Top 10 Reasons Why the Powerpuff Girls Reboot is Bad

Cartoon Network has made another terrible remake of a classic, iconic, and good show. Watch the original, not this trash.

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1 The animation is poorly done

You would expect since it's newer it would have better animation. WRONG! Same thing happened with Teen Titans Go!

Not all animation is bad it just trying to look modern I don't mind the thin lines because they are the only cartoon to never have any until now and the original had to much a saturated vintage color. And for every comment I left for ppg reboots please stop complaining before there is World War 3 over cartoons - PandaRant3R

Thank you for making this list, I agree. I see many animation errors in this show, which just makes it uncomfortable to watch this. It is like the animators just want to make money and not put actual quality into the show- AnimeDrawer85

Not really but this show still sucks - Gh_player

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2 It makes the Chris Savino era of the original feel like the Craig McCracken era

Ugh! What is up with people saying that the reboot is worse than seasons 5 and 6 of the original?! Here's the real fact: THAT'S NOT SAYING MUCH! You people don't get it, do you? You would rather watch Pee Pee G's, Sun Scream, City of Frownsville, Sweet and Sour, and Girls Gone Mild over ANY episode of the reboot?! That makes no sense! The reboot is just AS bad as seasons 5 and 6 of the original! Saying that the reboot is worse isn't going to help. I know for a fact that seasons 5 and 6 are just as bad as the reboot.

And that's saying a LOT! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

3 Craig McCracken didn't want Powerpuff Girls to get a reboot

*puts on shocked face* Okay that just makes me upset. Even if your reboot will end up being terrible at least ask the creator of the original show if they want a reboot. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm so glad Nickelodeon sought out Craig Bartlett for their bringing back Hey Arnold. They are doing right by that show, making sure it's very close to the original with only a few (mostly aesthetic) tweaks. Not like CN with this show.

Why, CN? Why make a show when the creator wanted to to be left alone? Just WHY?

You know why the President ignored him?
Well mates, all she is interested in is money and ruining our childhoods. When Craig left the original for Fosters, Ppg started to suck, so according to my conspiracy theory she thought "OK guys the reboot will suck without him anyway. So let's just make it as bad as possible". Ignorant git.

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4 The addition of a "Fourth" Powerpuff Girl

There's no point to her character. Who is she? She looks like somebody's fanart.

I saw a trailer about how they're gonna add a "Fourth" Powerpuff Girl. In the trailer, other CN characters were getting super excited over this "wonder".

I saw who she was and noticed something weird about her... Her legs were long. Her hair was long and electric-blue. And also... Her name is Bliss. Her skin-color was darker than Blossom's, Bubbles's, and Buttercup's. I guess this is probably, because they have opposite DNA from how she was created and how Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were also created. But, still-- I think it's better with only having 3 girls instead of 4, 5, 6, and so on - Stazemar000

5 The girls are weak compared to the original

Just because there isn't a lot blood-oldie- doesn't mean they're weak bubbles is naive and won't really pay attention much so maybe that's why she got stuck in a trap anyway. The are mostly trying to focus on they're "normal" life as all kids do and are trying to balance that with their epic abilities

Old fighting scenes: punching kicking,the words pow on the screen new fighting: braking ppg arms or legs

Exactly, explains the new generation. In the past, children used to go outside, play sports, and they were actually mature. They would also go on T.V. and watch the ORIGINAL PPG and other 90's shows, which actually taught something and had a good sense of humor, everyone would enjoy them, from kids to seniors. Now it's just 3rd grader boys who think cursing, "roasting" people (roasting is kind of funny, but I mean when they take it from the internet and make the witnesses think it's originally from them) and liking Jake/Logan Paul makes them "cool". 10-12 year old girls who can't keep their eyes out of their phone because of the damn annoying dog filter and, and they think if their phone's battery is dead is worse than being buried alive. - Ohno

In the original, bubbles got trapped in acid and survived, though she had small bruises. in the reboot, a rat falls on her and she breaks her leg. what a drama queen she is in this reboot. and I mean in a bad way.

