Top 10 Reasons Why the Powerpuff Girls Reboot is Bad

Cartoon Network has made another terrible remake of a classic, iconic, and good show. Watch the original, not this trash.

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1 The animation is poorly done

You would expect since it's newer it would have better animation. WRONG! Same thing happened with Teen Titans Go!

Thank you for making this list, I agree. I see many animation errors in this show, which just makes it uncomfortable to watch this. It is like the animators just want to make money and not put actual quality into the show- AnimeDrawer85

It's lazy flash and there are too many errors - Cartoonfan202

Hey, it's always been a scrappy show. I'm just surprised that you people were too stupid to realize it.

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2 They over use outdated memes for humor and dialogue to make stuff seem hip and cool

The writers of this show think we are going to laugh at their unfunny and uncool stuff. Not. I did not laugh at one single thing about this show. No one thinks this show is funny- AnimeDrawer85

Who's even going to laugh at 5-10 year old memes?!?! - TheAlbinoWolf

Just cringeworthy this so called humor is.

No me gusta

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3 They removed Miss Sara Bellum for a very illogical reason

How the heck is she 'inappropriate'? She looks like what a NORMAL woman looks like! Excuse us for having breasts and hips that stick out! - eventer51314

Say what?! That's a really poor decision to do. She had such a crucial role in the original show. - Anonymousxcxc

Wait. They removed her!

They removed miss keane's breasts too.

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4 They animated little girls twerking

Wow, just great, kindergartners twerking. - Catacorn

This Gave Me Stage 1 Million Cancer

Why would they do this? They removed Miss Bellum for being "too innapropriate" which is not even a good reason, yet they do this? This was very disturbing. - AnimeDrawer

What the heck why did they make this

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5 The new art style makes the characters look off

The new art style is just like the old one, but with new details and thinner lines and more bland colors. Can't they add more thickness to the lines and more color? Also, why did they add Buttercup a cowlick and Bubbles a hair tie?

The lines are so thin and there is no variaty in size. It looks odd

UGH! the art style is SO ugly like honestly. what is up with buttercup's cowlick? it's unnecessary and hideous. and even smaller things bug me, like how bubbles' pigtail's are too high up on her head. words cannot describe how much I hate the reboot.

6 The humor is so bad that people use the "It's Time to Stop" FilthyFrank meme to sum up how bad it is

"Its time to stop, its time to stop okay? No more. Where are your parents, who are your parents, I'm going to call child protective services on you, its time to STOP"

-Me when I first watched the PPG reboot. - Catacorn

Ikr? This show is probably one of the most unfunny shows ever. The original was hilarious, this one isn't. And I agree with" It's time to stop". -AnimeDrawer85

I have no clue what this "meme" is, but why did they have to bring back the PowerPuff Girls?! I partied 'till dawn and hauled ass to Lalapalooza when it ended! Kill the PowerPuff Girls!
P.S., I can't believe they blocked me from messing up the PowerPuff Girls wikipedia entries!

7 They removed the original voice actors of The Powerpuff Girls

When I saw the trailer, Buttercup sounded just like Blossom! I'm a huge fan of the original series. But, judging by the outrage of the people who saw the reboot, I'm glad I've never seen it - thunderstar1124

Bubbles is by far the worst. I miss her cute little squeaky voice, her new voice sounds like a teenager falling asleep - Cartoonfan202

They did not even ask them. They replaced them with voice actors that cannot even act- AnimeDrawer85

Bubbles' voice too raspy - ChatNoirFan18

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8 We don't see enough of the villains

The villains were one of the best parts of the show

This show barely shows any of the characters. And whenever Mojo Jojo came, it was just an insult to me.

The new villains are crap

Where the heck Rowdyruff Boys?! Come on! The reboot is worse - ChatNoirFan18

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9 The new Powerpuff Girls are completely out of character compared to their originals

Blossom is too neat, Bubbles is so bratty, spoiled, and annoying, and Buttercup is too weird. Bubbles is my least favorite in the reboot.

