The Powerpuff Girls Have Taken It Too Far

Hi guys. Twily here. Today I’m gonna talk about the reboot of the much beloved show, The Powerpuff Girls.

Now, before I get started on this rant, let me provide some insight. The Powerpuff Girls is about three young girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, made by the Proffeser Utonium using sugar, spice and everything nice, with an extra ingredient, Chemical X. After their birth, the Powerpuff Girls spent their days solving crime in the City of Townsville. The show focuses on the daily adventures of these 5 year olds from bedwetting and responsibility to coping with ice breath and beating up Mojo Jojo. Yeah. It was a great show.

I remember when I was a kid, this show would be on after school was over. When I saw it on I wouldn’t bother to get out of my uniform, I’d just sit on the couch and watch PPG. I loved it, and everyone at my school always talked about it.
It ended, and boy, it was sad. But soon they made a short video called Dance Pantsed and announced a reboot coming up. I was ecstatic.

I wish I wasn’t.

When the reboot came out, I wanted to like it so much. I tried to like it. But after one episode, I quit it. I couldn’t stand the new show. It had taken my childhood, and completely defiled it, not even leaving a single clean spot.

Everything about the show was horrible. The animation errors are way too much, the girls have terrible voices and the characters act like stuck up *ssholes. Blossom is no longer the friendly and caring leader. She’s an incarnate of Robin from Teen Titans Go. Bubbles is no longer that sweet friendly gal. She obsesses over boy bands, has an annoying voice and acts in a way that makes you want to drown that b*tch. She acts like a selfish, entitled, spoiled brat who has no regards for others feelings. Buttercup has to be the worst. She acts like a deliberate ***wipe to everyone (yeah, I know she was a tomboy in the last show, but after seeing this show you’ll agree with me) and says stuff like ‘Whoa, drama bomb; and rolls her eyes and fails at being cool.

I could go on and on, but I am here to focus on one point. When the reboot show aired its fifth episode, it angered the very people it aimed to empower. Yes people. It only reached its FIFTH episode and landed in hot water.

The episode, titled ‘Horn Sweet Horn’, is about a horse named Donny, who believes he is a unicorn. This alludes to the concept of transgenderism, where the writers, who have more chins than a Chinese phone book, intended to represent Donny as a Trans kid who believes he is of the other gender. Even though I’m not a transgender, I found so many things wrong with this episode.

In the episode, the Powerpuff Girls come across him. Donny introduces himself as a unicorn. He has a tree branch on his head and claims it is a horn. Then Buttercup knocks it off and says ‘That’s not a horn, that’s a branch’.

That was the first blow.

What Buttercup did was basically humiliate Donny. I mean, that’s basically the same thing as a bully pulling down the pants of a transgender and saying ‘Look! He’s not a boy!’.

This upsets Donny, who says that in his heart he knows he is a unicorn, and he believes he is a unicorn!

Then Buttercup bitches again and goes ‘Whoa, drama bomb’.

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Not only does she humiliate Donny, but then calls him a drama king just for reacting in a way any trans kid would’ve. Wow. Congratulations Cartoon Network. You have really outdone yourselves in transgender empowerment. So what you’re teaching is, we should go out and tell them that they aren’t the gender they claim to be. Then make fun of them. I cannot believe they treated Donny’s plight as if it was funny. There is NOTHING funny about destroying the life of someone who just wishes to be accepted in society, and has as just as much as right to be accepted as anyone else. Honestly, fudge you Christina Miller.

But Bubbles steps up and says that she’ll help Donny become a unicorn, because ‘it would be awesome to be friends with a real, live unicorn!’. She only wants to help Donny not for his struggle, but only for her own selfish desires and so that she can ride him. Screw what the transgender feels! They should only listen to the non trans people and do exactly as they say! They don’t have any feelings for themselves, let other use them to their advantage!

The trio take Donny to the Professor’s lab and ask him to do an operation on him to make him feel like a unicorn. The professor is unsure and asks Donny if it is what he really wants as ‘it is a major change that can affect his body’ etc, etc, etc.

All those people whining ‘THIS EPISODE WAS NOT ABOUT TRANSGENDERISM’ have now been silenced.

Donny’s reply is the most shocking thing in the episode, when he says ‘I’ll do it for my BFF Bubbles!’. WHAT? Okay, what is this about, following your dream of being a unicorn, or fulfilling an undeserving entitled brat’s desires? Take this example, you’re a trans and you’re fine the way you are, when some non trans comes over and tells you to get a sex change operation. You don’t want to, but your non trans friend says you HAVE to! This isn’t about you, it’s about them and what THEY want. Oh and if you refuse and stay the same gender then they’ll leave you.

The professor tells Donny to read the possible side effects before starting the experi – Oh wait, never mind, Donny skims it. This is the sort of message CN is sending out.

The experiment turns Donny into a monster that goes crazy and destroys everything. He runs out to destroy Townsville.

The scene changes to guess what. A pickle museum. I would need to explain why this is unsettling, but, yeah, you guys must know why. There the mayor shows a crystal statue of a pickle and says that if it is destroyed, bad things will happen. Woop woop, Donny comes in and destroys it. The Powerpuff girls try to stop him and fail. Bubbles, in tears (Hahahahaha. Seeing Bubbles crying was so satisfying. She deserved it after the way she treated Donny), admits it was all her fault. Yeah, fine, but the damage has been done you spoiled little *sswipe. Then Donny yells ‘WE ARE NOT BFFs ANYMORE!’, which he should have done at first, or he wouldn’t have gotten himself into this mess. If only he had known what a selfish retard Bubbles was, he’d be better off.

