Top Ten Reasons Why Princess Anna Is Better Than Queen Elsa


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41 Anna is honest

Only if her parents have been still alive all along, then she'll take it a lot, far worse than ever if and when she finally confront her parents for not trusting her with Elsa's ice powers.

42 Anna is more caring than Elsa
43 Anna has cuter freckles
44 Elsa built and summoned Marshmallow
45 Elsa's a worrywart
46 Anna's imaginative
47 Anna's more confident than Elsa

See if Elsa was really the real younger sister of Aren-delle in canon, then I may like her more, but it seems like even though Elsa was the first born, Anna was really more of the real older sister.

48 Anna's more bubbly
49 Elsa's unimaginative

Let's face it. It's not right nor fair that Elsa was not able to play with her ice, snow magical powers at all ever since all because of the accident/incident. It's not right nor even fair that Elsa was even unable to create any of her own imaginary friends and any of her other own imaginary friends only just to prevent her loneliness either. Elsa's ice, snow magic/magical, powerful abilities never ever even deserved to be portrayed as wild, uncontrollable, dangerous, unstable curses in the movie, Frozen at all.

50 Elsa's Paranoid
51 Anna's more trusting
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1. Anna is a hero, Elsa is a coward
2. Anna still Loved Elsa, even though Elsa shut her out
3. Anna is a better singer
1. When Elsa shot Anna through the heart with her ice powers, she didn't apologize, nor did she try and do anything about it.
2. Anna is a hero, Elsa is a coward
3. Anna risked her life for Elsa
1. Anna is cuter
2. Anna is voiced by Kristen Bell
3. Anna is a better singer



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