Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Daisy Is Better Than Princess Peach

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21 She's independent

How? By bumming in another kingdom all the time e to play sports? She also had to be rescued by Mario too you know. And she was incapable of helping Mario with anything. Didn't give Mario any information or items while most the time at least peach can do that lol

22 She is a tomboy

She is the only princess that isn't all girly. Peach is the girly girl and daisy is the tomboy.

23 Less overrated
24 Daisy doesn't cry

How old is Princess Peach? I'll guess that she is 32 years old. How come Peach cries like a 3 year old if she is 32? Come on Peach, your a 32 year old and your rate will be better if you don't cry often. If Daisy is kidnapped by Tatanga, she doesn't cry, she will just wait for Luigi to rescue her. So if you get kidnapped the 2017th time, you don't cry and scream and flip over wooden tables, just be calm and be smart how to slip through the Bowser Minion's sight. Your rate will also grow if you don't act like an angry 6 year old getting over-trolled by Bowser - bugger

Crying isn't a bad thing everybody cries and when Peach cries it's reasonable. When she was a baby she cried cause she was an actual baby. She cried in RPG cause she was in an awful situation which a lot of times she is. Seriously, I'd like to see how you 'babies' would handle being kidnapped by someone you're powerless against. No not even Chuck Norris can handle Bowser AND all his minions along with his son.

I never ever seen Daisy cry. - MorganChambz

Peach is a crybaby! I want to rip her tearducts out!
UUUGGGH I hate her with a passion!

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25 She can rival Sonic better
26 She plays a better role in the Mario franchise

Peach is only an ugly damisel in distress, Daisy is an awesome sport competitor!

Lol daisy's stuck in spinoffs how is that a better role than one whose goes in all the main games lol fail

Lol what's daisy's role? Being a useless bratty b***h? Yeah, thas a lot better than someone who goes out to help people, rescues the main character, forgives and rescues her bully, and tries to discourage fighting. /rollseyes

Uh no. Being a sore-loser and a b***h in sports isn't a good role

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27 She has a better personality

People who say that daisy is a girly girl or a poser is stupid. Just because she acts sassy doesn't make her a poser or a girly girl. She's was said to be a tomboy not peach. Peach cares about being elegant while daisy dosen't.

LOL NOO! My gawd why would you think that? All her personality is is a childish poser.

28 Daisy is useful in sports games

Maybe, but she's annoying and bratty as f, whether she wins or loses. She should be banned from sports for being a sore-loser AND a sore-winner.

29 She's much more protective over herself

Right. And where are her gaurds. Or any weapon to protect herself? Oh wait, she never had any lol. Peach at least has toads around her at all times. How is having no one and nothing 'more protective over herself' lol!

She has not guardians... because she can defend herself, just like she did in Mario Party 3 - DaisyandRosalina

Her guards are in Sarasaland, dude.

30 She isn't as girly as Peach.

She is a tomboy. Peach is the girly girl.

31 She has a rusty hair color

She has a orangish brown hair
Her hair is Titian, a shade of red not brown, however she has some what of a brown hue today.

32 She is safer than Peach.

She has only been kidnapped once in her life which was by Tatanga in Super Mario Land while Princess Peach has been kidnapped over and over in almost all mario games not including super mario bros 2(doki doki panic reskin) and super princess peach (nintendo ds) and not in any spin-offs

It makes me wonder what guards Daisy has that makes her better protected than the Mushroom Kingdom's... Toad guards can ever accomplish.

33 Daisy doesn't keep toads up her dress
34 Princess Daisy is a Red Head

In one of her official profiles it says her official hair color is orange! So sorry all you people who want to disagree or people who incorrectly call her a brunette clearly her hair is no where near being brown
brown hair isn't that orange or copper hued with this said it's just a very dark shade of orange like a Titian shade orange! princess daisy isn't a brunette she's a redhead! It's in her official profile! so that's the end of that story! I understand why people mistake it as brown but brown isn't that light or that red or orange hued

35 Her voice sounds stupid

I know that "lol" commenter put it there - ParkerFang

36 She's better at sports
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