Top 10 Reasons Why the Powerpuff Girls Reboot is Bad

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21 Bubbles and Blossom are in a gay relationship with each other

Who is the visitor that keeps claiming that The Powerpuff Girls are in love with each other? There is no evidence or proof this is real. - AnimeDrawer

New episode coming in August! See it on the 18th!

I HEARD THIS RUMOR! Not particularly fond of the idea.

22 They reuse jokes from other shows

They once used a joke from Bobs Burgers

23 There is a crossover for the reboot with Teen Titans Go

It makes me sad, because a crossover between the original PPG and Teen Titans Go would've been so awesome.. :(

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24 They try to act "hip and cool"

They wouldn't be cool if they stood (well, floated) in a freezer in the arctic in the middle of winter, eating ice cream.

Reminds me of that Game Shakers show. also it reminds me of those It's a Trap adverts they made

Cartoon Network
You're Better Than This

25 No Rowdyruff Boys

I heard that they will come in episode 40 in season 1, I hope it actually happens. - AnimeDrawer

26 The minor characters look like they go to Clarence

Clarence should just die. it's the epidemy and sad truth of america in a nut shell because of fast food restaurants.

27 Memes
28 The reboot will forever be known as "What's the point of this reboot when I can just watch the original?"
29 They got rid of important messages that were in the original
30 They are trying to lure in older fans with the nostalgia factor but are failing miserably
31 They try to make the show so modern that it will be irrelevant in the next couple of years

This show will be outdated in the future. - AnimeDrawer

32 They made Bubbles into a outdated memer

This is why Bubbles is my least favorite in the reboot. What happened to that kind, sweet animal lover? - AnimeDrawer

No face and me gusta face were pissed off to be in the same second

They didn't use RIGHT meme - BorisRule

Memes are so 2011 & 2012

33 The narrator is underused
34 It is like Teen Titans Go!

These powerpoop girls are total copycats.


35 The pilot explains nothing for new viewers of the series

Any viewer of the original series would know that the girls were created in a lab experiment gone wrong. But for new viewers, how the hell are they supposed to know? They just think they're little kids with superpowers. - craz

In the original show they explain the girls's origin story in the theme song, how do they not explain it here? - Anonymousxcxc

36 They have cell phones

Great, now our generation involves 5 year old girls having cell phones. - Catacorn

That's okay, having a phone to contact your parents is a good thing. - Catacorn

Okay, I can agree this is definitely agree this to be one of the worst changes. Seriously, the Original Emergency phone was perfect and all that! -_- - RB-Number1-fan

37 It Doesn't Have the Charm that the Original Had

This show is basically just full of laziness and stupid outdated memes. The original had none of that!

38 Bubbles is an animal lover who wanted to fight a bull
39 The episode Puffdora's Box steals ideas from other shows
40 Destroyed Reputation of Original Powerpuffs and Powerpuff Z

They are both good, but the reboot no. What this is missing the spirit that it once had, and the epic battles, references used to make it look cooler, but now it's just kid restricted, which is stupid

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