Top Ten Reasons Why Preschool Shows Should Use Swear Words

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1 It's a great way to troll parents

This list is very dumb and rude. Cursing is a bad example for little kids. You people are dumb if you think this is amusing.

Yes teach preschoolers inappropraite language so they can practice the actions, good job - ProPanda

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2 More people would like Caillou, Barney, Dora, etc.

Dora's backpack will say to the viewers "YOU DUMBASS! " from not choosing the item correctly!

I would still hate them. - TwilightKitsune

You would still hate them because your not a pre-schooler you would still call Barney a pedo and Dora a drugged illegal immigrant.

Hmm only 9 on this list.
Barney a pedo? On Urban Dictionary someone called Captain Birdseye a pedo.
Dora a drugged illegal immigrant? a animated girl who explores and has a talking backpack, lets hope no one ever invents one.

3 It would be hilarious
4 It could teach kids swears

One does not simply teach kids swear words.

I just got the visitor's reference - ProPanda

5 It would make educational shows funny
6 No baby show has done it yet
7 Children are swearing anyway

A very unfortunate turn of events that children are getting younger and younger when they discover profanity and pornography... - DieGedankenSindFrei

That's still bad - wrests

8 It's a great idea V 2 Comments
9 It will teach kids to be mini Kardashians


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