Top Ten Reasons Why Preschool Shows Should Use Swear Words

The Top Ten Reasons Why Preschool Shows Should Use Swear Words

1 It's a great way to troll parents

Sorry but swearing was rude for kids. That's why the guys who made South Park said its not for kids. Kids aren't supposed to swear like Eric Cartman and his friends or they will get in trouble.

This list is very dumb and rude. Cursing is a bad example for little kids. You people are dumb if you think this is amusing.

Yes teach preschoolers inappropraite language so they can practice the actions, good job - ProPanda

2 It would be hilarious

It is hilarious

3 More people would like Caillou, Barney, Dora, etc.

Isn't Caillou a screaming tantrum brat? Imagine him swearing..

Dora's backpack will say to the viewers "YOU DUMBASS! " from not choosing the item correctly!

I would still hate them. - TwilightKitsune

You would still hate them because your not a pre-schooler you would still call Barney a pedo and Dora a drugged illegal immigrant.

4 It would make educational shows funny
5 It could teach kids swears

Don't be stupid, I didn't even swear until I was a teenager.

I just got the visitor's reference - ProPanda

One does not simply teach kids swear words.

6 No baby show has done it yet

Granny: What is going on
The baby Looney tunes cry so loud the house explodes
Granny tosses them out of the house and they cry and the earth falls

Baby Looney Tunes has who said that
Caillou has Caillou crossword but he just said stupid

Baby Looney Tunes has a swearing episode

Imagine if Baby Looney Tunes has another swearing episode called "Dirty Mouth Duck"
When Baby Daffy watches Dirty Mouth Pauly (Parody of Deadpool) movie when Dirty Mouth Pauly utter some "colorful words" while he took down some bad guys.
Dirty Mouth Pauly: Take your (Squeak Toy sound censors) hands off my NickleBack cd you (squeak sound effects censors)!
Later, while Daffy and the other babies were playing Superheroes until Daffy let's out some "colorful words" while taking down some toys as bad guys
Baby Daffy: Take your (squeak toy effect censors) hands off of my Mr. McSnuffles you little (squeak toy censors)!

7 Children are swearing anyway

This is why the internet is a bad place for kids. Now people are wanted swearing in educational shows. The government really needs to up the age range for the web.

A very unfortunate turn of events that children are getting younger and younger when they discover profanity and pornography... - DieGedankenSindFrei

That's still bad - wrests

8 It will teach kids to be mini Kardashians

No why would you want any children to become like the Kardashians? Are you insane.

9 It teaches kids to be more disrespectful snowflakes

Baby Boomers are the snowflakes.

What does snowflakes mean?

Is every millennial, generation z, the new generation with no label yet got snow in their genes or something?

10 The Poddington Peas theme song had "Among the Birds and the Bees"

Down at the bottom of the garden,
Among the birds and the bees,
A little lot of little people
They call the Poddington Peas!
There's Creep-Pea, BlackEyed-Pea, and Dump-Pea
Keep it a secret now please.
There's Zip-Pea, Hap-Pea and there's Sweet-Pea
And all the Poddington Peas!
The Poddington Peas!
-The Poddington Peas 1989 13 episodes BBC but I watched repeats.

Among the birds and the bees
Keep it a secret now please.

Attention! Now I know many call Barney the Dinosaur a pedo.
But how many preschool shows have lyrics that say "birds and the bees"

Now when I was little I thought just about birds and bees that lived in the bottom of the garden.

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11 It makes kids into bullies

That's a good thing?

12 It teaches kids to swear when they are angry

Usually when I swear when I'm angry, or just say what as slang.


13 It would have a spinoff of Word World, Bad Word World

This made me laugh, I watched word world when I was younger.

14 It teaches kids to be cool
15 It teaches kids to act dumb
16 It makes kids to talk like Deadpool
17 To teach kids that it is wrong
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