With more than half of Townsville destroyed, it looks like everyone is doomed. But then, guess what! Some unicorns, real unicorns, ascend from the sky and stop Donny. They reveal that Donny actually WAS a unicorn, there was a horn under his hair and if he had brushed it down a little he would have noticed. They never bothered to tell him because they wanted him ‘to go on a journey of adolescence’. The episode ends with a heart colored in rainbow (representing the LGBTQIA+ community).

The moral of this episode is, ‘if you’re a Trans kid you have to listen to what the non trans say as they are superior to you and their priorities are above yours. All of you who go for sex change operations are big ugly monsters and will destroy the world. It’s your fault you are like this and you deserve it’.

No. Just no. This is not how it should have been.

How it SHOULD have gone is like this: The girls meet Donny. Donny tells them he wants to be a unicorn. They all know he is a horse, but decide to treat him like a unicorn and pretend he is one. Then a group of bullies come over and discriminate against Donny which makes Donny feel sad and run away. Bubbles is desperate to find him. She finds him in a forest and says that even though he may not be a unicorn he is a unicorn in her eyes and in his eyes, and he has to believe in himself to be one (yes, I know this is clichéd. But would you rather have Buttercup knocking off his horn and humiliating him?). Donny magically becomes a unicorn. He learns that, in order to be a unicorn, people need to believe in him but most importantly, the only person who can believe in him strong enough to make him a unicorn – is himself. The bullies get their asses handed back to them, everyone accepts Donny and it ends happily. No ‘Whoa, drama bomb’s, No experiments, no nothing. Simple as that. And yet the writers of the show failed to do that, instead portraying the one who was hurt most badly as a villain and a monster. That is the way to preach equality and empower the transgender community.

In many parts of the world, transgenders are being discriminated against, ostracized and even raped just for being the way they are. We can stop this. If we try to take things from their view, we can help everyone understand and respect them for who they are, instead of pushing them to be different.

To all the transgenders reading this, I am sorry you had to see that episode. You did not deserve that at all, and you have every right to be accepted. You are not imperfect. You are not mistakes. You are not lower than non trans people. I will accept you for who you are regardless of what gender you may be.

On the bright side, lots of kids cartoons are trying to empower the LGBT community. Avatar: The Legend of Korra was the first Western animation to feature a lesbian protagonist, Steven Universe showed transgenders and homosexuals in a positive light and The Loud House says it’s okay to be gay. Maybe one day, people will accept trans for who they are.

I spent three hours making this rant. I hope you liked it. And remember, no matter if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or anything, you are as just as equal to everyone else.


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BTS is overrated, I bet she is huge fangirl of that show. - visitor

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Visitor, BTS is a Kpop group, not a show. - RoseWeasley

Did you hear about how one of the writer made an OC of himself and put it in the show so he could date his underage waifu Blossom? - visitor

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Sorry for corrections, weeaboo means people who obsesses over hentai. - BorisRule

The orgrijnal was fantastic. This is garbage - visitor

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I thougt your religion wants gays killed - visitor

So apparently mojo mojo to them was never a fantastic character. - visitor

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Buttercup was amazing in the original show. Actually all of them were the best in the original show. This? What even is this garbage? Is Cartoon Network severely religious or something? - DCfnaf

It's Christina Miller's fault. She is a soccermom who thinks good shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Regular Show are inappropriate for children, and bad shows like Teen Titans Go and PPG 2016 are safe for children. TTG sends bad messages to children and Beast Boy tried to have sex with Raven in one episode, while PPG has underage girls twerking, transphobic messages, and one of the writers made a self-insert OC of himself so he could date Blossom. Its gotten to the point where I now prefer Stuart Snyder (the evil man that allowed CN Real to exist) over Miller. - visitor

There was a sex scene is TTG and she thinks that's appropriate? Dafudge? - TwilightKitsune

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Buttercup is amazing in the original, my favorite cartoon character of all time. Now they made her annoying and obnoxious, she wanted to beat up a kid for no reason. And her voice makes me want to rip off my ears. I want Elizabeth Daily back as Buttercup, her voice was way cooler. - visitor

At least the live action CN shows with Stuart Synder are actually better than the soccer mom, awful shows like TTG and PPG 2016. - visitor

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Every reboot is like this. Transformers RID (which went downhill after the 3rd season) Teen Titans Go, Ben 10, and even Bionicle. - Ultron123

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Cartoon Network, Please Cancel The PPG Reboot - JPK

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Poor PGG got ruined by this retarded reboot - visitor

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Ugh, this reboot is easily worse than TTG, at least that show doesn't try to be smart. Also, I must say that Legend of Korra also handled the lesbian thing terribly, as it came out of nowhere and felt like the entire point of it's existence in the show was so the writers could say "hey look, we're being progressive, we have a lesbian in our show" - kempokid

I think LoK handled it nicely. Like when Korrasami was revealed nobody judged it or anything, they were all okay with it. I do agree with the part about it coming out of nowhere though. - TwilightKitsune

You're right, at least didn't make a massive deal about it, I just found it to be way too out of nowhere to make me think that it was planned from the start, maybe if they alluded to this in the past or something I wouldn't feel like it was somewhat forced. - kempokid

Wow, I am really loving the evolution of kids shows. A harmless show about three girls fighting crime to a show attacking transgenderism.

Don't do crack. - TristGamer

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Why do I get the impression that the "destroying the pickle means bad things will happen" plotpoint is some sort of sick, demented way of saying "If you go for a sex change operation or circumcision, bad things will happen"? - DCfnaf

I think that was intended...either that or the mayor has an uncanny obsession with pickles...his own pickles

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