is just Stupid! - WilsonAsmara

The Powerpuff Girls is so funny that it will make you spurt out of laughter while Dora will just bore you to death.
Buttercup is a way better singer than Dora

Buttercup's voice actress's songs were in Scarface and in Grand Theft Auto III...I love Flashback FM... ;3 - Gehenna

Buttercup has a beautiful, sweet, melodic and unique singing voice, her voice actor is a singer who had songs in the 80s. Dora sucks at singing, her voice makes my ears bleed, her voice is too loud.

AnimeDrawer, I like your post 'Rainbow Dash Loses The One Ability'. Is a good post. Good work! Make lists again my friend! - ChatNoirFan18

Thanks! I am making lists again, but sometimes I feel like I need a break to think of ideas.

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It doesn't break the fourth wall
The Powerpuff Girls teaches kids stuff that will work in reality while Dora teaches kids stuff that won't.

Since "Swiper no swiping" wouldn't stop a thief in real life, I can agree with that : - RB-Number1-fan

Yeah, Dora tries too hard to stop Swiper the nicest way, but that is just not going to work. She should call the police to report, or defend herself.

Blossom is smart, Dora is stupid

That's right Blossom is smart - andrewteel

Dora the Explorer is for toddlers

Dora is for babies and little kids. I have nothing against Dora, but I have a few reasons to think the ORIGINAL is better, not the Reboot, let's pretend the Reboot doesn't exist. Number 1 is the Powerpuff Girls beat butt and attack cooly and not too violently. Dora asks Swiper the nicest way possible. I hate Dora, no offense to those Dora lovers or Dora. You should learn to defend yourself and not be a crybaby annoying brat. Number Two is that the Powerpuff Girls are not cringey or annoying. They are cute and cool. Dora is both cringey and annoying. Number 3, read the rest of people's reviews. I agree with them.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup can sing better and have better songs, Dora sings like a screaming baby
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are so adorable while Dora is crying like a baby

This show is only for little babies because this show is a "B****! " (1000x)

The Powerpuff Girls loved pizza and ice cream

Dora loves Brussels sprouts and tomatoes and rotten eggs and moldy cheese


Blossom is a better role model

Thank you, Blossom! ❤️

Bubbles is a better blonde

Rolling Bubbles!

Buttercup is a better fighter

Powered Buttercup!

Blossom can transform into Hyper Blossom

Happy Birthday Blossom! 🎂

Buttercup is serious
The Powerpuff Girls can dance

Let’s dance!

Dora always talks to the screen without having an idea who she is talking to, while the Powerpuff Girls have actually talked to the narrator a few times.
The Powerpuff Girls do not stare at you for a long time while Dora The Explorer stares at you very creepily

Yeah because Dora is so stupid - andrewteel

So true! Besides, Dora is a Creep! - WilsonAsmara

Yes - JPK

Bubbles is way more adorable than Dora and Boots combined
Bubbles is a happy girl, Dora is a crybaby

Yes I agree! - WilsonAsmara

Bubbles is a cute little girl, because...…….DORA IS A BITCH!

Bubbles is so cute
The Powerpuff Girls are cuter

I love Bubbles! ❤️

Dora is a crybaby
Bubbles loves to make you smile
The Powerpuff Girls got ungrounded while Dora gets grounded

Those Stupid Grounded Videos! Why Does GoAnimate Exist?

The Powerpuff Girls can have pizza and ice cream while Dora is having meat and beef
Blossom loves to give you a hug and a kiss
Buttercup loves to have pizza
The Powerpuff Girls can save the world before bedtime
Buttercup is a better role model
Bubbles is a better role model
Blossom is the best female character ever
Bubbles is the best female character ever
Buttercup is the best female character ever
Blossom is a better leader
Bubbles can transform into Rolling Bubbles
Buttercup can transform into Powered Buttercup
Blossom is sweet
Bubbles is lovely
Buttercup is cool
Cute 3D Animation is better than poor 2D animation
Bubbles loves hugs
Blossom loves flowers
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