6 The new art style makes the characters look off

The new art style is just like the old one, but with new details and thinner lines and more bland colors. Can't they add more thickness to the lines and more color? Also, why did they add Buttercup a cowlick and Bubbles a hair tie?

Congrats previous commentors you have obviously banned your child from watching the you never got to view as cool. The characters look the same with minor changes of course some the background characters and new villains and what not do kinda look like they borrowed styles from Steven universe but that is what make the show better - PandaRant3R

The lines are so thin and there is no variaty in size. It looks odd

UGH! the art style is SO ugly like honestly. what is up with buttercup's cowlick? it's unnecessary and hideous. and even smaller things bug me, like how bubbles' pigtail's are too high up on her head. words cannot describe how much I hate the reboot.

7 The minor characters look like they go to Clarence

I'd rather watch the bad Powerpuff reboot than the AWFUL show Clarence!

Clarence should just die. it's the epidemy and sad truth of america in a nut shell because of fast food restaurants.

8 They removed Miss Sara Bellum for a very illogical reason

How the heck is she 'inappropriate'? She looks like what a NORMAL woman looks like! Excuse us for having breasts and hips that stick out!

Say what?! That's a really poor decision to do. She had such a crucial role in the original show. - Anonymousxcxc

Wait. They removed her!

What she was one of my favorite characters! - Ohno

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9 They animated little girls twerking

Wow, just great, kindergartners twerking. - Catacorn

This Gave Me Stage 1 Million Cancer

Why would they do this? They removed Miss Bellum for being "too innapropriate" which is not even a good reason, yet they do this? This was very disturbing. - AnimeDrawer

Cartoon Network: Little girls twerking is good, but HEAVEN FORBID a woman with breasts to be on this show!
They also did this with Miss Keane too. In the original she had tiny breasts, but now she has like no breasts at all! Can't they just deal with the fact that some women have breasts and that some have flat ones? Ugh!

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10 The narrator is underused

All the other reasons are valid but this is a terrible reason, they can do without the narrorator and just let the ppg tell the story (i mean show it not narrorate it obviously)

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11 They over use outdated memes for humor and dialogue to make stuff seem hip and cool

The writers of this show think we are going to laugh at their unfunny and uncool stuff. Not. I did not laugh at one single thing about this show. No one thinks this show is funny- AnimeDrawer85

Who's even going to laugh at 5-10 year old memes?!?! - TheAlbinoWolf

I love memes. Good memes. But gosh, couldn't they have used classic and new (but good) ones occasionally?

This is all I have to say: so? 😕 we all use dead jokes sometimes so don't be hypocrite to kids shows. What a bunch of oldies. I just wanna say this show is y rated meaning for us young trend setters that made Meghan trainer come out of no where and I bet she likes this show in both versions - PandaRant3R

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12 One of the writers made an OC of himself and made him date Blossom in the show

I agree out of all the stupid comments that were posted, that this is not right or it could be a rumor but you'd have to be a complete pervert to do something like that - PandaRant3R

This is a fact by the way. This just shows how messed up the people making this show are. Congratulations Jared, you can now date your 5 year old waifs blossom. That's pedophilia, that's weebish, and that's messed up on so many levels. - DCfnaf

Even if this wasn't the intent, they really should have thought this through better. Because it's creepy - taishisohma

This basically makes the whole show a big fanfiction

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13 They removed the original voice actors of The Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles is by far the worst. I miss her cute little squeaky voice, her new voice sounds like a teenager falling asleep - Cartoonfan202

When I saw the trailer, Buttercup sounded just like Blossom! I'm a huge fan of the original series. But, judging by the outrage of the people who saw the reboot, I'm glad I've never seen it - thunderstar1124

Not only did they move the voice actors they moved their characteristics let's look at the changes buttercup: a bully who is mean to her sisters and only cares about fighting bubbles: a starfire girl who only cares about animals which is ok just that she's not sweet like she used to be blossom: a neat freak and who only cares about cleaning and being a know it all

Bubble's voice actor tried WAY too hard to be cute.. And now she just sounds so cringey.

