Ten Reasons Why The Powerpuff Girls Reboot is Better Than the Original PPG Series

I'm not saying you have to follow this opinion, but there a few good things in the reboot that the original PPG doesn't have.

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The animation style is upgraded. Everything is soft, round and has thin lines.

Sure it's more smooth than the original series but it still can't kinda match the original in terms of quality but I respect you for that. - Neonco31

Buttercup is now as kind as she's supposed to be. Not as mean or selfish as she originally was.

In my opinion, Buttercup was originally tough, but truly cared for her sisters and was not selfish most of the time, she is just misunderstood. But in the reboot, she threatened to beat up a kid for not voting for Blossom. But it is fine if you think this.

This is very untrue. She became nothing but a ruthless bully in the reboot. Hurting and threatening kids for almost no reason and caring less for her sisters.

She was tough and a bit selfish in both original and reboot.

I kinda agree. Not as bullying as she was before BUT based on one of AnimeDrawer's comments, she is just a JERK like Rainbow Dash in the reboot.

Three Perfect Little Girls now have normal lives

The Run of the Mill Girls

The point of the show is so they could fight crime that's why they are called the powerpuff girls! They try way to hard which causes everything to be annoying and unfunny!

That honestly just makes the show slightly more boring. - JakeSmith17

The new voice actors are younger and cuter.

I think this list has a good point about things you liked better in the reboot. That is interesting.

I still much rather prefer the old voice actors. - JakeSmith17

So? Who cares? Cartoon voice actors don't have to be young and cute to make the show good.Are you judging someone by looks?! This is not a good reason. -ApplejackFan

Completely agree! What should looks matter with voice actors? It's what they sound like that counts because the characters are their voices. - NerdBunny

Just matches the voices. Nüff saiđ - BorisRule

It is now a modern cartoon

The people who hate the new powerpuff girls are a bunch of old coots. This reboot is meant for those of this time dead memes tweaking or not it is a showing showing both reality of girls growing up and getting to know their selves. I've watched the original and like as much as the new but you oldies got to remember that's the young'uns are in today's trends and technology. SHOCKER I'M ONE OF THEM

Most modern cartoons suck nowadays. I can name a FEW good ones. Gumball, Regular Show, MLP, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, and Adventure Time. - Neonco31

With twerking, hashtags and memes, fun, fun, fun - KingFab

Be creative, CN. - BorisRule

Bubbles isn't an annoying crybaby anymore

I could barely understand whatever Bubbles said in the original.

I'm glad they gave her a psycho side actually in the new one. She used to be the one I'd avoid caring about due to over cuteness

Actually she's gotten worse with that in the reboot. Bubbles is probably the worst character in the reboot, due to being an exact replica of Starfire from TTG, except more whiny.

She is NEVER crybaby, watch original more than reboot.

Buttercup has a more tomboyish voice

I kinda have to agree with this one. Buttercup literally sounds like a boy in this reboot. But in the original, her voice sounds very feminine mixed with a kinda boyish voice.

I kinda liked the original better but has voice in reboot is fine to me. - BorisRule

Kind of, but how does this prove to be better than the original? - JakeSmith17

The slutty adventures of buttercup is coming I hope it won't be to bad

The Girls have some new powers

That might be a Good feature of the show, but does it really make it better than the original? Just curious. But their new superpowers are indeed cool though.

This is probably the only one I can actually agree with on this list.

SO? The powers are ripoffs of Green Lantern. Uncreative.


The Girls get along more attractively

They're more caring, whilst in the original Buttercup kept teasing Bubbles and argued nonstop with Blossoms leadership

It feels nothing like seasons 5 and 6 of the original, which are a lot worse

Tara strong is a good voice actor, and seasons five and six were actually okay, because it showed the rob returning

I actually liked seasons 5 and 6, not as much action, but the episodes were hilarious, even funnier than before. And it has plenty of good episodes like Bubble Boy and Boys Back In Town.

I really hated the original Bubbles' voice, it was so squeaky. At least Kristen Li does a decent job than that good for nothing Tara Strong did

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The reboot has some catchy new songs

The ending theme sucks

Maybe.. But not as good as the original though. Compared to the more heroic-like music in the original, the reboot music seems dull. - JakeSmith17

Well the music in the theme song is epic, I'll give you that. - Drawbox

The intro music is actually epic, until Cartoon network "remixes" it with TTG intro music(blending the two songs) - BorisRule

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