Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Anna Is Better Than Queen Elsa

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1 Anna is a better singer

I think they're both very good singers in their own ways. Anna definitely sang more than Elsa, and I love her voice! And even though Elsa had only one song to herself it was absolutely amazing and one of my all time favorite songs

Anna and Elsa are the best singers in their own different ways. Who cares which sister of Arendelle is the better singer? You Queen Elsa haters are too stupid to understand, aren't you?

I think Anna has a more powerful voice than Elsa, when really, Elsa is the one with the actually power.

Anna is a more high pitched soprano and even I am while Elsa sings alto and I think Anna sounds better.

2 Anna is a hero, Elsa is a coward

Elsa isn't a coward. She just wanted to keep her sister safe. In Frozen 2, she journeys north to find the truth about the past, And even meets some friends.

I mean, Elsa, she only cares about herself. And she acts like she is always the queen and everyone can do everything for her! Anna, she risked her life for Elsa but it is like Elsa didn't care!

I like both Anna and Elsa. Anna and Elsa are different yet similar. Just because Elsa can be fearful, scared, frightened and afraid doesn't mean she's a coward. Do us Elsa fans, lovers and worshipers and shut up and quit insulting Elsa and being mean to her. Even some older siblings who have unique kinds of elemental powers can be afraid. That doesn't mean they're cowards so you Elsa haters quit insulting Elsa's personality.

All Elsa did during the entire movie was freak out, run away like a shish kebab, screeched a horrible song, and run away from her fears instead of facing them. Anna actually faces her fears and isn't afraid to take on a mighty snow monster. She is a true heroine. Elsa is a coward.

3 Anna is cuter

They both are aqually pretty. Elsa has a mature look and Anna has a younger look.
I like how Anna looks really cute and young. She has a more warmer appearance than Elsa, like her personality. She has fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. These are bright colours which go with her warm, outgoing personality. Some people say wearing plaits makes you look youner, but I think it just adds to Anna's personality. She is has loads of freckles and her eyes are turquoise blue, which look like the sky. Her clothes are very green with floral patterns. Basically, Anna's physical appearance and personality is opposite of Elsa's. Elsa represents winter and Anna represents spring, and this explains their colour palletes. Anna looks bright, fresh and natural like spring. I like how she wears a not a lot of makeup but still manages to look just as pretty as Elsa. She wears dark pink lipstick and magenta lipstick throughout the film.

Anna is prettier than Elsa inside and out. She has beautiful strawberry blonde hair in braids, teal eyes, and freckles. Her dress is actually Norwegian, unlike Elsa's hideous ice dress. Plus, Anna sacrificed herself for her own sibling and went on a long sucky journey just to find her and save her kingdom. I mean, wow. Elsa is a bully and would never sacrifice herself for her sister. What would she be doing? She would be busy casting an eternal winter on innocent people. Her hair and eye color are also unrealistic.

I agree that both their styles and looks reflect their individual personalities, but they're both beautiful on the inside. Anna went on a long journey to save her sister, which was awesome, but Elsa sacrificed something too. Her childhood. I don't think anyone would want to spend years cooped up in a bedroom, but Elsa felt that she had to because she was afraid of hurting Anna, the person she loved the most. I think both girls are beautiful in their own way

It never ever matters which sister of Arendelle is cute. I repeat Anna and Elsa are both the cutest, prettiest, sweetest sisters of Arendelle and Frozen and why do you Queen Elsa haters care which sister of Arendelle is cuter?

4 Anna risked her life for Elsa

On the first frozen, Hans was about to hit her with a sharp sword and then Anna swooped right in front of her! Elsa didn't use her powers to stop Hans, yet she didn't try to help Anna from stopping him too!

You know all this stuff really makes me hate Elsa a bit more.

Ok, Elsa locked herself in a room for YEARS for her sister's safety.
When Anna asked her to come back to their kingdom she was almost ready but then she realized she can hury her sister.

Anna showed bravery in frozen. Elsa is a coward. She ran away from her fears. I know you guys will say no! She was misunderstood. What ever

What a brave and bold little sister. But still Anna and Elsa are both the best sisters ever.

5 Anna is funnier

She is really talkative, and she does a lot of funny stuff throughout all the movies that cause Anna to be in it. Elsa, she was just a bummer.

It irritates me that people go gaga over anything Elsa related, but practically ignore Anna. Isn't Anna more important than Elsa? Doesn't Anna bring happiness to peoples lives? Doesn't she rise you up and make you laugh? She is the selfless hero after all.

Ah the stupid idiotic caps girl. Defending someone who doesn't exist. Why don't you get off the internet. Your clearly under the age of ten. Too young to be on the Internet.

Time traveling deserves to be included in Frozen too.