They're extremely annoying too. - eventer51314

That would have made me think twice about Buttercup being better than Dash - Chromium

I'll explain this in one sentence: bubbles wanted to fight a bull. I THOUGT SHE WAS AN ANIMAL LOVER!

But Bulls aren't CUTE animals, are they? If it doesn't have to do whether its cute or not, then why does she fight Mojo Jojo? He's an Animal too! - RB-Number1-fan

10 They made Buttercup into a ruthless bully

They ruined my favorite cartoon character. Why did they do this to Buttercup? She called her own sister ugly in a picture and threatened a kid to vote for blossom or she will beat him up. - AnimeDrawer

Shes worse in the original she calls a kid fat and she also called bubbles ugly and blossom a freak

I remember in the original that Buttercup bullied a kid who eats glue

Naw, to tell the truth, I like buttercup. (ready for the hate) I kinda like the new ppg. but it's still better than ttg

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The Newcomers

? One of the writers made an OC of himself and made him date Blossom in the show

I just found this out. This is sick, just sick. - Cartoonfan202

His name is Jared Shapiro. - ChatNoirFan18

This is just so horrible in many ways! This show goes down on the horrible CN reboot list with TTG,be cool scooby doo, wabbit, bunnicula, and Ben 10 2017! This reboot needs the boot!

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11 The girls are weak compared to the original

In the original, bubbles got trapped in acid and survived, though she had small bruises. in the reboot, a rat falls on her and she breaks her leg. what a drama queen she is in this reboot. and I mean in a bad way.

12 Bubbles dressed like a prostitute and smoked

I think she's gay and in a relationship with Blossom. Just saying...

Well, this looks kind of interesting...what episode is that?

That's not the Bubbles I know. - Kid_ethinederland


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13 The background characters don't look like they belong in the show

The background characters look more for a show like Clarence rather than this show.- AnimeDrawer85

14 Craig McCracken didn't want Powerpuff Girls to get a reboot

*puts on shocked face* Okay that just makes me upset. Even if your reboot will end up being terrible at least ask the creator of the original show if they want a reboot. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm so glad Nickelodeon sought out Craig Bartlett for their bringing back Hey Arnold. They are doing right by that show, making sure it's very close to the original with only a few (mostly aesthetic) tweaks. Not like CN with this show. - eventer51314

Craig McCracken could've stopped them had there not been a contract between him and Disney. - Kid_ethinederland

Craig didn't want this, but CN had the right to so they did. I hate you Cartoon Network. - TwilightKitsune

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15 The music in the show is very bad

The theme song is very boring. The ending song sounds childish, it sounds like an ending for a nick jr show. The girls actually rapped a terrible song in this show, so bad it will make your ears hurt. The original had better music, the theme song sounded more heroic, the ending was awesome, the song Love Makes The World Go Round is cute.- AnimeDrawer85

I cannot believe the Powerpuff Girls just rapped a rap song that sounds like a rip off Missy Elliot's "Work It". The new theme song sounds boring and dull. - AnimeDrawer

The theme song is awful, the ending theme is awful, to sum it all up, everything is awful. - Catacorn

You are watching nick jr powerpuff girls fighting crime what

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16 The Powerpuff Girls are not portrayed as the heroes they are supposed to be

I guess when you want characters you like to do more cool and entertaining stuff, you'll forget what the show is supposedly about, and start slacking off and/or ditching rather than fighting crime. Wow, what an inconvenience! - RB-Number1-fan

The girls are more like normal girls doing normal stuff everyday people do rather than unique superhero girls.- AnimeDrawer85

17 They only made this reboot to make money of merchandise

I could tell because of the effortless work they put into the reboot.-AnimeDrawer85

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18 They ruined Mojo Jojo and other villains

From the one episode of this I tried to watch I can tell that they made Mojo Jojo into a Denzel Crocker character. Like no. Mojo Jojo doesn't deserve to get all Denzel Crocker like. - Anonymousxcxc

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19 The Powerpuff Girls in the reboot are mean
20 The writers and showrunners feel the need to insert their names everywhere

Craig McCracken would be so ashamed of Cartoon Network. What have you done, Cartoon Network? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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