Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Daisy Needs to Appear In More Mario Games


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1 Because she always appears in sport games

Her only platforming Mario game appearance which it's Super Mario Land and that's also her first appearance in it, now why is Daisy isn't appearing much? How did Nintendo didn't put Daisy herself in Super Mario Maker as a costume and lots of Animal Crossing characters possibly replaced her. - bugger

She is only a spinoff character. Enough said. Why don't Daisy and Rosalina fans learn that everyone has an opinion and that Nintendo is in charge not the dans

She's a filler, she's already in too many games as it is.

Daisy has been in 71 games.

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2 Rosalina keeps replacing her

Technically, Rosalina doesn't replace her in Mario Kart/Mario Party, etc. If Daisy was meant to be in Smash, don't you think she'd be put in Melee or Brawl, when Rosalina didn't exist? There would be plenty of room for both in Smash 4 if they'd take out all the clones...

Whoever thinks that are mentally retarded - ParkerFang

Daisy didn't get the chance to appear in Smash and go on adventures with Mario and Luigi. It's not actually Rosalina's fault or Peach's, it's only just that nintendo didn't put her in those two games.

Daisy was in melee as a pallet swap for Peach. But Rosalina has not been in so many games so this not Rosalina’s fault.

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3 Because she is better than Peach

I don't actually use IGN so my opinion wont exist there, but here's my IGN if I had one:
Peach 7/10.
Rosalina 8/10 (Though I prefer Peach).
Daisy 3/10.

I never saw how Daisy was ever really that good.
Honestly in my eyes she's just your everyday sportsgirl. Nothing more.
She isn't very well developed anyway. - Qryzx

If I had ign this would be my Nintendo female votes: Samus 10/10 Peach 10/10 Rosalina 10/10 Zelda 10/10 palutena 10/10 daisy 0/10

My IGN of the 3 princesses in the Mario series
Daisy 10/10
Peach 8/10
Rosalina 4/10

The only reason why I made Rosalina a 4 because how hot she is. I do not like hotness of a character and it grosses me out. - bugger


Daisy 10/10
Peach 4/10
Rosalina 10/10

My opinion - ParkerFang

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4 Because Nintendo keeps forgetting to add her

People better stop hating daisy because we want her in smash and other games instead of getting replaced with another character.

Of course they do! No wonder she's in all the spinoff games! - DCfnaf

5 She has a lot of potential
6 She is the best Female Mario Character ever

Being male I find it hard to admit she is my second favorite Mario character (after Yoshi) and I agree I hate it when she gets replaced by Rosalina as well.

I like Daisy but not my favorite.

opinion - ParkerFang

7 She Really Needs More Depth.
8 She is better than Rosalina

I do like her better than Rosalina but Daisy is better than Waluigi - ParkerFang

Just stating a fact. I am not actually a Daisy fan but a Princess Waluigi fan. Still true anyways.

Opinion - yunafreya648

9 It is better if Luigi has his own game with Daisy instead of Peach

Every Mario game, at the end of the game, IT'S ALWAYS PEACH YOU SAVE. In New Super Luigi U, Daisy didn't even appeared in this game, in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, she would of appeared to be Luigi's Co Op person instead of the recolored Luigis, Did you know that Daisy her real self appeared as a cutted model in the first Luigi's Mansion meaning Luigi saves Daisy instead of Mario but that fat plumber took her role instead. - bugger

10 She's the only princess that actually stands out.

Peach and Rosalina are both the "Beautiful" princesses.
They have the big rosy lips, the long lashes eyes, and their 'perfect' image. -_-
Their personalities are kinda the same.

Petite, Polite, Quiet.

-You can't even get to know their personalities hardly.

Daisy, the Tomboy princess!
Small lips, different shaped eyes, different facial structure, COMPLETELY different personality!

Tough, loud, and adventurous!

I mean, she's the ONLY princess that actually has her own personality!
Yet, she get's the most hate?

Like, seriously!


You can always reconizer her

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11 She's Very Unique.
12 She Was a Forgotten Mario Character

For only 9 years! What about baby bowser?

She deserves nothing!

13 She is more athletic than Peach


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1. She has a lot of potential
2. She Really Needs More Depth.
3. Because she always appears in sport games
1. Because she always appears in sport games
2. Because she is better than Peach
3. Rosalina keeps replacing her


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