6 Elsa is too mean

Oh shut up Elsa haters! Elsa is not mean. Her parents had to separate She's just forced to shut her little sister out to protect her after the accident happened. Elsa has to be put in another room so she had to learn to control her powers. She's just scared of hurting her little sister Anna just like last time. She unfortunately couldn't play with her little sister anymore. Elsa just had to focus on taming her ice powers by keeping her emotions control. You Elsa haters are being so mean to Elsa. Elsa is very sensitive. She is just scared of going near her little sister Anna because she's afraid of hurting her little sister again. Elsa is never ever mean. Did you Elsa haters watch Frozen to see what really happened in the movie? Elsa is not even a jerk. Get over it Elsa haters!

What the film showed us is that Elsa needed to have a giant area away from people in order to come to grips with her magic.

Her parents should have built her a small palace in the mountains where she could go "play" in the hopes that she could eventually control her skill by practicing it more.

Also, in the context of a world where there are magical trolls, there surely must have been wizards or witches. The parents could have tried hiring a magical tutor for her.

Why she never got invited to Hogwarts is a mystery.

at least she has a better backstory than Anna. I mean, all Anna does is get engaged to a stranger and basically pressure Elsa into literally fleeing into the mountains.

How is she supposed to be a role model for depressed/ fearful people? By teaching people to leave their old hometown in destruction to then dress in an off the shoulder dress? We have kids and depressed people looking up to this uncaring, selfish, whiny scumbag! They should look up to optimist Anna!

7 Anna still Loved Elsa, even though Elsa shut her out

Anna was her sister, she would never stop loving her older sister. Even though Elsa shut her out, she still knocked on her door even when their parents died. It looked like that she never stopped wanting to actually be with her sister! Elsa, she wanted to keep Anna safe but all she was doing is shutting her out. After the accident, I don't think she would ever do that again so she is just letting her sister down most of the time.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

I just listen to Do You Want To Build A Snowman on Disney's sang a long. It was great to hear and see it on T.V., but that song still just breaks my heart! I can't believe after listening to that song that people still say that Anna didn't grow up suffering more than Elsa. The whole snog is about a optimistic girl that has to deal with the very real neglection and rejection of her family!

The very end is the headrest. With Anna's parents dead. Leaving her with no one, with no resolve to why she was denied a happy loving childhood. She goes to the only person she has hope will ever accept her and reciprocate her love. Just to be shout out all alone with only her grief and shame. We see Anna's true feeling about her life! She is desperately lonely! Sad and self conscious about trying to reach out because she feels that there must be something wrong with her!

It reminds me of Starfire and Blackfire. Elsa is Blackfire, older sister, who still loves her sister but is cold and mean, bailing out of everything. Anna is Starfire, naive, pretty, sweet, and the younger sister. No matter how much Elsa shuts her out of her life, Anna loves her anyway. I'm not saying Anna is perfect and Elsa is nothing but a jerk though. Kinda like Blackfire, she still shows some love for her sister. But she also is never seen much...except for isolating herself from the world...and almost killing Anna twice...

It's just not fair that Jennifer Lee had to separate the best sisters Anna and Elsa. It's entirely her fault that Anna and Elsa couldn't stay inseparable just because some stupid accident when they were kids. What a stupid choice that Jennifer Lee made.

8 Anna has better hair

Anna had way better hair her hair is cute and orange and her piggy tails is cuter than Elsa plat Elsa is not rude or a brat but both of them love each other. Anna is more loving she tried too risk her life too save Elsa I love Anna and Elsa but in my opinion Anna looks better and she is more loving.

How is Anna's hair better than Elsa's hair? Who cares which sister of Arendelle has better hair? Anna's hair and Elsa's hair are equally pretty. Anna and Elsa are the best in their own different ways. Don't you Elsa haters see that? Are you Elsa haters blind?

Who cares if someone has a better hair style like their hair color. They don't brag

Anna's hair is more realistic than Elsa's.

9 Elsa is too annoying

Actually Anna is very annoying. Anna is a pure Mary-Sue. At least Elsa has flaws and is willing to take responsibility for her actions.

Her song never ever even suck and it will never ever even will be. Just because she just can't stand having flaws but that doesn't make her an annoying Mary Sue.

Elsa is never annoying and I'll you Elsa haters that to defend Elsa from your mean, dreadful, nasty, negative comments you're making about her.

Shut up and stop insulting and being mean to Elsa. How is she too annoying?

10 Anna has better legs

Okay so recently I've started to respect Elsa a little more, I still like Anna more, but this list is just desperate! I mean Anna has better legs? Seriously? Plus Anna and Elsa have the same face, how is one cuter/prettier than the other? I'm not used to defending Elsa like I defend Anna, but since she's started to earn my respect I guess I should... I think the only valid thing on this list is Anna is funnier, because let's face it Elsa doesn't really do anything funny, but Anna does...

