Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Anna Is Better Than Queen Elsa


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21 Anna is more like a big sister like Celestia V 1 Comment
22 Anna wasn't the one who froze the kingdom. V 1 Comment
23 Elsa threw temper tantrums like a baby

She was just jealous Anna found love and she didn't and threw a fit when for once her usually docile sister stood up and called out her crap.

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24 Anna is more like a big sister than Elsa


I know a lot of people have a lot of unhappy feeling about the unfair, unjustifiably, mistreatment of Anna, and want to vent but can t!

Well now you can! This is a rant post. It s job is for whom ever reblogs to let out all of their stem reviling around the subject matter! You will not be judge for how you feel or what you say on this post. It s a rant post it s meant for you to yell and shout! And I m sure along the way you will find people just like you who are yelling and shouting too.

What I can t stand about the hate. Is how they often right down Anna s suffering, her interlaced, and her potential! And they do it just to make Elsa look like some perfect do no wrong victim that s more interesting then Anna! It just pisses me off. Anna s doing her best to keep her lonely childhood hidden behind a smile even after the deaths of her mother and father. Anna is witty, clever, a lot like doctor.Who obsessively smart. Lever headed. A lot of thing that ...more

Why do you like marshmallow! He almost kills Anna! Stupid Elsa just HAD to have a temper tantrum on the person that tried to save her and everyone else! HOW SELFISH IS THAT?! All Elsa does is run away and have a tantrum like a big baby! Elsa is bland, uninteresting, rude, foolish, and, even though she has powers, lazy, queen.

I feel like People underestimate Anna's intelligence. Sure she's naive and does stupid things, but who isn't? She was the one who knew how to solve the problem. Yes while talking to her sister seems stupid and doesn't seem lik it would solve anything, it did help Elsa see she's not afraid of her and she loves her, which Elsa was completely blind. Although Anna is a little clumsier than Elsa, and while Elsa was born first, I feel at heart, Anna was the older sister.

Anna is not immature. I know a lot of haters peg her in as one. They do that to make Elsa look more intelligent and reasonable then what she really is, but in the truth of the matter she is one of if not the most mature character in Frozen.

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25 Anna is stronger than Elsa

Just having powers doesn't make you stronger. Knowing how to deal emotionally with problems is strong. Not being afraid is strong. Anna is stronger than Elsa, especially emotionally.

26 She's not bossy and controlling like Elsa

Man, Anna should've been the big sister instead of Elsa. Anybody or anybody else agree with me or no?

DAAMN Elsa just had to shut all the German fairytales and all the other German fairytales down QUICK!

27 Elsa is bossy and controlling
28 Anna is hotter than Elsa

How is she supposed to be a role model for depressed/ fearful people? By teaching people to leave their old hometown in destruction to then dress in an off the shoulder dress? We have kids and depressed people looking up to this uncaring, selfish, whiny scumbag! They should look up to optimist Anna!

29 Elsa is dumb V 1 Comment
30 Anna is smarter and more intelligent than Elsa
31 Elsa is ungrateful
32 Elsa's a brat
33 Anna is optimistic, Elsa is pessimistic
34 Anna's not a brat
35 Elsa's spoiled
36 Anna is similar to Joan of Arc and Jesus

Anna and Joan have sisters Elsa and Catherine. Joan has three brothers Pierre, Jean and Jacquemin so Joan and Catherine have brothers and Anna and Elsa don't so they're brother-less sisters.

Joan should be Anna's middle name.

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37 Elsa is more like a little sister like Luna
38 Anna is more like a big sister like Tinkerbell
39 Elsa is more like a little sister like Periwinkle
40 Anna is practical and realistic
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1. When Elsa shot Anna through the heart with her ice powers, she didn't apologize, nor did she try and do anything about it.
2. Anna is a hero, Elsa is a coward
3. Anna risked her life for Elsa
1. Anna is cuter
2. Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell
3. Anna is a better singer



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