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14 The music in the show is very bad

The theme song is very boring. The ending song sounds childish, it sounds like an ending for a nick jr show. The girls actually rapped a terrible song in this show, so bad it will make your ears hurt. The original had better music, the theme song sounded more heroic, the ending was awesome, the song Love Makes The World Go Round is cute.- AnimeDrawer85

I cannot believe the Powerpuff Girls just rapped a rap song that sounds like a rip off Missy Elliot's "Work It". The new theme song sounds boring and dull. - AnimeDrawer

The theme song is awful, the ending theme is awful, to sum it all up, everything is awful. - Catacorn

The original theme song was boring no lyrics or anything and I like the new theme song it had lyrics and a story to it making it look more appealing to us younger viewers. The old one was borrowed from other superhero themes too like from the 50's. Go rant about Bugs Bunny or something you newbie haters - PandaRant3R

I'll agree that the new theme song is better, and if the show was as amazing as the theme, I'd pay money to watch it. - Drawbox

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15 The humor is so bad that people use the "It's Time to Stop" FilthyFrank meme to sum up how bad it is

"Its time to stop, its time to stop okay? No more. Where are your parents, who are your parents, I'm going to call child protective services on you, its time to STOP"

-Me when I first watched the PPG reboot. - Catacorn

Ikr? This show is probably one of the most unfunny shows ever. The original was hilarious, this one isn't. And I agree with" It's time to stop". -AnimeDrawer85

Not us young ones - PandaRant3R

I have no clue what this "meme" is, but why did they have to bring back the PowerPuff Girls?! I partied 'till dawn and hauled ass to Lalapalooza when it ended! Kill the PowerPuff Girls!
P.S., I can't believe they blocked me from messing up the PowerPuff Girls wikipedia entries!

16 We don't see enough of the villains

The villains were one of the best parts of the show

This show barely shows any of the characters. And whenever Mojo Jojo came, it was just an insult to me.

The new villains are crap

The new villains are completely lame and boring!

Manboy: A short “man” who grows hair

Pack Rat: A rat-like villain who has weak ideas

Bianca & Her Hairy Gorilla Friend: Lane fashion villains

When Mojo Jojo came in, he turned out to be the exact opposite than the original

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17 The new Powerpuff Girls are completely out of character compared to their originals

Blossom is too neat, Bubbles is so bratty, spoiled, and annoying, and Buttercup is too weird. Bubbles is my least favorite in the reboot.

They're extremely annoying too.

That would have made me think twice about Buttercup being better than Dash - Chromium

There's thing called personality man people are dumb - PandaRant3R

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18 They made Buttercup into a ruthless bully

They ruined my favorite cartoon character. Why did they do this to Buttercup? She called her own sister ugly in a picture and threatened a kid to vote for blossom or she will beat him up. - AnimeDrawer

Shes worse in the original she calls a kid fat and she also called bubbles ugly and blossom a freak

I remember in the original that Buttercup bullied a kid who eats glue

Extremely Inexcusable
Buttercup Was My Favorite In The Original - JPK

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19 Bubbles dressed like a prostitute and smoked

That was edited it was never in the show

I think she's gay and in a relationship with Blossom. Just saying...

Well, this looks kind of interesting...what episode is that?

They're sisters dumb �' - PandaRant3R

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20 The background characters don't look like they belong in the show

The background characters look more for a show like Clarence rather than this show.- AnimeDrawer85

None of these are true, I kind of like the reboot. I wished that if they could just give this show a break and JUST LIKE IT!

Or Steven universe - PandaRant3R

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