I hate Elsa but this isn't a good reason to like someone... Really.

Funniest reason ever, though stupidest reason ever!

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11 Elsa's a brat

Which is why I prefer Kai and Hans Christian Andersen's original, classical Snow Queen as opposed to the likes of her (Elsa). Which is why I prefer her (Elsa) as a sister-less only child as opposed to her (Elsa) as a canon sister.

I prefer Kai and Hans Christian Andersen's original, classical Snow Queen as opposed to the likes of her (Elsa). I prefer her (Elsa) as a sister-less only child as opposed to her (Elsa) as a sister.

Which makes her (Elsa) nothing but some major insult to Kai and Hans Christian Andersen's original, classical, titular Snow Queen

Her brattiness is the reason why a sister-less only child fits her better than a forced canon elder sister.

12 Anna is braver than Elsa

Elsa, she never actually faced her fears. Anna on the other hand, she tried hard things and she never stopped. Elsa, whenever she saw her fears, she would never fight back from them. Anna even saved Elsa from the most dangerous things happening to her. She didn't even thank her! She was speechless!

13 Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell

Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell because Kristen Bell adored her sisters when she was growing up and she could definitely relate to wanting to be closer to them than what they wanted her to be.

Oh, how I love Kristen Bell! She is one of my Idols and I just love that she makes such good impressions in the movies!

To Frozen Haters, I think you all know that Anna's voice is less annoying like Princess Daisy's voice is less annoying that beats Princess Peach's voice

14 When Elsa shot Anna through the heart with her ice powers, she didn't apologize, nor did she try and do anything about it.

She didn't know that she shot her sister in the heart bc she was turned around. I dare you to play that part of the movie in slo mo

You are right Elsa should've apologised. Instead she told Anna to leave and also used Marshmello to throw her and Kristofferson out.

Yeah, Elsa has a heart as cold (if colder) than her own ice powers! anna is way better!

A stupid princess

15 Anna is optimistic, Elsa is pessimistic
16 Anna is smarter and more intelligent than Elsa
17 Elsa is selfish
18 Anna wasn't the one who froze the kingdom.

Anna did get the throne at the end of Disney's Frozen 2.

19 Anna's more confident than Elsa
20 Anna didn't sing Let It Go

Anna:For the first time in forever, I wanna find some prince and stuff chocolate in my fat face and marry the jerk after an hour...

Elsa:Let it go, let it go, I have concealed my true self for years and I cannot take it anymore..

That is what their songs mean. And you think For the First Time in Forever is better than Let it Go?

I just really don't like let it go! I loved it when I was just a kid, but now it is so annoying to me and I can't stand it!

21 Anna is practical and realistic

Not... she got engaged to someone like 10 minutes after she met someone. That's literally why Elsa said no

22 Anna is responsible while Elsa is irresponsible

Anna is better than Elsa. There is like a hundred reasons to prove this. Like the fact that Anna still stayed loving and positive even though out and even after her neglected and abused childhood. Or that Anna is more reasonable and responsible than Elsa. Who would have done anything to stay safe. Anna would have done anything to keep everyone safe. And the fact that Anna died for Elsa. She dies to protect everyone form Elsa and to protect Elsa form herself!

These are some of a lot more other reasons that Anna is better than Elsa,

23 Elsa is stupid

"Elsa is stupid," said the people when Anna was engaged after bumping into him for one day.

But to be honest, almost all Disney Princesses get married after meeting their 'prince'. (Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, etc.)

Like I said! Anna's voice is less annoying than Elsa, Elsa looks like Rosalina from a video game, Super Mario but with ice powers instead of just space

They only like her because she's a stupid snow queen who gets all the attention because of her stupid ice powers.

Most stupidest character in the movie.

24 Anna is mature, Elsa is immature

No, this is totally wrong. It's Anna who is immature, not Elsa. Her immature behaviour is what makes her a funny, and special girl.

They're both immature and mature in a way...

Elsa tried to protect Anna from her powers, but ended up turning into a monster.

Anna is braver, but also fell in love and made a few stupid mistakes...

So they're both mature and immature. Anna is better at handling emotions though.

Elsa can't even face her fears and solve her own problems. Instead, she makes people solve it for her. Poor Anna.

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Anna's immaturity is what makes her so great!

25 Anna is stronger than Elsa

Ohhhh anna's strong just from puching someone off of a boat. I do agree that powers aren't the only things that make you strong tho.

Just having powers doesn't make you stronger. Knowing how to deal emotionally with problems is strong. Not being afraid is strong. Anna is stronger than Elsa, especially emotionally.

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